How to decide between native and hybrid mobile app and select the right hybrid app development agency

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Mobile app users are increasing every day at a rapid speed. Mobile apps are offering more than what a website can deliver. They are known for increasing effectiveness for every business. 

But getting a mobile app isn’t that easy as it seems. There are many steps one has to go through to get a mobile app that can benefit their business.

From choosing the right approach to selecting the right mobile app development company, we are here to help with every important decision.

Factors to keep in mind while deciding between native and hybrid app

The first and very important step of getting a mobile app is choosing the right platform. Native and hybrid apps are equally great options. Although choosing between them is not that easy.

Both have their advantages and drawbacks too. It is on you which option you find most suitable. To help you further, here is the list of factors that will determine which is the best option for you. 

1. Cost and time

The first and most important criteria you need to keep in mind is cost and time. Hybrid apps are more affordable to build than native apps. Hybrid apps can be released across multiple platforms, using a single code base for development. Therefore, they save you a lot of time as well. 

On the other hand, native apps are more costly to build. For each platform, you need to develop an individual application. It will take a lot of time and resources, costing you more than what you would spend on a hybrid application.

2. App features

In terms of features, a native app is a clear winner. You can get a handful of many useful features through native app development. Where, on the other hand, with hybrid app development, you get only relevant and limited features. 

If your app would require access to many mobile phone features, such as camera, GPS, messaging etc. then native apps are suitable. Where hybrid can access only limited mobile phone features. 

3. Apps speed and performance

Another area where native performs better than hybrid is speed and performance. Native apps provide your user with better user experience and high performance. 

On the other hand, a hybrid app can perform basic functions at a normal speed. The user experience is also not very special with a hybrid mobile application.

4. Targeted audience

Another very important criteria for choosing the right platform is your target audience. You need to see from which platform the majority of your users come on your website: IOS or Android. Developed a native application for that particular platform first.

If you do not want to do that, then you can simply build a hybrid application, as it will work on multiple platforms.

How to select the right hybrid app development agency

After reading the above factors, you may have decided to go for a hybrid mobile app for your business. Hybrid app development is simple, time-saving, cost-effective and appropriate for a business. But, now you come to the second very important decision, selecting the right hybrid app development agency. 

You would not want to end up with a sub-par mobile application. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the below-mentioned factors, as they will help you make a better choice. 

1. Experience

While looking for a hybrid app development company, you need to look at every company’s portfolio. You can check out their experience in the field of hybrid app development. This way, you can assume they must be doing something if they have survived this long. 

You can read client testimonials and reviews, along with a record of their past deployed projects. If the company has worked on similar projects in the past, then you can expect some expertise on your application as well.  

2. Technical expertise

Although, this is obvious, still look for a team of certified developers. At the end of the day, developers will be the one who will work on your hybrid application. Therefore, you should choose a company that has a team of certified experts, and who are capable of handling your project. 

Their coding proficiency should be according to industry standards. So, you don’t end up with a hybrid app that is of no use.

3. Communication

Clear and transparent communication is very important for a mutual understanding between the client and the company. Therefore, while looking for a hybrid development agency, you need to check out their communication skills.

Regular meeting with the project management team should be held so that you will know what is going on with your project. The communication skills of developers also matter because they should be able to interpret your suggestion and feedback without any confusion. 

4. Post deployment support and maintenance

Another very important factor that you need to keep in mind is after-sales support and warranty period. A good hybrid app development company is the one that helps you even after deploying your mobile app.

You do not want to end up with a hybrid application that stops working right after its deployment. Therefore, you need to see if your hybrid app development company provides you with after-sales support and a warranty period. So that you don’t have to worry about post-deployment support and maintenance.  


Getting a mobile app for your business is not that easy. But if you will follow the above-mentioned steps, you get an app that will increase your profit and will make your customers more happy.

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