How AI will change the future of website development?

How AI will change the future of website development?

Over the years, websites have changed a lot. They have become more interactive, user-friendly, and stylish. The innovation of new technology always changes the other aspects of it. Website development has also been affected by many such innovations.
What is AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

In 2011 when Apple introduced us to Siri, we were all excited about having a virtual assistant of our own. A few years later, big tech giants such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft also joined the race by releasing their virtual assistants.

Artificial Intelligence is about creating human-like intelligence in a machine. It hasn’t been a long time since AI introduced us to voice searches and virtual assistants. But, all of a sudden, they become a major part of many conversations in big meetings.

Nowadays, people are using AI only for performing basic tasks such as playing music, doing voice searches, and asking general queries to chatbots. But, in future AI will likely affect every possible technology, even website development.

The future of website development.

If we talk about the future of website development, then it is most likely to be hugely affected by AI(artificial intelligence). For example, Siri and Google Assistant have made it to our homes, which shows how useful is AI. In terms of website development, it is that one area in technology that has always been welcoming to changes and updates.

Most websites will use AI to learn user’s behavior and to serve them better. It will also be used to provide a better user experience. It will provide users a more customized experience based on their behavior, interests, and past engagements.

AI will affect eCommerce website development the most, and it will also be more beneficial for them as well. Amazon is already using machine learning to provide customers more customized product suggestions. In the future, this will not be limited to only big companies, but even small eCommerce websites will be able to take benefit from it. The functionality and features of a website will also improve, and not just in terms of user experience. But websites will also provide better customer support through virtual assistants.


AI(artificial intelligence) will change website development forever, and it is for the betterment of businesses across the globe. Although many new technologies are still needed to be adapted, AI will likely be adopted more promptly.

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