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Traditional Web sites – Problems

Traditional web sites were based on the concept of minimal modifications to the content of pages once the final version was rolled out on the servers. Certain aspects were made update able using a database, but in today’s dynamic environment and competitive business structure, it is very important to keep the content of all pages of the web site fresh and up-to date with the latest information and news.

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Best Content Management System

A web site could be a very complex structure requiring special tools and knowledge to update and maintain them.

Some common problems that can occur with traditional web sites are:

  • A skilled IT professional might be required to make changes, which could be costly
  • A complete hardware setup with supporting tools might be required, increasing the cost
  • No formal approval or promotion process of changes in place
  • Not enough security to allow for only authorized personnel to make changes
Why a Content Management System? A

content management system

(CMS) can integrate with a web site and allow for modifications, additions and deletions to the existing site content and structure. Access is given according to the security clearance of the personnel and a history of all the modifications made is maintained in an organized manner. With MAG’s

Content Management System

, images, documents, flash files, textual content and relationships between the content can be added to a web site with ease. The only hardware requirement is a computer that has a browser.
Content Management System Based Website
  • All options are point and click, easy to use
  • Works through all browsers, no additional software required
  • Upload images directly to your content
  • Ability to add hyperlinks, paragraph formatting, lists, etc
  • Upload PDFs and media files
  • Permission based access to different user groups
  • Ability to create new pages and sections in the site
  • Control font type, colour, size, formatting (bold, italic, underline, subscript, superscript)
  • Option to maintain a live and draft version of content
  • Preview option to view content in live mode before publishing
The above features are all in the form of a point and click interface, there is absolutely NO programming knowledge required to maintain and update a web site with MAG’s

content management system

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