How does local seo boost your sales

Those days are gone when local businesses were dependent on the word of mouth marketing. Nowadays everything is online even your local competitors are going after the internet presence. That is why you need to hire a local SEO agency. 

Local SEO helps your business in many ways. From attracting potential customers to building your brand, they help you reach your business goals. But how does local SEO boost your sales? We have many answers to that question. If you also want to know why hiring a local SEO agency will boost your sales then, read further.

1. Building citations improves your local visibility

The first step of local SEO is online building citations. Local SEO uses online building citations to improve your local visibility. Building citations is mentioning the name, address, and other relevant business information on many different sites. 

Directory listing is a common example of online citations. Building citations on popular sites like Facebook, Google, TripAdvisor, Yelp, AskMeAnything etc. It helps you attract consumers from multiple sources. 

By this way, your business appears at more than one place. Therefore, it improves your local visibility, which means you get more foot traffic and more service customers. 

2. Helps your business appear on Google’s local 3-pack

Google’s local 3-pack is what appears when your search anything using “nearby” keyword. Sometimes it appears even without using the keyword, just by searching the type of business you are looking for, it shows the local 3-pack to help you. It provides users with a better experience. 

It shows you a list of local businesses around you, along with their address and ratings. According to many SEO experts, businesses on Google local 3-pack attract more than 44% of user traffic, which clearly means they get more customers and increased revenues. A local SEO agency will help your business appear on Google’s local 3-pack.  

3. Uses relevant keywords to attract potential customers

Keywords are very important in SEO to get better ranking and more organic traffic. A local SEO agency knows what keywords are capable of doing for your business. That is why a local SEO agency will use relevant keywords to attract more potential customers.

With the help of content marketing and website descriptions, a local SEO agency will push your website to better rankings. More user traffic will lead to more lead generation and increased sales.


If you are still dependent on your customer’s word of mouth, then you will be left behind by your competitors. You need to hire a local SEO agency to boost your sales, and to attract more customers. 

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