What is SEO, and why it is important for your business?

SEO for your business

In a world, where technology has taken the front seat, businesses are trying their best to keep up with it. Choosing a marketing strategy for a business has become a more important decision. 

People nowadays have endless options, and with each option, there are hundreds of businesses ready to deliver them. Reaching your target audience has become more difficult and yet easy at the same time. It has become easy for businesses who are investing in SEO, and difficult for companies, who do not have any idea about SEO. 

If you are a business owner, then choosing a marketing strategy is very crucial for you and your business’s future. That is why we have elaborated everything about SEO below, to make this soul-crushing process of choosing a marketing strategy easier for you.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is a process of optimizing a website and its content to get recognized by the search engines. 

Every search engine on the internet such as bing, yahoo, and the giant Google uses an algorithm to rank websites on them. For a website, higher ranking is its desired goal and to get that ranking, they need a well-planned SEO strategy, which should be acceptable by the search engine algorithm.

How SEO works?

Have you ever thought, what is the main goal of search engines?

Many think it is to provide better available website links to help their users, which is true. That is why search engines like Google have developed an algorithm to sort out which website will rank on which position. The website on the front page of the Google search result page receives two-third of visitor traffic. Therefore, a business whose website is among the first page results is likely to get more customers. Where on the other hand, a website on second or any other page will have lesser customers.  

The main objective of SEO is to optimize your website to get more organic, relevant, and unpaid traffic from search engines. SEO works on many elements from user experience to optimizing keywords, and each factor influences the result. 

The first thing an SEO company focuses on is keywords. Optimizing relevant keywords is very important to get organic search engine traffic. Then there are some equally important things such as backlinks, content, user experience, URL, title, description, H1 & H2, all text, image optimization, internal linking, external linking, and the list goes on. Each factor is important, and an SEO company focuses on each of them. 

SEO focuses on every factor that the search engine looks after on a website. Google has been dominating the internet for years now. Therefore, SEO is more focused on Google than any other search engine. Google continuously updates its ranking algorithm. With each update, many previous factors are ditched by SEO experts to focus on more important factors, to maintain stability in website rankings.

SEO helps your website getting better quality and quantity of traffic. It follows the rules Google has set for ranking websites, as both have the same rule, which is to provide users the best quality and optimized content. To do this search engines put your website through two processes, that are popularly known as crawling and indexing. 

  • Crawling: it is a process Google does to scan your website for tracking purposes with the help of Google spider crawlers. 
  • Indexing: it is a process after crawling, where Google ranks your website according to its algorithm. 

No one knows the exact process of how Google ranks websites on its search engine. But, many SEO experts with years of experience and research have come with some factors that they are convinced influences a website ranking.  

Why SEO is important for your business?

In this technologically advanced era, a website is the face of any business, and that is why it needs to be in front. The competition is more intense than ever because every business has a website now, as its the necessity of business in the 21st century. 

There is more than one reason why SEO is important for your business, some of them we have listed below for you to understand better.

1. Better brand image.

From its initial stage, a business works very hard towards creating a brand image. It can take years for a company to make its brand visible, and still very few companies are fortunate enough to achieve that. 

SEO helps you build a better brand image, as it makes your business visible globally. SEO targets relevant users and makes them aware of your brand. It has often seen that visible brands are taken as more trusted as well. Therefore, SEO helps your brand build a more trusting image. 

2. More organic traffic.

A website needs to get organic traffic, especially online business websites, as its the only way for them to attract potential customers. If you have a website for years now, and it still isn’t getting the traffic it deserves, then you need to consider SEO. 

SEO targets relevant keywords, and audiences, that are looking for businesses like you. Organic, relevant, and unpaid traffic is more useful than paid traffic. SEO is a more affordable and beneficial way to get customers as it helps your website getting traffic from search engines. 

3. A long-term marketing strategy.

Every business wants a long-term marketing strategy, and SEO is one. When something goes on the internet, it stays there forever, that is why SEO is a long-term marketing solution. 

When a website reaches a higher ranking on the search result page, it takes a long time for it to lose its position as one of the front page results. That is avoidable with continuous efforts by an SEO company. On the other hand, many marketing strategies don’t give you a long-lasting benefit as SEO. Most traditional marketing strategies only work for a certain period when they are active.

4. Better user experience.

User experience is one of the key factors that affect search engine rankings. Nobody likes to visit a website that provides poor user experience, bad functionality, and features that are of no use. SEO optimizes your website, making the user experience good and engaging. 

A user is likely to visit a website with a good user experience more than a website, which has given him a hard time navigating. Search engines take the user experience of the website very seriously, they know what a user wants, and they want you to know that too.

5. More mobile-friendliness.

In 2018, Google switched from desktop indexing to mobile phone indexing. Since then google index your website based on its mobile browser compatibility. 

For a website to be recognized by Google, it needs to be mobile-friendly, as internet users from mobile phones have surpassed the number of computer users. SEO makes your website more mobile-friendly, as they know how important it is for a website’s ranking.

6. Better conversion rate.

Better conversion rates give you higher profits. With SEO, you can target relevant users looking for businesses like you, and can turn those users into potential customers, and then into sales. 

With SEO, you get a higher conversion rate for your business, as a brand with a good internet presence seems more trusting than businesses with no internet presence. SEO helps you convert leads into sales by building the trust of users on your business. 

7. Better customer relations.

The quality of a good marketing strategy is that it should be capable of building good relations between a company and its customers. SEO is very much capable of doing that by providing your customers with a platform to reach you through feedback, reviews, or any social media forums. 

 SEO helps your business build better customer relations, as business requires it to keep its customers happy and loyal to them. Loyal customers are necessary for the smooth functioning of any business.


Nowadays, companies mostly get customers and recognition through the internet, and for an internet presence, SEO is essential for a website. SEO strategies are ever-changing, and they keep updating with time, and that is why it is a more reliable marketing strategy than any other available marketing strategies in the market. If your business has a website, or if you have an online business, then SEO is your biggest ally to get more customers because no one else knows the Internet better than an SEO company or an SEO expert.

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