How is digital marketing better than traditional marketing?

The technology has evolved and has changed everything, from waking up in the morning to going to sleep at night. Every little thing we do in between is different now than it was a decade ago. 

Not just our lives, technology has impacted businesses as well, from handling clients to investing, we all have found new ways to do these basic business activities.

Now, you can understand why you need to change your marketing strategies because your customers and business both have changed with time. Therefore, you need to be too, as digital marketing is taking over traditional marketing. 

Traditional marketing

The most simple definition of traditional marketing is advertising through tangible mediums, such as print ads, billboards, business cards, or pamphlets. Traditional marketing also includes marketing through TV and radio commercials. 

Traditional marketing has been around for quite some time. You may haven’t realized it, but it was everywhere. Since as a kid all the ways you get to know about a product or a service was because of traditional marketing. That poster of The Beatles in your room to that jingle of a cereal brand commercial, you couldn’t stop humming all day, everything was a medium of traditional marketing.  

We know, you are perplexed by how advertisements have surrounded us in our lives. The same goes for digital marketing, as it is also no different; just the mediums are different.

Digital marketing

For years marketing has been used to reach where customers are, and in the current times, most people are on the internet and digital platforms. Therefore, marketing has also become digital and using the internet to reach customers. Digital marketing is designed to use the new medium to interact with customers. Nowadays, everyone has access to the internet, making it a very efficient way to pass any information. That is why marketers are leveraging the internet to advertise a brand and its products. 

Marketers use digital platforms for advertising and promotions of a business and its product, basically through the internet on any other digital device. These digital platforms include Google search results, Youtube ads, and social media posts and ads.

Digital marketing is a necessity in this digital era, as more people have adapted technology with time. If we talk about the prospect of digital marketing, we can say that sooner or later it will replace traditional marketing completely.

How is digital marketing better than traditional marketing?

Digital marketing and traditional marketing, the debate about which is better has been going on for a long time now. The majority of people think that traditional marketing is a dead cow, which we all have to stop milking, as it won’t get us anything beneficial. On the other hand, some still think that it is still relevant, and will be for a long time. 

Now, we have come to the main question, how digital marketing is better than traditional marketing.

1. Digital marketing is cost-effective.

Digital marketing is the most affordable and cost-effective form of marketing. Most of the traditional marketing mediums, such as billboards, TV, and radio commercials, cost so much, that only big companies with huge marketing budgets can afford them. On the other hand, any business with even a little marketing budget can afford digital marketing, as it doesn’t cost that much. 

A company can plan its digital marketing campaign according to their budget. They can use affordable strategies such as SEO, social media marketing, and content marketing, and if they have a higher budget, they can also consider higher-cost strategies such as PPC(pay per click marketing), Google ads, and social media ads.

2. It has a higher reach.  

With digital marketing, you can reach a wide range of audiences and customers. Digital marketing has a higher reach to a large number of people. Where, on the other hand, traditional marketing only limited to a particular geographical region. 

Digital marketing uses the internet as a medium to advertise a company or its product, and the internet is a global platform with users across the globe in the numbers of billion. In terms of reaching a wide range of audiences, traditional marketing doesn’t even come near to digital marketing. 

3. Less intrusive than traditional marketing. 

People hate interruptions: it is a fact that we all are aware of, as nobody likes to get interrupted when they are doing something they enjoy. It has become the main reason for the downfall of traditional marketing. 

Nowadays, people use platforms such as Netflix, Youtube, and Spotify. Instead of TV and radio because now they have a better option to enjoy their favorite movies and music without interruption. It has affected the most popular mediums of traditional marketing and made digital marketing a better option for businesses. 

Digital marketing does not interrupt people. But, it still makes your business more visible to your target audience, with skippable ads, and SEO, which only targets the relevant audience. 

4. Suitable for every scale and type of business. 

The biggest benefit of digital marketing is that it is suitable for every type and scale of business. From a local restaurant to a big mobile manufacturing enterprise, digital marketing is suitable for both. 

Get a website and hire an SEO company for your local business to target relevant consumers, as people use the internet to search even nearby local stores and businesses. Digital marketing gives an equal opportunity to both big and small companies. Before digital marketing, only giant corporations were ruling a specific sector, but now with a well-planned marketing strategy, even local businesses can take part in the race. 

5. Content is easier to maintain. 

In traditional marketing, once a piece of content or an advertisement is published, it can not be taken back. As you know, traditional marketing uses print media and other forms of tangible medium for marketing such as magazines, newspapers, billboards, and business cards to advertise. Once they are published and circulated, you can not make any changes, which makes them hard to maintain. 

With digital marketing, you can edit and or revert your content, whenever you want. You can update any new information, without replacing it in every form of medium. In case of any mistake or human error, you can edit it whenever you want, and it won’t cost you extra.

6. More engaging mediums. 

Digital marketing is more engaging than traditional marketing, as it uses more engaging mediums. 

How many times we have switched a channel because of commercials, and many times we ignore the billboards on the side of a road, I guess a lot of time. But, have we ever ignored a top position website of google search result page, I think never. That is why digital marketing is most beneficial. It only targets relevant users and potential customers, which traditional marketing has never been able to do so.

Digital marketing uses an engaging medium to promote a product or service, such as Youtube videos, social media platforms, and blogs.

7. Build and enhance brand value. 

Spreading awareness about your brand has always been difficult and costly with traditional marketing. But, with digital marketing, you can build and enhance your business’s brand value with little efforts. 

Build a website, and hire an SEO company to take your website among the top position of Google search results. Digital marketing will give your business global brand value and visibility, which with traditional marketing is either impossible or will cost you a fortune to do. 

8. Fast results and popularity.

Digital marketing gives you quick results and popularity. With digital marketing, you can easily get results, can identify things which are not being beneficial for you like they should. 

In traditional marketing, it can take a lot of time to get satisfactory results, but with digital marketing, in some cases, you can get real-time results. By getting fast results, you can also check out where you lack and can implement changes accordingly.


If you are still using traditional marketing strategies, then it won’t take long for your business to be forgotten. It is a well-known fact that companies that do not update their values and strategies along with time are either replaced or forgotten by customers. 

You may have spent a lot of time building your business, and you should, because it is the most important thing for any businessman. That is why you need to hire a digital marketing company, which understands your company and its requirements, and that is why you need Mag Studios

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