Why work with a custom ecommerce website design company and not with Shopify?

With the increasing number of digital buyers, every day, more and more eCommerce stores are launching to cater to this ever-growing market. Every business wants to have the best eCommerce website.

For people who are new to this industry or want to enter it, the first very important decision they have to make it is, choosing between a custom eCommerce website design company and Shopify. That is why we have compiled a list of reasons why you should work with a custom eCommerce website design company and not with Shopify. 

  • Better CMS

The biggest reason for you to not work with Shopify is that it has poor CMS, which limits users to publish rich content. The CMS lacks functionality and useful features. 

On the other hand, by working with an eCommerce website design company, you get a better CMS with useful features and functionality. It gives you a hassle-free experience of blogging, which is a great way to attract customers.

  • Better Scalability 

Scalability is something every company wants with their every tool. When it comes to Shopify, it is a great choice for new entrants with little budgets, but after a time you do need to have a custom eCommerce website. 

With a custom eCommerce website design company, you get an eCommerce store that is more scalable than the ones you get at Shopify platform.

  • Full control

By working with a custom eCommerce website design company, you get to have full control over your website and its features. On the other hand, while working with Shopify, there are certain limitations imposed on you like the one time discount for customers, which restricts your customer for using more than one discount. Then there is the lock-in, where if you want to migrate to any other platform, then you will lose all your database. 

With a custom website design company, you will not have such restrictions, giving you full control on your website. 

  • Better UX/UI and customization

By hiring a custom eCommerce website development company, you can offer your customers a better user experience and a user-friendly website, and you get better customization.  

Better search functionalities and filtering are few of those many great features you can have by hiring a custom eCommerce website design company. But, if you work with Shopify, you get less customizability and not so special features.  


There are more than one or two reasons for you to choose a custom eCommerce website design company over Shopify. 

Shopify may seem like a good and cost-effective option at first, but for a stable and long-running successful business, you need to get a better option, which is a custom eCommerce website design company. 

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