Reasons why you should prefer ReactJS for your next project

With the arrival of new frameworks every day, the industry of front-end development is constantly evolving. However, when it comes to choosing the right framework for developing a web or phone application, the task might become a little challenging. Though the Angular framework may have been favored by many developers, React JS has also been setting up a new benchmark in the web development space. As per the survey given by Stack Overflow, ReactJS is considered to be the second most loved web framework, while Angular remains in the ninth position.

In comparison with other front-end frameworks, ReactJS code is much easier in terms of updating and managing mobile applications. Due to this, many companies prefer to outsource web development companies that offer React frameworks. The following points are some of the major factors that highlight why the ReactJS framework would be an ideal option for a development project.

Fast Rendering

ReactJS uses Virtual DOM, which helps to compare previous and recent versions of different applications and examines the risks in each modification. When it comes to the ReactJS framework, the changes within the project are applied to the virtual DOM and then sent to the browser. This helps to ensure that less time is consumed while increasing the performance of the app.

Easy to Learn

React JS may not be a full-fledged framework, but it is an open-source JavaScriptGUI library that can be used in association with other JavaScript frameworks. In comparison with other frontend frameworks like Vue, Angular JS, ReactJS is much easier to learn with basic knowledge of CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript.

Based on User Interface

ReactJS focuses on only one thing that is to help developers create high-quality user interfaces, which is a crucial aspect for any application to thrive. With the help of Javascript language between the device’s native environment and the library, it offers a more highly responsive interface to its users. In addition, the load time of the application is reduced and the whole process runs smoothly without any interruptions.

Productivity of Developers

Generally, ReactJS provides many handy things, for instance, DevTools, that help to boost productivity. This toolset, to be specific, has been designed to easily get installed on Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to evaluate the React component hierarchies as well as its present state, props, and more.

Assist in Writing Custom Components

While having the advantages of JSX, ReactJS allows its developer to write custom components and high-volume applications. It allows the development team to mix HTML with JavaScript with only a few rules to follow. With this, it also provides informative warning and error messages which help to make the source course cleaner, simpler and stable.

Makes SEO-friendly Apps

One of the major drawbacks of JavaScript frameworks is that they are not SEO-friendly, but ReactJS allows its developers to create a user interface that is easily viewed by many search engines. As per Google, the lesser the page takes time to load, the higher the website or application ranks in search results. In this regard, ReactJS’s fast rendering feature drastically improves the speed of a web page and helps to secure a higher ranking on Google.

Pros and Cons of outsourcing app development

Mobile apps have become a crucial marketing instrument for businesses as they help them to attract targeted customers and increase their business visibility. As there is a huge influx in terms of native and hybrid mobile application development, companies can either rely on an in-house team or an outsourced company to manage the process.

Apart from this, a good understanding between the company and the developers can lead to the best results. However, many things have to be considered before a company decides to outsource mobile application development. The following points highlight the pros and cons that are involved in outsourcing an expert or companies for app development:


Accessibility to the best technology

Generally, mobile application development consists of additional costs that occur due to newer or upgraded technology. As a result, the expenses arise during the time of in-house app development. Thus, outsourcing helps to avoid such expenses on the company’s end and the development is carried out with the best technology from the outsourced service provider.

No Training Required

The decision to outsource app development removes the challenge of the company going through the time-consuming hiring process. Companies that already have expertise in mobile app development generally consist of a dedicated team of developers. They are well-trained and experienced in their discipline of developing apps. Companies that still do not have professionals to manage their app development, should seek out outsourcing agencies to achieve faster and better quality results.

An outsourcing company with over many years of experience would certainly assure that the application development is running smoothly. There are many processes of app development involved which can create a lot of problems. Thus, hiring an outsourcing company for app development would be an ideal option.

Cost Saving

Organizations prefer to outsource for their mobile development as it helps them to save heavy expenses such as training costs, salaries, workplace, utility, and time costs. These expenses play a major role during the process of mobile development, but they can easily be avoided with the help of outsourcing.


It would be a challenging task if the company decided to handle in-house development with mere experience. Thus, when a company outsources mobile app development, the workload is managed by professionals and experts. These experts remain proactive in terms of regularly maintaining and upgrading the apps so that the company always remains ahead of the competition.


Uncertain Disputes

When two parties decide to work together, the disputes become unstoppable. As most companies and developers fail to build good communication and cope with the loop, differences in opinions might occur. In addition, it can lead to uncertain changes at the last minute and result in a loss of time and budget. Thus, to deal with this issue, it’s necessary to form healthy communication and ensure that both parties are on equal terms.


Another major concern in terms of outsourcing mobile app development is data security. However, many reputed developers stand by their ethical conduct and assure data security. However, it would be wise to go through data security measures in place beforehand.

Lack of Control

While outsourcing app development, the lack of control over the entire process arises along with data and research. Once the project is complete, the results are then shared with the developers. As a result, the companies are left to decide the further actions that they would need to take for their app development. Thus, to avoid such loss of control, the company can assign a representative who could work closely with developers and stay in the loop throughout the process.

Replication of App

Generally, a mobile application is the USP for any business, as it helps to promote and expand benefits for the company. Therefore, it’s necessary to ensure that the developer team that handles the application does not copy or replicate the idea in the future.

What is Crowdfunding App Development and How Does it Work?

Last year the percentage of crowdfunding applications grew by 33.7%, and an almost 16% rise is expected by 2026. Nowadays, many entrepreneurs acquire the benefits of crowdfunding apps and prefer to increase their financial share for their app development. Even though the company may not be generating enough gains and facing failures, crowdfunding becomes an ideal option to push forward innovative ideas.

With the help of crowdfunding, a company can have all the support to promote their app and market their new projects. It provides financial freedom for the development team to establish their ideas, and in return, investors can expect a decent amount of ROI. Crowdfunding is one of the most used approaches that has been used by many entrepreneurs and successful businesses. Therefore, here are some crucial steps that are generally taken during the process of crowdfunding:

Building Ideas

When it comes to the first step of crowdfunding, the developer is required to bring out creative ideas for the presentation. Having a presentation would create an impression that the company is serious about its project and has great potential. The company should be able to convey the real value of the idea and ways through which it could attract maximum targeted audiences and investors.


Once the base of the campaign is presentable, the company then needs to form a productive and ongoing campaign to draw in investors. Campaigns play a huge role in terms of inviting people to initially invest in mobile app projects. The campaigns are more likely to be successful if the investors can understand the potential of creative apps, which can provide them with a good amount of return on investment.

Seed Round

The term ‘seed’ defines the process of finding the right people who are interested in the idea and agree to financial support. While considering crowdfunding, the capital has to be prioritized over development in the initial stage. Once the whole process is complete and enough money is collected to start the development, the company is then ready to move forward to the next crowdfunding phase.

Proper Round

Generally, proper rounds aim to take support through more campaigns in the development of an app. Thus, during the development period, it is quite common for companies to face financial issues after initiating the development process. It is also likely that many companies will want to introduce new features in their app as they show positive results. Therefore, conducting proper rounds during the development process helps the company to raise more funds through effective crowdfunding campaigns.


The main objective of crowdfunding is to generate enough funds for the development of an application or project to enhance it for user engagement. In addition, the crowdfunding strategy also allows companies to have secure funds for their application. Companies that are diversified into software development, web development, and PHP development can also adopt the same strategy of crowdfunding. Thus, if the company runs out of money after the completion of the project and wants to further advertise its project, crowdfunding would remain a supportive platform.

Why You Should Prefer Native App Development?

Native applications are written in languages that are specific to operating systems. The application is primarily developed with Java for Android app, whereas Objective for iOS apps. However, as they tend to be an extensive development platform, these languages are being replaced by Kotlin (Android). These kinds of applications are considered to be well suited for specific systems. Furthermore, they provide benefits from all features and integrate with almost the entire ecosystem such as Google, Android Pay, Siri, and other voice navigation.

Therefore, to achieve the best user experience while considering the look and feel of the application, native mobile app development would be a good option. It is so because when an app follows the guidelines of popular platforms, then the users tend to become familiar with how to use it. Moreover, there are plenty of other reasons that sounds even more convincing to prefer Native apps which are as follows:


Native apps are considered to be faster when compared to non-native apps because they are written in languages that are supported within the platform’s ecosystem. With this, the application runs smoothly too as they provide access to APIs and components that are optimized with different screen sizes and system versions.


When it comes to hybrid apps, they tend to rely on system browser security. However, native or cross-platform apps are mostly protected by different types of layers of an operating system, which makes them challenging to exploit. Furthermore, they don’t require any third-party framework, instead, they use official APIs that are tested across various system versions.

As they take a long time developing an official platform SDK, they eliminate almost every emerging security issue. The official platform requires updates less frequently, which is the opposite of framework releases. When the release cycle is longer, then it offers more security, well-tested, and reliable software.

Access to Developers

Many experienced programmers are focused on native app development. With years of experience in Android and iOS systems, they become capable enough of solving different types of problems. With this, they can provide solutions when it comes to technical, UX, and UI, helping to deliver the best result to the platform.


Generally, Native projects are said to be faster to configure, while they have to be compatible with only one platform. If there are two native projects such as Android and iOS, then they are completely separate in their app dependencies. As they come with different versions, their features can be freely used. It becomes easier to scale when there are fewer restrictions.

However, for companies that are looking for both cross-platform benefits and native solutions, then it’s better to start natively. After this, one can extend some of the smaller modules of the app with some additional cross-platform code. It is considered to be a safe strategy that is already used by Facebook and Airbnb.

Stability Standards

Be it a native iOS or native android mobile application development, these platforms are unlikely to drop their support and trends. Android and iOS for instance are considered to be the flagship of Google and Apple. This implies that they are fully supported by these tech platforms and provide more stability in terms of maintenance and development.

When it comes to cross-platform frameworks then they are usually developed by third-party companies that might not provide great profit. As a result, it becomes easier for those companies to end their support or slow down the process of framework development. During native iOS mobile application development, many features such as shortcuts or biometric APIs are also implemented straightway, as they are released.

Best Approach for Mobile App Development To boost Start-Up Growth.

Are you an entrepreneur or someone who is thinking to start a business? In the current times, having and developing a unique mobile application is the best way to improve your startup or business.

Though, building a mobile application for your startup or business takes a lot of planning, thinking, and creativity.

Therefore, here are some different approaches to help you create an appealing mobile application for a seamless user experience.

  • Make the user interface more attractive: One needs to understand that, the first impression of UI design is the last. Thus, spend more time making User Interface more interactive with visual and architectural design.
  • The Importance of Performance: A slow website affects the number of users it can attract. Likewise, your business’s mobile application needs to be efficient, fast, responsive, and reliable. As a result, it meets the expectations of an application user.
  • User Engaging: During mobile application development, startups need to provide real-time accessibility and personalized experience, which will sustain their consumer while fulfilling their demands.
  • QA Test: A completely tried and QA tested application assures that the result is ready and fit to contact its intended interest groups and people.  

How Can Android App Development Help You Grow Your Business?

Many industries are discovering how mobile applications may help them expand their reach and consumer base in the digital age. With practically everyone utilizing a smartphone to access various applications, the eCommerce industry has undoubtedly significantly benefited.

Android OS now controls a substantial portion of the mobile app development (Hybrid Mobile Application Development) industry. With over 2.5 billion active users worldwide, the number is continually expanding. What distinguishes it as the ideal platform for businesses are compelling benefits such as extensive client reach, easy customization, faster deployment, enhanced scalability, and more.

However, there is a lot to think about when providing your business with a digital boost in the mobile environment. Through this blog, we will investigate the advantages of Android app development –

The Benefit of Android App Development

To attract the attention of more potential consumers, every business must compete with ingenuity. It is because the ultimate purpose of every organization is to earn income. Furthermore, the advancement of the Android development platform provides entrepreneurs with a cost-effective and scalable option to build apps.

Android mobile applications have affected most sectors as part of today’s digital revolution. Even though iOS is a popular platform. The following are some reasons why Android development is by far the most excellent and most popular platform for businesses.

Android is an open-source platform that allows for extensive customization by developer teams. This is why Android applications are so popular. Furthermore, the operating system develops various Android apps that may be readily linked to your existing business processes’ multimedia tools and data management components. As a result, businesses may gain from accessing a more extensive client base by adapting to changing business requirements.

The various advantages of Android development (Hybrid Android Mobile Application Development) also include business-friendly features for increased market penetration. MAG Studios, being an experienced mobile app development company, can assist you in developing unique and strong enterprise-grade apps that are future-ready.

Whether it is Android or iOS, MAG Studios has successfully delivered ample mobile applications and developments that satisfy the needs and wants of the organizations.

More About MAG Studios

MAG Studios is a Delhi based mobile development company. Experienced in developing highly efficient and reliable mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms. MAG Studios offers website creation, software development, digital marketing, intranet solutions, CRM systems, and many more services in addition to mobile application development. MAG Studios is presently allocated to some of the world’s largest and brightest firms for software development, mobile application development, website administration, and other requirements.

This mobile application development company stays updated on the newest technological advancements. Furthermore, it recruits and develops the most incredible people from leading colleges. It sends them on to pursue additional studies and certifications in related and relevant fields to ensure they stay on top of their game and are up to date on the latest technologies and standards in software development, mobile application development, website design, and digital marketing domains, ensuring clients receive the best and most up-to-date development solutions.

In the past 16 years, MAG Studios has expanded its region to nearly five continents. Mag has 600+ pleased clients and over 3000 innovations such as Citi, BBC, Pink Sumo, Golder, Sumitomo Corporation, and others. MAG Studios has more than 40 decades of expertise in the application development sector. Currently has a highly efficient and dynamic staff of software engineers dedicated to providing its clients with the best-expected outcomes.

Wrapping Up

If you have gone through the entire post, you must have got Android mobile application development benefits. Thus, if you also want to get yourself done with an android or an iOS mobile application. you may contact MAG Studios.

A complete guide on Ionic

Mobile application development is one of the most growing services in the market. Everyone uses mobile and has different applications on their device which they use for different purposes, such as entertainment, education, storage, communication, and more. You cannot imagine your life with using an electronic device and similarly, an electronic device serves less purpose without an application in it.

There are different methods of developing mobile applications in the market. The most common method would be hybrid mobile application development and react mobile application development. But there is another one as well, Ionic mobile application development.

Today, we will discuss Ionic mobile application development and its various key points.

What is Ionic?

Ionic is a free open-source, and front-end SDK framework that allows you to create mobile-based applications for iOS(iOS Mobile application development), Windows, and Android(Android Mobile application development). It uses the same code base for creating applications on an electronic device. It is a cross-platform tool for mobile development.

Ionic allows you to create hybrid mobile applications and enables you to build mobile applications with the help of web applications and languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, Angular, and Typescript. Ionic has a collection of elements that provide the functionality of a mobile platform. It comes with its command-line interface, which allows you to create the application and saves the coding efforts.

Advantages of Ionic

If you are looking for an affordable option, Ionic Framework is the right choice. It will help you cut the cost and save time. Another biggest advantage for business owners is time efficiency. If you have a deadline and need to create an application, Ionic Framework is best suited for you.

If you are looking for an affordable option, Ionic Framework is the right choice. It will help you cut the cost and save time. Another biggest advantage for business owners is time efficiency. If you have a deadline and need to create an application, Ionic Framework is best suited for you.

The creation process of an application is much faster on Ionic compared to any other mobile application development software.

Ionic is preferred by the developers as well. Ionic provides a wide range of plugins and UI components to enhance the visual appeal and give the app a professional look and feel. It allows detailed documentation and framework support. Ionic also provides diverse community support who can guide you if you get stuck.

Disadvantages of Ionic

There are some disadvantages when it comes to Ionic. Every application goes through debugging and sometimes it is difficult to debug. The applications created in Ionic are challenging to debug and it takes time to find and fix any errors. One of the most common problems with ionic is the instability of the native plugins. There is a necessary resolve to solve this issue, but it is time-consuming. Ionic mobile applications often crash on usage without any reason.


Ionic is a great technology that allows you to create applications compared to your react mobile application development and hybrid mobile application development. There are noticeable advantages such as speed, user-friendly, time saver, and more. It also comes with some disadvantages like random crashes and instability of plugins. Overall, Ionic is a budget-friendly mobile application development that can be used by start-ups or smaller companies who are in urgent need to create applications.

Why should we hire react native developers?

React Native is an open-source framework that allows creating applications that are compatible with other platforms. React Native has made it easy to create applications and created a significant difference in the world of mobile application development.

Smartphones have become an essential part of our lives in the twenty-first century. We have become quite used to it and everyone owns a smartphone. It has become challenging for developers to create great applications. The developers also face challenges, such as creating applications that are compatible with iOS and Android at the same time. This is where react comes into the picture.

Initially, developers used to spend hours creating applications and different versions of the same applications to run on both platforms. It was time and money-consuming, and the developers could not focus on a single platform. React was the saving grace to create applications that would run on different platforms. Today, we will discuss the need for react native mobile application development.


If you are planning on building your app with React, you need to hire react native developers to build it. It allows you to save cost and time. With the help of react, you do not need to create one application of two different platforms. React with a single source code allows you to create an application that can run on both platforms.

Expert developers

It is crucial to hire a developer when you are building an application. The process of creating an application is a tremendous task and you need the best developers to complete such a task. Whether you outsource your work or hire react native developers in India, your application is in safe hands. Developers will build your application quickly and will deliver it on time. This again saves your time and cost in building an application.

Devoted resources

When you hire a react developer, you are bound to get a dedicated solution for your applications. These will surely help you to create the desired application in no time. Developers have immense knowledge and experience in developing such applications for mobile. Hiring developers is the best solution for creating an application.

Quality assurance

A standard human cannot inspect or tell the difference between an application. Therefore, this job is assigned to a developer. When you hire react native developers, you get the finest IT-grade professionals who provide you with solutions on fixing all your application queries and doubts. The developer provides you with the best solutions and checks the quality of the application before releasing it in the market.

Easy management

It is better to master in one rather than be a jack of all trades. Similarly, when you hire react native developers for your application, the sole purpose of the developers is to create the best user-friendly application for the organization. Moreover, this allows you to manage the developers and check on their progress without breaking a sweat. It also gives you plenty of time to focus on your business and its departments.

Hybrid mobile application development vs Native mobile application development – which is better?

The smartphone market has skyrocketed for the better half of a decade. It is rare to see another human without any sort of smartphone technology in their hands. The market has earned billions and new smartphones and applications are created as we speak. In recent times, having a strong mobile presence is no longer optional, and companies must have their application and are developing applications for the organization or clients.

However, there is an important factor to consider before developing an application. As an organization, you need to choose your strategy for application development. There are two strong options, Hybrid mobile application development or Native mobile application development. Today, we will discuss hybrid mobile application development and native mobile application development and which is better for your business.

What is Hybrid Mobile Application?

When developers create hybrid software, they incorporate a single code bar that can run on all platforms. Hybrid apps are applications developed using web technologies and in combination with native elements. They can single-handedly run on multi-platforms such as IOS (IOS Application Development) and android (Android Application Development).

What is Native Mobile Application?

Some applications are platform-specific or created specifically to serve a purpose. Native mobile applications are developed in a specific platform programming language, which makes them compatible only with the corresponding platform. Java is primarily used for android apps (Android Application Development) and Apple’s swift is used for IOS (ios application development).

The pros and cons of Hybrid application vs Native application


Cost is an important factor that influences how companies develop their applications. Hybrid mobile applications have the upper hand, as they can be built for any platform with one code and are cheaper compared to native application development.


Time is money and business needs money. Hybrid applications are much faster to create with the help of advanced technologies compared to native applications. Hybrids can create applications on multiple platforms, which allows them to enter two different application markets at the same time. A native application cannot do such a thing. Hence, hybrid apps can save you time and money.


It is difficult to maintain an application in the market. Mobile users use their phones for any queries and are using applications more than websites. Native applications need to maintain multiple codes depending upon their platforms such as android (android application development) and iOS (ios application development). The same error cannot be found in Hybrid applications. Therefore, hybrid applications are easier to maintain compared to native applications.


Hybrid applications have various benefits over native applications. However, native applications are performance-based and are specifically designed by the developers to serve a purpose. It allows the applications to give the maximum performance and outsmart hybrid applications. Hybrid applications are used to create applications on multiple platforms, whereas native is created for a specific purpose.


If you are a start-up who wants to dominate the market with their application and reap the benefits of being on both android (android application development) and ios (ios application development), a hybrid application is meant for your organization. Hybrid applications are cheaper and cost-effective and can help you quickly work on an app. However, a native application is streamlined to larger businesses that are looking to develop specific applications for a specific purpose.

What Is Digital Marketing and Why You Need A Digital Marketing Agency?

In the twenty-first century, marketing has changed drastically, and new ways to market a product or service have been forming every single day. Digital marketing is the key to a successful business and many influencers and entrepreneurs have adopted the highly functional ways of digital marketing. So what is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is one that uses an electronic device to convey a promotional message. Digital marketing comprises marketing campaigns that appear on your electronic devices such as a computer, phone, tablet, or another device. Digital marketing is often compared to “traditional marketing” with a twist on modern tools and services. Digital marketing also includes magazine ads, billboards, and direct mail.

Why does one need a digital marketing agency?

There are many digital marketing services in India that often promise you various services, such as the betterment of PPC service, social media optimization, and SEO results. However, you should well know these points before hiring a digital marketing agency:

Maintain Focus On Your Business

In various cases, digital marketing agencies are hired to run the campaigns. An agency can come into the picture and lift the heavy burden off your shoulder. When you hire an agency, you hire trained and efficient people who can help you run your ads, campaign, and online presence smoothly. While you can solely focus on running your business.

Cut Down Your Overall Costs

Running a business also means managing expenses and making a fruitful investment. To run an efficient business, you need your budget to be controlled and you’ll be surprised to learn that hiring an agency will cost you much less than an individual contractor. Agencies work as independent contractors, which helps you eliminate the need for payroll taxes. You also cut the recurring costs of having full-time employees and can hire the right people with the right set of tools to boost your business.

Work with Experts

It is essential for a small business to hire the right set of people and tools to enable their business into a profitable venture. Rather than hiring individuals, you can get access to a team of experienced experts by working with a digital marketing agency. Digital marketing agencies have previous work experience of working on similar projects and provide you with insights into the field.


Research is important before the launch of any major campaign. You need to be fresh and relevant and learn about your industry and its competitors before making a statement. An agency helps you in making the industry-relevant marketing research and practices and can help you identify your competitor. They also identify your target audience to learn and understand their behaviour, preferences, and interests.

Getting Creative

Sometimes, an idea works or misses, but it’s important to keep working on your ideas. A good agency provides you with a team of creatives gurus and can help you churn the desired fresh and creative content which can take your firm to the next level. There are various complicated processes in a business, such as hybrid mobile application development, react mobile application development, ionic mobile application development, and so on, but marketing is the tool that can help your business sell what needs to be sold.