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Extranet Portals - Engage your Customers

An extranet portal helps to engage your clients and automate your processes – reduce inefficiency and cost -improve turn-around time and revenues

The functionality and usability of an intranet portal can be extended to provide additional services to your esteemed clients. Companies and Clients share a platform which is secure for both and have quick and easy access to information that is important to them.  Break free from the use of internet and the hassle of tracking old communication – move to an extranet portal – it gives your business a lot of credibility and makes collaboration a breeze with complete audit trails and transparency.


Extranet Portals

Companies and clients can access and communicate with ease and more importantly from any-place in the world at any time since everything is hosted on the internet/cloud and is secured by ample security measures to only allow users with the required access credentials.  A button click here and what you want to show to the client is visible to them – a button click there and what you have to hide is now hidden – yes, it is that simple and secure!

As a company you have complete control over the information you want to release to your clients while maintaining the secrecy and security of sensitive data.

One extranet portal with different and relevant data getting displayed to all your customers – no overlap unless you want it to be – everything done by you with ease and quickly.


Some Extranet Portal Applications are:-

  • News
  • Events
  • Products Gallery
  • Calendar
  • Photo Gallery
  • Notifications
  • and any other business specific requirements

Contact MAG Studios to get an Extranet Portal developed to provide a better experience to your clients and convert the benefits extended to them into more sales revenues.

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Extranet Portals

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