What is a Hybrid Mobile Application?

Hybrid mobile application, a different approach than a native mobile application, a hybrid mobile application is a web application or web pages in a native application. Hybrid mobile applications are developed by using Javascript, HTML, and CSS, wrapped in a native application.

One huge benefit hybrid mobile applications have, they can be run across many platforms using a single codebase. 

Hybrid mobile applications are more convenient, affordable, and easy to maintain than a native or web application. Though, a hybrid application depends on the native browser, which makes them slower to native applications. 

Companies and developers mostly go with the hybrid app, because they are more affordable and convenient to develop, than a native or web application. 

Should you go for a hybrid mobile application?

Deciding the approach for your next mobile application can be tricky, as it involves a lot of factors, such as,

  1. Do you want to run your application across many platforms and don’t want to make an individual app for every platform? If this is an important factor for you then, a hybrid mobile application is the best way for you to go, as it only requires, one codebase for every platform. 
  2. Does your application require the use of API or some phone features such as camera and GPS? If yes, then hybrid and native are your best options as web apps can not easily access the mobile phone’s features. 
  3. Speed of the application, as a hybrid application is slower than a native application because hybrid applications depend on the native browser.
  4. Your budget is also an important factor you have to keep in mind while deciding the approach between hybrid, native, and web applications. Hybrid apps are much affordable than a native application.
  5. The most important factor is the user experience of the application. If you want a hybrid app with great features and a smooth interface, then you have to spend more money than you were saving by going for a hybrid application. 

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