What to keep in mind while getting your CRM developed from an outsourced team

The mobile app industry is quickly developing each day and it shows up to never halt with the development of wearable and different other sorts of valuable and interactive gadgets and CRM. Businesses that are not included in getting benefits from mobiles are lost a part of chances to require advantage of the more unmistakable client base. A portable application may either be a versatile form and there are various benefits for anyone to explore for their businesses. Relationship with your customers is the most important aspect of your growth and that is how one can become better at it.

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How is Covid19 impacting the software development industry

Did you know, the total turnover of the corporate market in 2018 was 456.1 billion U.S. dollar? Moreover, these figures are expected to go as high as 507.2 billion U.S.D. by the year 2021.

Some of the countries such as China, Hungary, India, The Philippines, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan develop a major part of software for the world.. 

However, recently due to Covid 19, the development process is adversely affected. According to a recent study from the World Health Organisation, WHO, the total number of infectants has increased to 100,000 worldwide, and the same report claims a death of more than 4,984 deaths. These stats surely have an effect on the efficiency of the software industry.

Effect on major Tech companies:-

Corona has its impact on almost every business, however, the tech market is brutally affected. There are many potential companies that have banned traveling for business purposes. There are several events such as E3 2020 Gaming Conference, Mobile World Congress, The Geneva Motor Show, Facebook’s F8 Developer Summit, The Geneva Motor Show, Google I/O, Annual Snap Market Summit, Chipmaker Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference have been announced canceled.

The five software giants – Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook – collectively had to suffer a loss of $1.3 trillion. Therefore, the possible chaotic conditions due to the propagation of Covid 19 surely have its haunting effects on software companies. 

The Seattle area and Silicon Valley corridor are two of the most affected areas among other software-developing states or countries. These areas were the center of facebook, Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft. 

Effects on small Software startups

Most of the countries are announcing a complete lockdown for some weeks or a month. Therefore, the small scale software startups which were expecting results in the forthcoming days have to let down their expectations for sometime. Moreover, those with little or no seed funding are lost in annihilation. 

What are the steps of the companies in such a scenario?

As we know, and as per guidelines of WHO, there is no particular cure for Covid 19; neither have we yet developed any vaccine for the same. Therefore, precautions are the only way of remaining safe from this dreadful virus. 

The software companies are trying best to pave ways to keep their employees safe. Most of the companies are offering work from home, and are conducting inaugurations through live-streamed content. 

Apple, another leading software company, had to call off the Q2 Revenue Projection. Another major impact that Covid 19 has on Apple is the loss of the market of China. Apple has decided to shut down all of its 42 stores in China; moreover, it has also closed its contact centers in China.

Google is also not debarred from the effect of Covid-19. Its offices in China, Hongkong, and Taiwan have been declared closed. Similarly, Microsoft has also allowed its employees to work through their home. It has announced no reduction in the wages even after the reduced work. 

The best ways to work from home

Arranging on working from domestic? You’re among the developing drift of inaccessible specialists who work from their domestic office. This convenient direct makes a difference you maximize your newly discovered opportunity and  and other obligation. These tips don’t as it were apply to person donors, but too directors and group leaders. Working from the domestic office manages numerous benefits to extend execution, trade progression, and accomplish more noteworthy work-life balance. Although working from domestic was once an extravagance, it is presently a pillar among huge companies and little businesses. The key reason is Efficiency. Working from domestic is awesome, but it can be risky in the event that it’s not well managed. Let’s burrow into the tips and best hones for working from domestic.

Here are a few tips to follow-

Make your own space– The primary step in your “work from home” travel is to assign a range of your domestic, particularly for getting work done. This may well be a purge or spare room that you just change over to a domestic office. In case you’re squeezed for space, you’ll set up a work area for your computer and office supplies. Regardless of space or location, build up a region of your domestic where you’ll work, and commit to working in this space each day. Be beyond any doubt your workspace is calm so you’ll centre on the errand at hand.

Technology is very important- Yes, setting up a domestic office or workspace may require a little venture. Much like beginning a modern commerce, you will need to buy innovation, such as a desktop, tablet, tablet, or phone framework to do your work each day. A high-performance switch will spare you from many technology hassles. Since working from domestic regularly requires more than chat messages, you would like a switch that will keep up. A switch from several years prior may be inclined to common organize issues. Depending on the nature of your work, you’ll too have to be buy equipment or program. 

Decide Real work hours –Presently merely have your office or work zone set up, it’s time to induce down to trade — actually. In the event that you’re planning to make working from domestic a regular commitment, at that point set specific business or work hours. The beauty of working from home is merely can be adaptable in setting your working hours. For illustration, in the event that you’re most profitable within the morning, or on the off chance that you wish to induce the kids to school, at that point you’ll need to set your work hours from 7 to 3. Use your profound tools to zoom through your assignments. Keep perusing to see how to oversee your time effectively. Enforce a difficult restrain at the conclusion of the day. Separate yourself from work, so you don’t work nonstop.

The above- mentioned are very important tips that you will need during curfews, lockdowns and emergencies to continue working from home. Follow!

Why work with a custom ecommerce website design company and not with Shopify?

With the increasing number of digital buyers, every day, more and more eCommerce stores are launching to cater to this ever-growing market. Every business wants to have the best eCommerce website.

For people who are new to this industry or want to enter it, the first very important decision they have to make it is, choosing between a custom eCommerce website design company and Shopify. That is why we have compiled a list of reasons why you should work with a custom eCommerce website design company and not with Shopify. 

  • Better CMS

The biggest reason for you to not work with Shopify is that it has poor CMS, which limits users to publish rich content. The CMS lacks functionality and useful features. 

On the other hand, by working with an eCommerce website design company, you get a better CMS with useful features and functionality. It gives you a hassle-free experience of blogging, which is a great way to attract customers.

  • Better Scalability 

Scalability is something every company wants with their every tool. When it comes to Shopify, it is a great choice for new entrants with little budgets, but after a time you do need to have a custom eCommerce website. 

With a custom eCommerce website design company, you get an eCommerce store that is more scalable than the ones you get at Shopify platform.

  • Full control

By working with a custom eCommerce website design company, you get to have full control over your website and its features. On the other hand, while working with Shopify, there are certain limitations imposed on you like the one time discount for customers, which restricts your customer for using more than one discount. Then there is the lock-in, where if you want to migrate to any other platform, then you will lose all your database. 

With a custom website design company, you will not have such restrictions, giving you full control on your website. 

  • Better UX/UI and customization

By hiring a custom eCommerce website development company, you can offer your customers a better user experience and a user-friendly website, and you get better customization.  

Better search functionalities and filtering are few of those many great features you can have by hiring a custom eCommerce website design company. But, if you work with Shopify, you get less customizability and not so special features.  


There are more than one or two reasons for you to choose a custom eCommerce website design company over Shopify. 

Shopify may seem like a good and cost-effective option at first, but for a stable and long-running successful business, you need to get a better option, which is a custom eCommerce website design company. 

Why your business needs a mobile app?

The number of mobile app users has skyrocketed from the past five years. With the increasing number of smartphone users, the number of mobile app users is also increasing.

Mobile apps have provided people an easier way to do many activities. From paying bills to ordering food, apps have made everything a lot easier. That is why every business is now launching an app to make their customer’s life easier. There are a lot of reasons why people are more inclined towards mobile apps than websites or any other telecommunication medium.
Why users prefer mobile apps over websites?

Before the introduction of smartphones, websites were our knight in shining armor. As smartphones are dominating the internet, where once desktops were the undisputed king, websites are also losing their charm in front of mobile apps.

There are a lot of reasons why nowadays, users prefer mobile apps over websites. Mobile apps are giving people a better way to do everything, such as shopping, banking, listening to music, watching movies, or doing any business activity.

Nowadays, people want everything quick. No one wants to wait as everything is accessible to them at every given time. This hunger for speed is one of the main reasons why mobile apps are snatching the spotlight from websites. Mobile apps are more user-oriented, then websites. Therefore, people have built a dependence on mobile apps, as they are easier to use than websites, and they save a lot of time as well.

The importance of a mobile app for your business.

Just like websites, mobile apps are also suitable for every type and scale of business. Technology has become so accessible to everyone that anyone can take the benefits of it.

For small business owners, mobile apps are a great way to earn more revenues. You can just hire a mobile app development company and get an app explicitly built for your business requirements. To clarify further on why mobile apps are important for your business: read further.


Time is an essential commodity for every business. Every business wants a time-saving option to do every business activity. With mobile apps, your business gets a more time-efficient way to do many business activities.

Mobile apps are easier to access then the websites. They have faster page loading speed, and you can easily save any information on them. On the other hand, websites are much slower in comparison to mobile apps, and also provide fewer features than a mobile app.

Increased customer base.

Observe the consumer behavior of people around you or even your own. You will see how people who use mobile apps to access services or goods are more likely to use them than any other medium. A very common example of this behavior is the rise of ridesharing companies such as Uber and Lyft. People have many other ways to book a cab, but they still use these apps more often.

Mobile apps increase your customer base, as people will have a familiar and easier way to do business with you. Mobile apps also give you an upper hand in terms of SEO(search engine optimization). Thus, attracting more customers.

Better conversion rate.

With mobile apps, you can increase your conversion rate. Mobile apps for your business will provide an easier way for people to place orders. Features such as push notifications and pop-ups will help you promote new offers and products to your customers. Therefore, with mobile apps, you can easily convert leads into sales, as they are more interactive than websites.

Brand recognition.

Creating a good brand image certainly takes a lot of time. It takes years of hard work to build a good brand image, and there is no shortcut to it. Although, a mobile app will likely help you get the brand recognition you always wanted.

We all have our smartphones with us every time of the day, and whenever we use smartphones, the apps are the first thing that we see. That is why when people will have your app, they will see the brand name and logo often. Therefore, with mobile apps, it will be easier for you to give a long-lasting impression on your customer’s mind.

Better customer support.

Customers are the backbone of any company. It may sound cliché, but it is the truth that no business can deny. That is why many big companies focus on the after-sales service, as they do on other aspects of the business.

Mobile apps provide your customers with a platform where they can reach you regarding any queries or feedback. It provides a better experience to your customers, giving your company an image of trust and reliability. Mobile also saves a lot of costs that you would have spent on hiring a separate customer representative.
Why a mobile app is a perfect match for an eCommerce site.

More than any business, an eCommerce site needs a mobile app the most. Every eCommerce store has built a mobile app as they know how important a mobile app is for an eCommerce site.

By 2021, almost 2.14 billion people will become digital buyers. That means that more than 25% of the population of the world will shop online. A majority of this population shops through mobile apps, and that is not the only reason why an eCommerce site needs a mobile app.

Loyal customer base.

Every company wants a loyal customer base, but it is not very easy to get one. There needs to be a lot of trust between the customer and the company for that. You can turn your normal customers into loyal ones by providing a mobile app.

With a mobile app, you can give your customers something to rely on, a better option than a website. Even when you are not available to answer their questions, your app will be there to help them. It gives your customers a sense of relief and trust, which is very important to build a loyal customer base.

Less cart abandonment.

The biggest issue an eCommerce site faces is cart abandonment at the checkout page of a website. Many times customers change their minds, leaving the item hanging in their carts. You can not do anything if they are using your website. On the other hand, if your customers will use your mobile app, then whenever they will leave the items hanging in their carts. You can send them notification, reminders, and stock updates.

Push notifications are a great way to decrease your cart abandonment ratio, as people are more likely to notice the app notifications.

Better user experience.

Mobile apps provide a better user experience than websites. Mobile apps are easy to navigate. Better user experience is more engaging and interactive and keeps customers on the hook for a longer time.

People find mobile apps more easy to use than websites. That is why mobile apps have outshined websites, in terms of average time spent by users. A well built and well-designed app will likely attract more customers as well.


One of the most important factors of mobile apps being the perfect match for eCommerce sites is that they provide a more personalized experience than a website.

eCommerce mobile apps use machine learning to track consumer behavior. It helps them provide a personalized experience to their users. People using eCommerce websites often see relevant product suggestions and past purchases, which helps them better while buying any new product.

More convenient.

As human beings, we always look for more convenient to do everything. It also leads us to the rise of mobile apps. As we said earlier, mobile apps provide us an easier way to do everything. It is also true for eCommerce sites, as making shopping easier is their main goal.

A mobile app for an eCommerce site is important because it is more convenient than a website. Mobile apps are easy to use and more accessible to us than websites. As eCommerce sites built on the idea of making shopping easier for people, a mobile app is the next step for that.

In an era where we have become dependent on technology to do most of our work, not having a mobile app certainly gives you a disadvantage against your competitors. That is why you need to hire a mobile app company that understands your customers just like you, and that is why you need Mag Studios to create an app that can define you and your business.

Why SEO is important for your startup?

Launching a startup and then making that startup success is the only goal for an entrepreneur. In an industry full of startups and big businesses, making your business visible is very difficult.

In the initial stage of a business, enrolling SEO(search engine optimization) is very important for a business to make its mark. An SEO company can help your startup achieve its mark by helping you with the following factors.

Reach your business goals.

We all have certain goals in our life that we want to achieve. For entrepreneurs, that goal is seeing their business reach success.

SEO helps your startup reach its desired goals, whether they are of being a huge profit-making organization, or of becoming a customer-oriented company, or maybe both. SEO helps you target relevant customers, because no matter how much you spend money on promotions. If your targeted customers are not aware of your product, then you are dumping money.

Build your brand value and reputation.

For startups, building their brand and reputation alongside big shot companies is very difficult. SEO helps new and small businesses in the building and promoting their brand.

An SEO company will help you in making your brand more visible and global. The internet is a platform responsible for globalization, and SEO is about using the internet as an advantage for your business. Therefore, with the help of an SEO company, you can internationalize your business.

Most affordable marketing strategy.

Fundings for startups are pretty tight. Therefore, most entrepreneurs want a cost-effective marketing strategy. Most marketing companies will charge you a hefty amount. On the other hand, hiring an SEO company is relatively more affordable.

If you are thinking about which marketing strategy will be propitious for your startup, then search engine optimization is the only answer for you.

Get more customers.

When people use search engines to get information or to buy something, they type certain keywords in the search bar. SEO targets those keywords that your targeted customers are likely to use in a search bar, helping your site reach among the top of those search results.

An SEO company can help you get more customers because we all know, people nowadays use the internet for everything. SEO gives your website a better ranking, traffic, and visibility, which are some very important factors in this digital era to get customers.

Get a higher conversion rate.

At the initial stage of a startup, converting leads into sales is very difficult as many customers don’t want to do business with an inexperienced company.

An SEO company helps in spreading brand awareness, as people are likely to trust known brands. Therefore, it makes it easier for you to convert a potential customer into a sale.


Startups are at a delicate stage of business. From generating sales to making loyal customers, these kinds of operations are very difficult for them. An SEO company can be your biggest help in making these activities more easier for you.

How AI will change the future of website development?

Over the years, websites have changed a lot. They have become more interactive, user-friendly, and stylish. The innovation of new technology always changes the other aspects of it. Website development has also been affected by many such innovations.
What is AI(Artificial Intelligence)?

In 2011 when Apple introduced us to Siri, we were all excited about having a virtual assistant of our own. A few years later, big tech giants such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft also joined the race by releasing their virtual assistants.

Artificial Intelligence is about creating human-like intelligence in a machine. It hasn’t been a long time since AI introduced us to as voice searches and virtual assistants. But, all of a sudden, they become a major part of many conversations in big meetings.

Nowadays, people are using AI only for performing basic tasks such as playing music, doing voice searches, and asking general queries to chatbots. But, in future AI will likely affect every possible technology, even website development.
The future of website development.

If we talk about the future of website development, then it most likely to be hugely affected by AI(artificial intelligence). For example, Siri and Google Assistant have made it to our homes, which shows how useful is AI. In terms of website development, it is that one area in technology which has always been welcoming to changes and updates.

Most websites will use AI to learn user’s behavior and to serve them better. It will also be used to provide a better user experience. It will provide users a more customized experience based on their behavior, interests, and past engagements.
AI will affect eCommerce website development the most, and it will also be more beneficial for them as well. Amazon is already using machine learning to provide customers more customized product suggestions. In the future, this will not be limited to only big companies, but even small eCommerce websites will be able to take benefit of it. The functionality and features of a website will also improve, and not just in terms of user experience. But, websites will also provide better customer support through virtual assistants.


AI(artificial intelligence) will change website development forever, and it is for the betterment of businesses across the globe. Although many new technologies are still needed to be adapted, AI will likely be adopted more promptly.

Hybrid Vs Native mobile application development

During the process of mobile application development for your business, you will get many options. Two of those most common and important options, you have to choose from, will be hybrid and native mobile application development.

Both options will seem great, but there will be many different things you need to keep your eye on while choosing an approach for your mobile app. To make this less confusing for you, we will tell the difference between hybrid and native mobile application.
What is hybrid mobile application?

The hybrid mobile application is a type of application which has a combination of elements from native and web applications. It is a web application in a native shell. They run inside a native container and are written using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

The hybrid mobile application allows developers to use a single set of codes for various platforms. Some popular mobile apps that use the hybrid approach are Instagram, Uber, and Evernote.
Advantages of hybrid mobile application development

From affordability to easy integration, with hybrid applications, you get flexibility and many other benefits, which are suitable for a mobile app for business.

Some of the advantages are listed below.

Faster to develop: Hybrid mobile application development is faster than native mobile application development, as developers need only a single code base.

Cost-effective: It is a cost-effective option as the developer doesn’t need to deal with each platform separately.

Easy integration: Hybrid mobile apps provide hassle-free integration. It is easier to use with some important mobile phone features such as GPS and messaging.

Cross-platform support: The biggest benefit you get with hybrid mobile application development is cross-platform compatibility. A developer just needs to write a single code base for every platform.

Easy to update: In terms of adding new features and updates, a hybrid mobile app is a cost and time-saving option. On the other hand, with native apps, you have to update the app for every operating system.

Disadvantages of hybrid mobile application development

Like everything else, hybrid mobile application development also has its pros and cons. While it gives you a long list of advantages, it also gives you a few drawbacks as well.

User experience: Hybrid apps have cross-platform compatibility. That is why you get poor user experience with them. They are less polished and slower, running a higher performance app with hybrid mobile application development is often irritating.

Limited native features: In a hybrid mobile application, you have access to only a limited number of native features.

Debugging: Debugging in a hybrid mobile application is not an easy process, as the tester has to run it on each platform. Finding and fixing errors in a hybrid application is also very difficult.
What is a native mobile application?

The native mobile application is a smartphone application that is developed using a specific programming language for a specific operating system, such as Java for Android and C for IOS.

The two main platforms, those native apps are developed for, is Apple IOS and Google Android. Native apps have the advantage of using the latest available technology.
Advantages of native mobile application development

When it comes to native mobile application development, there are a lot of reasons why it is a suitable approach for a mobile app. Each reason is an important factor to determine its usability for the current generation.

High performance: In terms of performance and speed, a native mobile application is your best bet. Native mobile applications perform better, and they are also much faster in comparison to a hybrid mobile application.

Good user experience: Native mobile applications provide a good user experience to its users, as they are developed keeping users of a specific operating system in mind.

More secure: Another great feature of native mobile application development it that they are much more secure than hybrid apps.

More available features: Native apps have access to many mobile phone features, if your app requires a lot of mobile features such as camera, GPS, messaging, and many other important features the native is the right fit.

Disadvantages of native mobile application development

Just like hybrid mobile application development, native mobile apps also have some drawbacks. These drawbacks often lead businesses to not choosing it for mobile application development.
High cost: Native mobile application development is a costly affair, as developers need to build many similar apps for each operating system.

Time-consuming: It takes a lot of time to develop a native mobile application, as separate codes need to be written for each platform.

Difficult to maintain: Native apps are difficult to maintain because, in case of an update, a developer needs to update the app for each platform separately.


You can see that they are very little similarities between hybrid and native mobile application development. It entirely depends on you, which approach suits you the best. While making this decision, you need to give each factor mentioned above your attention, as it will help you make a better and beneficial decision.

Pros and Cons of outsourcing software development to India

Looking around and seeing most of your competitors outsourcing software development to India, may have encouraged you to do the same. But, before making that decision, you must want to know why so many companies are outsourcing software development to India and if you should do it too. 

Before taking any important decision, a simple task everyone advised you to do is make a list of pros and cons, as it helps you think more clearly. That is why we have compiled a list of pros and cons of outsourcing software development to India to help you with this confusing and exhausting process.

Pros of outsourcing software development to India 


Cost is a primary reason why many companies outsource their software development needs to India. India offers a variety of prices for software development. 

Every business loves cost-effectiveness, well who doesn’t. India has the availability of cheap labour and resources, which makes it affordable for outsourcing business requirements. 


Time is a precious commodity for everyone because we all got very little of it. Outsourcing to India is a much more time-saving option than in house software development. You do not have to go through the hiring and training process like you would have to do in case of in-house software development. 

A software development company in India can easily avail a large number of temporary employees. Therefore, you can easily get your software solution on time even quicker. 

Outsourcing Software Development to India

Wide range of talent

A majority of the Indian population is young and working. Each year millions of talented graduates are added in the workplace. A majority of them are STEM graduates, which makes India a large pool of talent. 

By outsourcing software development to India, you get to choose from a large number of talented and skilled developers. These developers are capable of handling a variety of technology-related work. 


Communication is an important factor that needs to be considered while outsourcing software development. Although, while outsourcing software development to India, you don’t need to worry about the communication factor. 

India has the second-largest English speaking population in the world. It makes communication much easier with software development companies in India.


While outsourcing, many companies worry about the quality of work.  We always imply that for affordability, we have to compromise with quality.

By outsourcing software development to India, you get the same quality of work at an affordable price. You do not have to compromise with either quality or affordability by outsourcing software development to India.     

Cons of outsourcing software development to India

Language barrier 

Although India has a variety of languages, when it comes to outsourcing, work can be sourced only by countries with English speaking majority. 

Many countries do not use English as an official language, and outsourcing with these countries is quite difficult for India. Although this does not affect some major countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, it certainly limits the sources for India.

Cultural difference

Apart from language, culture is also a huge barrier for companies who want to outsource to India. India has a contrasting and different culture than other countries. Although, the culture is what makes it unique and popular among other countries. It certainly creates a barrier for companies who want to outsource software development to India. 

Due to the huge difference in culture, messages often get misinterpreted during the process. Many companies face a sudden culture shock while working with an offshore software development company in India, due to the difference in accents, common conceptions, and mutual understanding. It leads to confusion and frustration between both the clients and the company. 

Less control

While outsourcing to any country, you will have less control over the development process. Software development is a complicated matter, as it requires continuous efforts and attention. 

It will sometimes lead to irregular communication as your hired company will be more focused on the project. This way, you will have less control over the offshore development team, as you won’t be available physically.  

Time-zone difference

While working with a different country in a different continent, time zone difference is an obvious reality and a major problem that you will face. 

The difference in time zone can sometimes benefit you, and sometimes it can not. It can lead to difficulty in communication and delay in work.  


While making a pros and cons list of anything, you will realise that everything has good and bad effects. That is why it is on you to decide what pros are more beneficial for you than the damage by a con. If you go with the above points, it will be easier for you to decide whether outsourcing software development to India is a good idea or not.