How to handle a small team to get maximum productivity and reduce employee churn?

Any company may have to deal with such a situation sometime or other, where the productivity can decrease and employee churn is the only option that can help get out of this situation, but it all depends on the organization how they handle and get over with a situation like this, where employee churn can be avoided or reduced and maximum productivity can be achieved.

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Music – Yay or Nay in office

Music is a way through which people can match their feelings and calm their minds accordingly. There is music for every mood, environment, event, etc. In fact, nowadays, there is music even for offices. There are different playlists been made for different types of offices as well. Some offices customize their playlists according to the projects and deadlines, to change the work pace and motivation among employees. But, is it actually beneficial for all or just for some?

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Does a B2B service provider really need branding?

The world of business is just that – an entire world in and of itself. That is the only appropriate metaphor to describe the vast types and amounts of operations, strategies, stipulations, requirements, considerations and policies that are involved in running a business. From thinking of a product or service and indulging in after-sales help to the consumer, the process involved in business is one of the most elaborate things. Businesses all over the world indulge in various functions in order to realise their aim – higher profits. And one of the very essential steps is branding.

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Advantages of Working With MAG Studios

Any schoolbook detailing the operations of a business will say that the owner and manager of a business need to be dynamic. The ability to adjust to any changes in the field of operations often turns out to be the difference between a successful and struggling firm. These changes might refer to the availability of resources, the preferences of the target market, new government rules and any alterations in the technology available to firms. In recent years, the latter has assumed considerably more importance than the others. This is justified when one takes into consideration the digital revolution that has established its influence over business activities in the latter part of the 20th century and all of the 21st century till present.

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Surviving Online Without Digital Marketing

One of the most prominent rules of business, as well as of human life, is to roll with the changes. Mankind has distinguished itself from all other species by the rules of adaptation and survival instincts. Business is no different. In a world that changes every day, bringing along more challenges, marketplaces and customer wants, it is crucial for businesses to adjust to the changes, make use of new innovations and facilities, and to cede to the demands of the customer.

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How to Deal with the aftermath of Excessive SEO

One of the most prominent parenting maxims, used by parents from all over the world, is, “There shouldn’t be an excess of anything.” While parents are prone to use the statement while referring to the usage of smartphones and the internet, a student is yet to study to the extent of it being “too much studying”. 

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What do you do when SEO doesn’t bring results?

Business, in so many ways, is like a sport. It takes years of learning to master, never guarantees success and must be constantly worked at. Another similarity between sports and business is that failure never means the end of the line – it merely signals rest, like a pit-stop in a race. Every step of failure can be a route to success, both in sports and business, as long as one analyses the reasons behind the failure and charts out a plan for the future to avoid the initial shortcomings. Many sports-persons have made illustrious comebacks from injuries or huge failures to establish their legacy in the game and the world of business is replete with just as many tales.

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What Are The Disadvantages Of Outsourcing?

In a previous blog, we have described the term “outsourcing” and some benefits of outsourcing. But, it does not mean that there are no drawbacks. There are some disadvantages of IT Outsourcing.  These blogs are beneficial for small and medium-sized business owners as they need to have enough information before connecting with Outsourcing Company. If you have previously tried outsourcing for any of your departments, then you can also relate to the possibilities we have presented here. You are also welcome to share your experiences to inform others who are planning to hire third-party services.

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Major Advantages of E-Commerce! How to select the best E-Commerce solution?

E-Commerce has transformed the shopping process for present century, and it is going to stay for long. Rather than visiting the markets and stores, people now prefer buying products and services online. Software such as Magento, Big Commerce, OpenCart have played a major role in this process as most companies including Mag Studios utilize some of these tools to design attractive as well as 100% customer-friendly e-commerce portals to present your products and services in front of millions of viewers across the world. When we talk about eCommerce, we do not necessarily mean the online shopping sites, but every web portal where individual person or companies buy/sell either products or services using the online payment options, and online shopping sites such as amazon, flipkart etc. are just one part of the whole environment.

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3 Basic Things You Must Know Before Deploying CMS

You must have heard of Content Management Systems with reference to Content Marketing. But, you might not have imagined how beneficial it is for your business. So I would like to take the opportunity and you introduce with the basics of content management. The top three things you need to know about it is the role, benefits, and how you can get the best out of it. You will get an answer to all the questions mentioned below:

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