Tips to improve your App Store Optimization

Tons of apps are released on daily basis but how many of them get the actual recognition. Not many, right? Well, what most people miss out on, is the fact that releasing an app on the app store isn’t just enough unless you have a well structured ASO strategy to help it rank higher too.

The objective of App Store Optimization (ASO) is to drive more users to your app’s page in the app store, and get them to make the particular move: downloading your application.

To help you boost your app marketing strategy (along with your app store ranking!), we’ve listed our favorite App Store Optimization tips, which are easy yet very effective. Here you go –

Understand your customers and your competition

How well do you know your customers, matters a lot!  A well structured ASO strategy focuses on how your customers see your app, how they use it and how it is different but better than that of your competitors.

To conduct a thorough research and formulate an ASO strategy, ask yourself these questions –

things to consider while doing App store optimization

Choosing the right app name

It just isn’t a matter of branding but also making sure that the name speaks volume for your niche. The title should consist of keywords as they increase your chances of appearing in top search results. The keyword placed in the title should be the one with the heaviest search traffic. In fact, in a research conducted by TUNE, it was found that the titles with relevant keywords ranked on average 10.3% higher than apps without a title keyword. But yes, make sure that you don’t over stuff the keywords in your title considering the limit of characters in it, i.e. 225 characters.

Include Screenshots and Short Clips

Think from your perspective: Screenshots/ Video Clips of the app we are interested in, aren’t the reason why we download the app at first hand? Images convey more about the product that the text itself. It might not act as a ranking factor, but surely allows the potential users to see what the app has to offer, making them visualize as if they are using the app.  

While you can upload up to five screenshots for an iOS application and up to eight for an Android application, just your initial 2– 3 screen captures will appear in the gallery of the app. Make sure these screenshots are compelling enough for the user to download the app after watching them. The screenshots need to show off your app’s most pivotal features, updates, and pages on which users are going to spend their time at. For best results, A/B test different screenshot sets to determine which ones drive the most downloads.

Fact: According to StoreMaven (the leading app marketing platform), 60% of users won’t swipe past your first two screenshot images. A better version of your first two screenshots can boost your conversions by 25%!  

Keep the app size below 100 MB

Try to make your app smaller than 100 MB. It is because users cannot download apps that are more than 100 MB using cellular service/ mobile data. So for example, if a user is traveling in a train, bus or is nowhere near wifi, then he/she can’t download the app “at the very instant” because of its size. Not just this, but it is unlikely the user will write down the name and try again X hours later when they’re home.

Just like this –

app store optimization

Hope these tips help your app rank higher in search results. If you are looking forward to get an app developed for your business, then make sure to contact us. There’s a lot that we can contribute to your app and business with our expertise. Till then, Cheers!!

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