How to handle a small team to get maximum productivity and reduce employee churn?

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Any company may have to deal with such a situation sometime or other, where the productivity can decrease and employee churn is the only option that can help get out of this situation, but it all depends on the organization how they handle and get over with a situation like this, where employee churn can be avoided or reduced and maximum productivity can be achieved.

Usually, it is easy to handle a small team than a large team, as communicating with a smaller team is easier than the larger one. But, when it comes to a decrease in productivity, the issues get real then, because employees get overburdened with work and deadlines become a pressure for them. During such a crisis, the best way to handle the situation is by dealing with the mental status of the employees. The more they are able to have mental peace the faster the productivity will increase.

The best way to maximize productivity is by increasing the daily activities of motivation for them. Communication is the key, communicate your expectations and understand their needs. Make it a two-way process. Create an environment, where your employees start feeling loyal and affectionate towards the company so that they work not just with their minds but can also put their hearts into their work. 

While building a team keep in mind to avoid people who don’t understand what and how the team works, and can’t become team players as they end up being the people who sabotage the team and the company, they don’t know what the other team members expect from them, and working in a company is not about setting up individual goals but about how efficiently and effectively you can work as a team. 

In today’s world, Hiring people with soft skills can be a tough task, as a few decades back, hard skills and mark sheets were the only things on which interviews were based on, and so now, when soft skills have become a priority for organizations seeking good employees, hard skills are found in everyone but lack soft skills and doesn’t even consider soft skills as an important part of any interview selection, but soft skills are high in demand and happen to be a rare skill.

People with soft skills tend to have interpersonal & communication skills, which become a major helper in client building and setting up customer relations, as such people are able to understand others’ needs in a better and mature way and can also deal with customer issues with patience and be a asset to the company and provide the organization with an opportunity to have a different and soft opinion about the employees and about the work culture as well, which eventually gives the organization a peaceful environment, that leads to an increase in productivity which is our end goal.

Employees are fast at creating opinions about the organization and its working, and even once if they are not appreciated for the hard work or a positive work that they did for your organization, then they tend to believe that the company doesn’t actually believe in appreciation and rewards, that lead to higher demotivated employees and lesser productivity. Appreciation for your employees can play a vital role in employee retention. If you plan out small rewards on different tasks, then it can actually create a motivating and competitive environment for your employees and they will surely be working at a much better pace and efficiency. 

In an environment, where everyone lacks a competitive spree, it becomes a dull affair for the organization, which decreases efficiency and productivity. Various competitions and rewards on different tasks, appreciation for a good project done, all these can become a way that makes the employee feels that the organization does have a two-way structure that is good for both, the company and its employees.

Employee churn has become a very common concept, where old employees leave and new employees are hired, but hiring new employees can become a costly affair. To avoid such issues keeping employees engaged in the company becomes a priority for the organization, and it can actually become easy for companies with small teams, only if, the communication among the employer and employees is quite strong, in fact, strong enough to communicate all issues in a way that, the solution is found rather than, the final option of leaving the company becomes the only solution. This type of issue is tough but can be resolved with proper management, and understanding between the employees and the employer.  

The main factors that need to be taken care of are recruiting and managing the employees. Such situations need good communication between Human resources & employees and between human resources & employers, so that, no communication gap can be able to take place in any organization.

Higher productivity and employee churn, both are avoidable, for any organization of any size, be it a small team or large, the companies just need more focus from both employees and employers, in making themselves better.

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