Steps to regain market presence with MAG

A good brand image takes years to build. With a suitable strategy and proper execution, any business can create an unforgettable market presence that aligns with their goals. Every firm, whether big or small, aims to create a space for themselves that reflects their intent and target. Their goal is to develop a loyal customer base that can help them to establish, expand and strengthen their presence. Therefore, building a brand awareness is one of the most important steps in achieving this objective.

MAG Studios is a web software and mobile application development company that enables firms to create a strong online as well as offline presence. It is not just like your regular service provider. MAG puts its heart and soul to help clients in bringing their ideas to fruition with precise planning and skillful execution. It understands the importance of engaging the target audience and creating a brand credibility. Thus, it offers customized technology solutions that can elevate your business standards and help you build a solid and durable market presence.

Web designing services

All businesses, whether small or big, must have a website that displays the products and services of the company. The website should appeal to the people and connect their needs to the product suitable for them. MAG extends web designing services to all types of businesses. It plans, designs and develops the website according to the vision and goals of the firm. With the help of MAG’s content management system (CMS), one can easily add images, documents and other content to their website. It helps firms in creating their unique web presence that separates them from the rest of the crowd.

Online marketing

A majority of the customers go through a company’s social media before making a purchase. Social media presence helps in creating brand awareness and consequently driving more revenue for businesses. MAG Studios offers online marketing services to firms who want their websites and overall presence to be known to the world. With MAG’s Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns and Social Media Optimization (SMO), companies can evolve with changing trends and shifting dynamics. It also focuses on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to make your websites rank higher on search engines like Google.

Mobile application development

Mobile applications have become a crucial part of everyone’s life. Because of its many uses, companies have begun to integrate these applications into the daily lives of people. MAG implements years of experience and expertise into creating efficient mobile applications for visionary businesses. It develops both native and hybrid applications for Android and iOS platforms. 

Software development

MAG is one of the leading software solutions companies in India. It develops standard as well as customized softwares for firms to increase their efficiency and productivity. It assists companies in lowering their everyday running cost and ultimately gain more revenue.  MAG can help company’s software development requirements such as CRM systems, workflow softwares, Intranet and Extranet systems and much more. Firms that have customized softwares can easily identify and serve the individual needs of their clients. It creates a positive market presence for these companies which finally helps in driving sales growth.

Factors to keep in mind while building an online marketing plan in 2020

As 2020 is approaching, every business has started planning some powerful strategies. One of such important strategies is an online marketing plan. 

Every year, new trends emerge in online marketing, and each year, businesses try their best to keep up with these trends. A well-executed online marketing plan is about considering these trends and creating a full proof plan. To ease it out for you, we have mentioned a few factors you need to keep in mind while building an online marketing plan in 2020.

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The advantages of hiring for SEO are no more a mystery. Mag Studios has previously suggested ample benefits of engaging with a Digital Marketing Company to manage and maintain the online presence of your business. Today, we will be defining the significant mistakes which most people make while searching for these services. This blog is for you if you are looking for the services online because it is not a reliable process as the search engines such as Google might display a false company at the top. You must consider the following aspects during the SEO hunt. Below is a list of mistakes which you should ignore; and actions you must perform to find the top SEO Companies.

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How to Make Your Next Blog Go Viral?

Whenever you curate any type of content and publish it, for most part you wish to see it going viral – screen to screen – person to person, giving your brand identity and keeping the audience informed.

But what really makes a blog post viral-worthy? Are there any key ingredients that you need to make a post that is highly shared and of great value?

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How Well Can SEO Alter Our Website’s Digital Marketing Life?

If you know what SEO is, then you may know its mystery too. Well, some digital mysteries don’t have an ending or any dynamic conclusions. The mysterious questions lingering on our minds all the time is ‘WHAT ARE SEARCH ENGINES LOOKING FOR?’ or ‘HOW CAN ONE BUILD A WEBSITE WHICH IS EASILY ACCESSIBLE AND TRACEABLE FOR SEARCH ENGINES AND AUDIENCE?’  or ‘HOW CAN SEO MAKE ANY WEBSITE’S PRESENCE TRACEABLE?’.

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Best Email Marketing Strategies for 2018

Email marketing is still one of the most effective methods of directly communicating with your customers. It is used by thousands of businesses of all sizes across the globe to get more clients onboard, drive conversions and generate more revenue.

By all means, email marketing helps you to establish a good rapport with your customers with measurable results and great ROI. And yes, if you want to level up your email marketing strategy, then here are the most effective ways to do it –

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Advantages Of Hiring A Professional SEO Company In India

Rapid advancement in web designing has enabled us to create immensely beautiful and professional looking websites. While that sounds like a great achievement, the effort is still incomplete unless you optimize your website for the major search engines. No optimization means no visibility and therefore no traffic. So you must put that extra effort of hiring a good optimizer to make your online business worthwhile. The best strategy is to look for an affordable SEO company that is experienced and skilled in the field. That way, you can expect value-for-money services.

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How to improve your SEO Rankings?

Millions of internet users are looking for your products and services, your SEO Rankings determine how many of them actually find you.

Having a strong online presence helps people put their trust into your brand. Especially if you are ranking on the top google results and have just the right solutions for the user, your chances of making it big, increase even more.

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Dream Big With These Effective Online Marketing Solutions For Your Business

Over the years, consumer behaviors have turned towards digital platform. Instead of reading newspaper, they prefer to go online to stay updated. This makes it obvious for you to target those platforms where you can gain that huge chunk of audience. Before we move on to some of the best online marketing solutions, here is how you can benefit from it.

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3 Top Trends that are changing the Marketing Practices in India

Marketing is “Get More Done. Adapt to Change. See Measurable Results.”
The goals of Marketing are to improve the speed, predictability, transparency, and adaptability to change of the marketing function; Hence here are the best marketing practices to follow as the latest trends:-