Advantages of Working With MAG Studios

Any schoolbook detailing the operations of a business will say that the owner and manager of a business need to be dynamic. The ability to adjust to any changes in the field of operations often turns out to be the difference between a successful and struggling firm. These changes might refer to the availability of resources, the preferences of the target market, new government rules and any alterations in the technology available to firms. In recent years, the latter has assumed considerably more importance than the others. This is justified when one takes into consideration the digital revolution that has established its influence over business activities in the latter part of the 20th century and all of the 21st century till present.

Technology In Business

The usage of technology in the operation if a business firm was initially limited to one of many means of operation. Machines were used in the production of products and eventually to repair them. The farthest the usage of technology usage extended at the advent of the digital revolution was the usage of computers to keep records of customers, suppliers, inventory and financial accounts. However, as the revolution strengthened and spread, and technology became increasingly accessible to the normal public, businesses recognized the significance of going the technological route.

The establishment of the World Wide Web (www) introduced businesses to the importance of having their own websites. As an increasing number of customers turned to the internet for their purchasing, the field of digital marketing was firmly established. Digital marketing is a process of reaching out to customers through the digital route in order to sell products and services.

The spread of modern technology opened up a new avenue for business firms – the introduction of a variety of software and programs that could be sold to customers, as seen in the rise of Windows and Adobe. With the smartphone revolution in the 2010s, the creation, development, maintenance and marketing of mobile applications, stylized as “apps”, also took center-stage. More often than not, these four components combine in the operations of a firm with website development, digital marketing and app development being especially crucial. As firms expand, these aspects of a business are generally outsourced to companies that render these exact services. And that’s where MAG Studios comes in.

MAG Studios – An Introduction

MAG Studios is a software solutions company operating in New Delhi while handling business from all over the world. With a diverse set of employed talent and a varied client-base, MAG has been one of the leading software solution firms since its establishment, leaving in its trail a myriad of happy employees and satisfied clients.

MAG provides the four most important services in the technological aspect of business operation:

  1. Web Development: From creating a business website to helping with restructure an existing one, MAG Studios has helped customers with any and all hindrances faced in lieu of their website.
  2. Application Development: MAG helps its customers design, create and maintain mobile applications for all available platforms, ensuring that the app is custom-built for the target market, hopeful revenue and proposed plans of the firm.
  3. Software Development: In order to help its customers operate in a manner that is more convenient and cost-efficient, MAG provides from its arsenal multiple software programs that could ease the process for the customers.
  4. Digital Marketing: MAG’s digital marketing services encompass all activities and aspects of online marketing from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on engines such as Google and Social Media Management (SMM) on sites such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

Advantages of Working with MAG – What Sets It Apart

Companies from all over the world seek to avail of MAG Studios’ services for their software and digital needs. Working with MAG brings with it numerous advantages and benefits:

  1. Experienced Staff: MAG’s greatest asset is its human resources. The company boasts of personnel whose combined experience clocks more than 30 years of service in the country. Having been educated and trained at world-level institutes, the staff at MAG range from MBA graduates and interns from universities like Delhi University to PHD holders in the subjects like business administration. Not just the permanent employees, even the interns at MAG are highly experienced in their field bringing to the table a combination of fresh perspective and knowledge of a field.
  2. Incessant Brainstorming: To say that MAG takes its projects and assignments seriously would be a gross understatement. Whether it be an app development assignment or a digital marketing campaign, the personnel of MAG conduct extremely detailed meetings in order to chart out the procedure to be followed, strengthened by loads of constant research. The talent and knowledge of the staff is put to optimal use as they account for every little step and issues they might face along the way. A prospective solution is then built to counter any hindrances that might seep up. Moreover, multiple staff-members and teams work together on one assignment to encourage a larger base of thinking.
  3. Constant Communication with the Client: Most solution companies are known to have the tendency to communicate with the client only while obtaining the assignment and after completing the assignment. However, MAG has built a reputation of constant communication with the client in the completion of a project. This involves constant updates to the client during the process of completion and inviting the client’s participation in the planning stage. The client is in continuous contact with the staff-members working on their ­­­project to enable a constant exchange of inputs, opinions and feedback. MAG considers constant communication the key of providing its clients the best service it is capable of.
  4. After-Project Services: MAG Studios has built its brand on the establishing of long-term relationships with its clients. Its principles are entrenched in the belief that an association with the client does not draw to an end with the completion of a project. MAG’s functioning involves contacting clients who operate our completed projects, not merely for customary feedback but with suggestions and improvements in lieu with the development of the respective sectors as researched by the team-members. Its involvement expands to ensuring the smooth running of the project and constant updates, to avoid lags and errors with changes in technology or trends.
  5. Variety in Clientele: MAG’s talented team of personnel has been able to ensure a myriad of clients for the company. The firm regards this as a significant factor as this enables it to learn more and sharpen its functioning according to the demands, trends and preferences of different sectors as constant operation in a similar area of business holds the high risk of rusting and complacency. MAG’s clients range from website-based firms starting out their journeys in the business world and small service-providing firms to the biggest players in their respective markets such as CITI group, BBC and Thompson Press, to name a select few. This range of clientele keeps the staff on its toes in context of knowledge and methods.


Over the years, MAG’s constant strive to improve itself has rendered it a favourite of companies looking for services in the digital sectors. It has provided to its clients a topmost working experience, aided by its well-researched procedure and efforts to increase client participation in the process. From a business utility standpoint, MAG has proven to be worth the expenditure incurred on its services, with its innovative solutions and constant after-project suggestions giving immense value to its clientele. This dedication and toil that the firm directs to its activities is what has set it apart from competition.

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