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MAG Studios is a software development, mobile application development and web development company. With over 18+ years of experience of working in the technology space, MAG has a successful track record of more than 2500 implementations across 5 continents with over 450 clients (Fortune 500 companies and also startups).  We started with applications made in FoxPRO and are now doing some very cool and amazing work in AI/ML space – we are fortunate to be early adopters of latest technology and strive hard to ensure that our clients benefit from our experience and expertise and stay ahead of the curve in their respective domains.

We work with clients like BBC, Citi Group, Thompson Press, YOU Telecom and Biba in India. We are also assisting promising start-ups and budding entrepreneurs providing software development, mobile application development, web development and IT consulting services to develop their dream products, maintain their organization’s technology and to assist in growing their businesses globally.

Globally, we are attached with leading software companies who outsource their software development, mobile application development and web development work to us. Through them we are servicing some of the largest universities and business houses in the world and innovating alongside the best brains in the world.

Our company is spearheaded by IT guru’s with degrees from the top universities in the world including our very own prestigious IIT. They are supported by the best talent in the industry to collectively offer a team which is poised to make your next IT project a huge success.

Get in touch with MAG Studios today and use our services for: –

Website Design

MAG can assist you with online workflow softwares and traditional software products with a wide variety of integrations with your existing or future planned expansions.  If you can do it using an excel file or a piece of paper we can automate the process increasing your efficiency and reducing your costs.

We are well versed with AI/ML with quite a few implementations done in healthtech and fintech.  We learn and grow on a daily basis and ensure that our knowledge benefits our clients.  We have active clients in US, UK, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and India – which helps us understand demographics to design a software solution, which is optimised for local markets and derives a high ROI.

Get your product and service inside of millions and millions of phones and give your clients and potential customers the advantage and ease of buying/hiring your product and service.  Opt for native phone application development in iOS  and Android or go for hybrid technologies to reach the market faster with a much lower cost.  MAG not only offers all efficient technology platforms at a reasonable cost, but would also do a comparison between the different technology stacks to deliver the best possible results as per given conditions and requirements.

Mobile Application Development
Website Development

Go beyond local boundaries and get exposure to millions and millions of customers.  We ensure that users looking for your products and services find you increasing your revenues.  Be it a simple static website or a process based custom web product, MAG Studios is your perfect web partner to make your web presence popular and productive.

Are you making sure that all the business leads or other contacts are utilized to their full potential? Are you confident that your sales/marketing personnel are following up and converting leads into sales and giving you insight into valuable customer feedback? MAG offers custom CRM solutions, which is presently being used by telecom companies, universities and also small traders to maximize their reach and revenues.

CRM Systems
Extranet Portals

Are you engaging your customers and giving them access to a secure environment to interact and share information?  If not, then you need an extranet solution to make sure your customers are coming back for more – with more visibility, you can expect increased customer loyalty and more revenues.

Engage your internal team and promote interactions in a safe and secure manner away from the open internet.  Get your own intranet solution to promote team-work and collaborations. Create an ecosystem of your company employees to push policies and best practices and see your efficiency increase and costs decrease significantly.

Intranet Solutions
eCommerce Development

Are you selling online and generating revenues from the millions and millions of users using their computers or smart-phones for shopping?  Be it home services or garment, electronics or custom products – eCommerce is fast catching up.  MAG can assist you with custom eCommerce development, magento based eCommerce websites or other packaged solutions.  Whether is is a new site or addition to eCommerce in your existing platform, MAG can optimize your product.

With Google certified personnel MAG Studios is your preferred partner for running pay per click campaigns, be it on Google using their search network or a branding exercise using the vast and popular display and search partner network provided by Google.  MAG is also an expert in creating and managing optimized campaigns on Facebook ensuring that your brand goes beyond boundaries and reaches millions of validated customers.

Pay Per Click Campaigns
Search Engine Optimization

Get found by numerous validated customers on search engines – get their online queries and orders and increase your revenues multifold.  MAG Studios assists customers with their search engine optimization (SEO) – starting with the critical phase of keyword research and ending with the rankings of relevant keywords on top pages – MAG assists in every step of the way to ensure a high ROI on your marketing efforts.

Enhance your presence on social media and showcase your product and brand in front of users wanting to buy your products and services.  MAG provides affordable and optimized services to highlight your brand, maintain customer interest and make engaging conversations with prospects, resulting in more site visits and eventual conversions.

Social Media Optimization

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