Music – Yay or Nay in office

Music is a way through which people can match their feelings and calm their minds accordingly. There is music for every mood, environment, event, etc. In fact, nowadays, there is music even for offices. There are different playlists been made for different types of offices as well. Some offices customize their playlists according to the projects and deadlines, to change the work pace and motivation among employees. But, is it actually beneficial for all or just for some?

Here are a few points that might help you reconsider your decision, whatsoever it may be:

  • There have been so many articles and reports submitted on music, proving it to be a friendly tool during office hours. The reports suggested that music can actually help in keeping the office environment calm and efficient, as it prevents stress and as there are many motivating songs as well, so they might also help in creating a motivated environment in the office.
  • The reports proved that the employees who hear music while working, show more creative results in their work, than the employees who didn’t listen to music while working.
  • According to a survey, listening to your favorite music can help in increasing your productivity and can be a mood enhancer, and also helps in enhancing problem-solving abilities.
  • Music also helps in relieving stress and anxiety, classical music is the best genre to help employees calm their anxieties and stress.
  • It is also said that music improves memory, music can actually have an impact on the hippocampus region of the brain, which is responsible for memory control and recall. Who doesn’t want to have a good memory?
  • But, there are employees who get distracted from their work if they listen to music and also lose their concentration and which eventually their performance gets hindered. ·  
  • There are also employees who have a completely different taste in music from the ones that are being played in the office. This can actually lead to a situation with chaos because some might be enjoying the music, whereas, some might be getting pissed off, because of the music that is being played and can have a bad mood for the day, eventually hampering their work.
  • The ones who are musicians or have a great interest in music will most probably have a difficult time concentrating on work because their main focus will be on the music, its lyrics, its direction, its beats and everything about it. Such people will hardly be able to work, and might just listen to the music. 
  • In an office, there will be people of different age groups, and if you have Millenials in your office, their taste in music can actually be totally different from others and can cause issues while selecting songs.
  • There will also be employees who have language issues with the music or maybe, what music is normal for some, can be provoking for some and might hinder their values.
  • These circumstances create confusion about whether to use Music as an asset for the employees or not. These situations are bound to happen, because of diverse cultures in every office. 
  • The diverse environment in the office is due to different people having different tastes of music, which can actually create differences among the employees and can have a total opposite impact on the office by creating chaos rather than, a calm environment.
  • Music is great, but there are shortcomings to it as well if we use it as a tool to keep employees motivated in the office. Music has a lot of benefits for living organisms without any doubt but in a work environment, there will be diverse opinions and if you are ready to deal with the chaos, Music can be a yes for your organization.
  • There are several reasons why music should be allowed and it shouldn’t be. There should be a single answer to this, right?
  • Here it is, Earphones/headphones. These can actually work as a lifesaver and work saver for each one of you in your office. Earphones can let everyone listen to their favorite music and improve productivity, with zero chaos ahead.
  • Though some of the issues will still persist, things will get manage on their own and won’t hamper the work and environment of the office.
  • Music does make everyone feel better and much productive, but it has to be individually accepted by everyone.

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