Best Email Marketing Strategies for 2018

Email marketing is still one of the most effective methods of directly communicating with your customers. It is used by thousands of businesses of all sizes across the globe to get more clients onboard, drive conversions and generate more revenue.

By all means, email marketing helps you to establish a good rapport with your customers with measurable results and great ROI. And yes, if you want to level up your email marketing strategy, then here are the most effective ways to do it –

Mailable ‘Microsites’ are set to continue it’s winning spree.

Otherwise called Interactive email, it enables the client to interact with the email interface within the inbox. Interactivity in email is good to go to go with its triumphant binge in 2018. Helping in retaining customers and giving a more engaging approach to content, such emails keep the inbox unique and interesting for the user, hence not urging them to unsubscribe right away.

Conversational tone acts as a way to interact personally with the audience

The tone you chose to use in your emails influences the manner in which your clients will react. A conversational tone can give you more individualized and bona fide response. Keep the content interesting, ask questions, make them think and afterward give them the appropriate response they require – through your CTA guiding them to your content that helps/teaches them.

More businesses push for mobile-friendly design

We now live in a mobile-first society. It is now more important than ever to make your emails mobile-friendly. Your job is to not only get your emails opened and read, but also to make your customers’ experiences just as strong as if the messages were opened on laptops or desktops. Not just this, but also make sure to keep your email under 600 pixels wide; Set a width attribute in your email template’s table tag to 600 pixels or use the CSS width property to make this adjustment.

Testing and deliverability need addressing further

For a long time, deliverability of emails has been imperative – ensure the messages are opened with the right design and conveyed to the right email folder. Often times, some emails contain word that automatically put them into the spam folders – So, make sure to stay away from spam trigger words such as ‘free’, ‘best price’, ‘cash’, ‘no obligation’ have been blacklisted owing to their association with the spam mail. Recall all those emails we used to get that offered a free prize in the subject line in return for following a couple of steps of which you learn once you open the email. Remember, the million dollar lottery email, which you didn’t even sign up for!!!

Personalization and segmentation remain a high priority, sharing dynamic and engaging content

Achieving personalization using machine learning/AI will achieve an uptake in 2018. Marketers continue to focus on getting personalization and relevance right. Even the customer journey will begin to develop a dynamic path based on an individual consumer’s needs.

Include Contextual email in your Email Marketing Strategy

Contextual email is one (really cool) tactic to be more relevant and useful in the inbox than your competitors. For instance include a progress bar to show your keyword rankings, or add real-time poll or survey results inside your email. The indeed helps the user to see the transparency in your data and is fairly a cool contextual way to stand out in the inbox.

Hope these tips help you in engaging more customers through email marketing. If you need Email Marketing services for your business or are seeking any type of Digital Marketing Services, then make sure to get in touch with us.

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