Ways to keep your software team motivated

Motivation is something which everyone lacks sometimes in their lives, and we reach out to our close ones or our inspirations or idols, to motivate us and to get us more focussed for our work be it anything. 

Here are a few ways through which you can keep your software team motivated for their work:

  • We live in times, where creativity is more prioritized, and it should be. A software developer understands the creativity that he/she puts into his/her work, they express themselves through their creativity and make sure that the hint of their creativity is always visible in their work, and when they don’t get a project good enough to challenge their creativity, it becomes difficult and dull for them to work on such projects. Every Software developer wants a project that can portray their creativity and can challenge them enough to show their potential, and when this doesn’t happen, it leads them to feel demotivated, as they are not able to perform to their full potential.
  •  Understanding their potential to provide them the projects that they deserve and not the ones that don’t challenge them enough can be a dull and unfair issue for them. Giving them projects to showcase their creativity can actually motivate them to work even under pressure and help the organization to avoid employee churn as well.
  • Rome wasn’t built in a day. Software developers need time to create the projects so that they can actually provide the project with the insights it needs. Realistic deadlines are a major yes for the developers, they need deadlines in which they can manage to justify every requirement of the project, they hate to delay their projects and also hate to submit work that is not appreciable, so it is better to provide them with deadlines that can give them enough time and manage to work efficiently on the projects. 
  • The workload can also prove as a benefit for employee motivation. Giving them workload enough to keep them working is good, but the workload that creates a pressurized situation for them is harmful to their mental peace, and you are the one who has to look after your employees, so consider giving them work that is manageable.
  • How the team works is a major part of any company’s working and there are times when there are few team members who act as a burden for the whole team, this happens when there is a lack of required skills in the particular team member and eventually the team has to carry them along. 
  • This can be a major setback for your software development team’s motivation as it is difficult to work more than required due to a single person’s less contribution. To avoid such scenarios, realizing and identifying such people is a necessity, and then cutting them off or demoting them is the needed solution for avoiding a lack of motivation in your software developer team.
  • Appreciation and rewards for good work are very important and valuable to the employees, as they need to know that they are appreciated for their work, and are an important part of the organization. This can motivate the employees to work harder for the organization with their full potential.
  • Appreciations and inputs on the submitted projects and their works can become a great way to motivate them and make them understand what are your expectations from them and how much are they supposed to deliver, in a given period of time.
  • Team meetings are a very important aspect of a good management team, which can lead to problem-solving, and listening to the team’s issues, and can actually motivate them towards their goals, as they will know you will be handling their problems and will be fulfilling their needs.
  • Team meetings provide an inside insight over what and how the process of any project or any issue is, this can actually help in solving the issues with the team’s help, creating an image that even you are a part of the team and everyone has to work together to reach the expected goal.
  • Appraisals and promotions, these need to be taken seriously by the company because these are very sensitive matters for the employees, and an appraisal that is not worth the employee’s work can actually be very demotivating for the employee and can lead to less efficiency from that particular employee in future endeavors. 
  • A senior employee always expects a good promotion, after working for several years and if a junior or an employee that hasn’t given enough as compared to the senior employee gets a better promotion, this can actually be a very demeaning affair for that employee and can lead to a loss of an employee. 
  • The management always needs to keep in mind to manage the promotions according to experience, work and time given in building the company. The company reaches its full potential only if the employees are motivated and have satisfaction in the work they have been doing.
  • Employees make the company, and they need to believe it to feel motivated and be loyal to the company.

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