Angular Development

What is Angular?

Angular is a principle and framework for building single-page consumer applications using HTML and TypeScript. You can implement optional functionality into your applications with a set of TypeScript libraries. 

The basic building blocks of Angular are its components organized into NgModules. NgModules collect related code into functional sets; a set of NgModules defines an Angular application. An application always comprises a root module that enables it to bootstrap and comprises many more feature modules.

What is Angular used for?

Any designer can use HTML as the template language with the help of Angular that allows for the extension of HTML’s syntax to convey the application’s components seamlessly. Angular makes much of the code you would otherwise have to write manually. Angular can help in developing different apps, taking advantage of features like Two-way binding, templating, RESTful api handling, modularization, AJAX handling, dependency injection, etc.

What are the Advantages of Angular?
Angular can work fruitfully with various back-end languages and combine business logic and UI. It is helpful to businesses and developers. Here is a list of advantages of Angular:
  1. Effective Cross-Platform Development
  2. High Quality of the Application
  3. Improved Speed and Performance
  4. Faster Development Process
  5. Efficient Problem-Solving Patterns
  6. More Lightweight Web Applications

The latest and stable version of Angular

The latest and stable version of Angular was 12. 1. 4 which was released on 28 July 2021.

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