Major Advantages of E-Commerce! How to select the best E-Commerce solution?

E-Commerce has transformed the shopping process for present century, and it is going to stay for long. Rather than visiting the markets and stores, people now prefer buying products and services online. Software such as Magento, Big Commerce, OpenCart have played a major role in this process as most companies including Mag Studios utilize some of these tools to design attractive as well as 100% customer-friendly e-commerce portals to present your products and services in front of millions of viewers across the world. When we talk about eCommerce, we do not necessarily mean the online shopping sites, but every web portal where individual person or companies buy/sell either products or services using the online payment options, and online shopping sites such as amazon, flipkart etc. are just one part of the whole environment.

What exactly is E-Commerce?

Everyone is aware how e-commerce is expanding, and how masses are moving towards online shopping per day. It has increased the need for a simple and easy website for online shopping. That’s why companies prefer developing e-commerce websites to boost their web presence and boost their reputation as well as ROI. These software solutions offer numerous applications and tools that are beneficial for traders to expand their businesses on internet with lesser efforts and money. So, e-commerce consist all activities required for online buying and selling of products and services including the development of e-store, adding the cart facility, online payment options, order placement and cancellation, return, complains, etc. The online shopping is in demand and that’s why manufacturers also are interested in displaying their products online.

Benefits of E-Commerce web stores:

There is no doubt that online stores are a requirement of 21 st century customers, and traders always prioritize fulfilling these demands, but there are more benefits you can get apart from client satisfaction. Here are some major advantages of developing an e-commerce web portal.

  • Online transaction and payment methods
  • Offer 24X7 Services which can never do in offline store
  • Boost your visibility in front of endless perspective customers
  • Share the space with top brands and a possibility to beat them
  • Use SEO activities to promote your business on search engines
  • Option to invite innumerable clients by offering attractive deals, discounts and offers

Different types of E-Commerce platforms

You can either choose on-premise or hosted solutions to fulfill your clients’ expectations. The tools for an on-premise e-commerce extend control over the CMS while the hosted eCommerce solutions reduce the managements cost. Some businesses get confused, and select the incorrect solution but we have simplified the task for you. We have explained different types of eCommerce solutions available in the market. There are different features and applications in each kind of eCommerce website, and you should be clear of your expectations and goals before you connect with eCommerce development companies.

Below are some types of e-commerce web portals you can choose from

  • Business to Customer (B2C) – These are the most general and most utilized platform and you know them as the online shopping websites. Here the businesses or the companies directly sell their products to the consumers. These are open to all users and they only have to login with their phone number or Gmail ID in order to place the order. This kind of solution is best for you if you sell everyday object because you won’t need any middlemen or sales person to connect with your customers.
  • Business to Business (B2B) – If your products do not cater to the ultimate consumers and you supply the products to the manufacturer then B2B portal is all what you need. Such websites are not open for all, and people need special access to login to the B2B system.
  • Customer to Business (C2B) – Most companies that hire customers to fulfill one of their roles or to get their services look for C2B eCommerce. You can take the example of freelancing. Customers/freelancers advertise about their services and companies offer their proposals to them via C2C portals.
  • Customer to Customer (C2C) – You must have heard or used the website named OLX. This is the perfect example of C2C eCommerce where customers advertise and sell their products to other customers without the interference of any third party, broker or a company.
  • Customer to Administration (C2A) – These are the platforms where customers can directly connect with the administration for queries, complaints, subscriptions, etc. The best examples for it could be the customer support websites.
  • Businesses to Administration (B2A) – These portals include all the transactions and deals between the authorities and the administrations their hire to manage their workflows. There is no role of customer, and it is between the business and administration.

There is no doubt that eCommerce is the future of marketing and trade, and it is better for you as soon as you accept this fact. You have to be a part of it at any cost if you desire to excel in your field and to beat the cut-throat competition. So, what you need to do is to welcome the technology and search the best e-commerce portals to automate your workflows as everyone else including your competitors has already opted for it. Do not think anymore and connect with the best eCommerce providers to get the best out of it. You must have understood which type of website you require. So don’t wait anymore and connect with Mag Business Consultants who are always active to offer the top-quality solution as per your business type.

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