How to Make Your Next Blog Go Viral?

Whenever you curate any type of content and publish it, for most part you wish to see it going viral – screen to screen – person to person, giving your brand identity and keeping the audience informed.

But what really makes a blog post viral-worthy? Are there any key ingredients that you need to make a post that is highly shared and of great value?

It’s a mix of Content and Strategy

For all the bloggers who wish to write content of great value also know that it’s the KING. Without good content, your audience or the bots won’t consider reading your blog posts it won’t help with your rankings either.

Write content that’s easy to comprehend, imparts knowledge, and is not overly stuffed with your keywords.

For a post to turn into a web sensation, it should be based on something your audience is keen on learning about. To do this, you must get in your audience’s head – Look for metrics (Google Analytics Data, Google Trends, Top Keywords) and analyse the data to formulate a strategy –  

  • What’s intriguing to them? What do they want to learn more about? – You can find this out just by engaging them through a tweet..go for polls on Facebook or Instagram, or go for an email survey and get your answers straight from the horse’s mouth.
  • What sort of topics do they generally share and why? – Hang out around the platforms they hang out in and find out what they’re retweeting, sharing, or pinning. We bet you’ll mostly find the blogs they share are either hilarious funny, informative, or express a strong personal feeling or belief.

Strategise it

Once you are done writing the blog, you will need a promotional plan to distribute it across the internet and come up with a couple of tricks to boost your blog’s likelihood of viralabilty.

  • The power of a title

Title attracts most users. It gets them to click on your post – Make it a blend of emotional, powerful, and exciting words. You’ll catch some curious glances with the right balance.

For eg. – ‘Ranking Factors – SEO’


‘What SEO Factors can help your website rank well?’

Personally, as a blogger i would prefer to go with the second choice because it clearly helps me relate to the point that I am looking for SEO factors that can help me boost my website’s rankings.

  • Have easy-to-share buttons in your blog section

Look! Most users don’t bother to copy the link and then paste it to their social media platforms. Hence, it is very important for you to have share buttons within your blog. Just like this –

share buttons in blog section
  • Guest Blog or Swap Posts

Having known people in the industry can help you swap post or link with different blogs to create backlinks for your website.

Guest Blogging is still relevant as you can scour the internet for market influencers which still use it as a tactic to gain authority and name in the industry vertical. It is a method used by bloggers to increase blog traffic, where bloggers write the posts to be published on other website’s blogs. This helps you in getting quality assured traffic on your website as well as gives you recognition in the market.

Guest blogging can work in one of two ways: You write a post to appear on another person’s blog. Another person (preferably a well known name in the market) writes a post to appear on your blog. This strategy works well in both the cases.



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