Best Practices for Outsourcing Software Development Projects

With the burgeoning consumer expectations, digital transformation and competition across multiple industries, the companies worldwide have been ever-growing in outsourcing software development needs. Digital startups, non-tech firms, and even tech giants can jump into the global IT talent hub, curb costs, and improvise while staying focused on central business activities and exponential growth.

A company’s goal is to coordinate with a detail-focused outsourcing partner that aims at the outcomes instead of output. Someone who would join forces with you to upraise your brand. The biggest-possible advantage of outsourcing software development is to keep a tab on the cutting cost. It saves companies, on average, 30% on operating costs. Outsourcing minimizes the cost associated with training, recruitment and talent retention.

Best Practices for Outsourcing Software Development Projects

Software development is not an inexpensive process. It demands specialised tools, technology, and infrastructure. Simply acknowledging the need to outsource some functions is not enough. There should be clear understanding about what functions or processes will be better off outsourced. For this, you first need to comprehend what skills your internal software development team has in control.

Create a proper guideline

This is consequently the most unvarying part of outsourcing. You want to be crystal clear about your needs and wants, and what you expect from the external source. There needs to be a contract, and NDAs to protect the privacy of your information.

First outline your vision for the company, and decide how your core team and outsourcing team will communicate, opt for tools and collaborate through platforms. Also, you must be responsible for assigning the right order, so all team members (both external and internal) stay aware of who they will report to.

Authorize decision rights

Decision-making is a viable communicator in the outsourcing industry. It is a common contention of the internal teams that they have decision rights and authority. But, some decision-factors are transported to the outsourcing team, as per the outsourcing agreement.

What are the Common Mistakes While Outsourcing 

While outsourcing software development projects, plenty of businesses make notable errors. These mistakes, if not conceded and changed early on, can lead to added costs, failures and slows down in product launching. Here are some to the things you may reconsider before your decision.

Inefficient change management

The lack of buy-in from the internal group is the very first challenge that many organisations come across when outsourcing primary processes, which can turn into both active and passive resistance. Even high-end managers often go through such a process.

The core team may get the impression that their job is at stake, or that they may lose possession over tasks they are responsible for, now that they are shifted to an external partner. To ignore this miscommunication, you should not disregard the management team with the changes in your management scheme.

Be involved in the selection process yourself

Price cannot be the primary indicator behind deciding on an outsourcing partner. The behind-the-desk trick is to conduct extensive research and deduce the monetary and non-monetary aspects of outsourcing, among the hundreds of options out there.

Suppose you are on software development outsourcing. Then you may gain from having an external analyst. So and so, your ideas need to be communicated through a clean wire, and the software engineers you aspire to work with are on the same page with your software development objectives.


Irrespective of whether it’s software development or another bi-stream, the key is to be clear about your requirements and objectives before taking up outsourcing important processes. The hidden path to success of any outsourcing project depends on the company-and-outsourcing relationship to a large extent. To reestablish that everyone is goaled towards the same path of cognition, entering into a partnership should be considered as an involved process.

Pros and Cons of outsourcing software development

In this contemporary world of automation and artificial intelligence, the demand for software development technologies has increased over the years. The coronavirus pandemic is one reason that accelerated the need for digital transformation among different companies. Though large companies have completely established and continue to set up a good foundation, small and medium businesses are also realising the true potential of these technologies. In this regard, the decision to outsource software development would be more beneficial for companies rather than wasting resources on achieving in-house software development.

When a company seeks to outsource mobile app development, they get many benefits along with certain drawbacks. The key to deciding whether a company should prefer to outsource software development companies or not varies from situation to situation. Therefore, here are some of the major advantages and disadvantages that arise while outsourcing software development.


  • Accessibility to Skilled Developers

Outsourcing software development provides access to many top software development companies and skilled developers. These software developers are well-trained in their field and have been delivering projects for years. With their profound set of skills, they can easily improve the business’s performance and boost sales by implementing their expertise. In addition, outsourcing not only saves some extra money, but it helps to find the right talent at a reasonable price.

  • Lesser Risk 

Almost every company would consider different risk factors that come along with the outsourcing. Many software development companies may also offer software testing services. It helps to ensure that the software is free from all unnecessary defects and works as it should before introducing it to the public or employees. Furthermore, an expert’s ability to plan and mitigate potential risks would be beneficial for the project to run as smoothly as possible.

  • Organised Project Management

When it comes to managing an offshore software development team, it could be a challenging task. However, if the team is completely aware of a few steps at the beginning of the project, it can make management much easier. As the development of the project continues, outsourced companies will take care of all scheduled meetings and a team leader to report the progress. As a result, the company is always well-informed and involved throughout the whole process of development.


  • Quality Control

The company should look for the right outsourcing development team which is well established and highly recommended. If the company does not conduct proper research before settling, then they might end up with a team that only seeks profit instead of providing quality work.

  • Workload Inefficiency

Generally, outsourcing agencies and vendors accept more than one client at a time. With multiple projects, the development company may not be able to provide quality work and expected results. The chances of delays and errors are common while outsourcing a development team. Thus, a company should consider taking the time to find a reputable company that has a dedicated team to complete the project.

  • Hidden Costs

The cost of outsourcing the development team for the project could be cheaper. However, the chances are that the company may encounter hidden costs which may have been skipped at the beginning of the contract. Thus, the company should discuss everything at the beginning while looking for the right software development company. In the case of a contractual agreement, the company should read it properly and pay extra attention to the costs that are involved in the project. 

When Should a Company Develop Its Software?

The development of custom software is a process that involves designing software applications that fulfill the needs of an individual or a company. There are many best software solutions companies in India that target specific problems at the best maintenance cost. However, while considering software maintenance, the organization needs to understand the difference between a software update and a software upgrade. Generally, the software update can be understood through smartphones, computers, and tablets, where an individual has to update the device’s software. If in case an organization is using custom-built software, even then it becomes necessary to update as well.

However, when it comes to a software upgrade, it improves a program by accessing its next crucial version. For example, installing Windows 11 on the PC instead of old Windows 10. Thus, an update is a free improvement to an existing software written by developers to make the product better. Whereas, an upgrade generally involves user cost to adopt the newest version. Therefore, here are some of the main key software development requirements that a company should fulfill to grow its business.

Upgrade in Functionality

Usually, custom software speed is essential for different kinds of industries and it also brings several effects in many ways. Hence, adding enhanced features is another way to boost the functionality. Recently, an update to WordPress features user theme management, bolstered contextual searches, and multiple sites handling through one account. As a result, it became a time saver for designers and developers that oversee several sites at a time.

Software Bugs

One of the common reasons for software updates is to fix the bugs. When new features and functionalities are integrated, many new bugs arise along with it. Thus, updates reduce those new bugs that were introduced during the process. It becomes crucial for any reputable web host to constantly host their hosting infrastructure. Therefore, maintaining a healthy code is an absolute job for any business.

Increase Employees Productivity

It’s not too hard to judge the right time for a software update. Most of the company tends to overlook some issues, while their employees have to work through slower and buggier software. However, performing a software update will streamline the processes that the employees are using to complete their work. Furthermore, it saves time and gets rid of tech issues that would make life much easier.

Fix Security Issues

Whenever a new update is available for common software such as WordPress (WordPress development services) or Drupal, it will disclose the previously known exploits that have been patched. As it is public information, an outdated site becomes vulnerable to being infected by viruses targeting those exploits. However, custom-built software is mostly less vulnerable to viruses than a classic WordPress theme. Though, it also needs maintenance to maintain top-notch security and performance.


In conclusion, software updates are mostly used to optimize the performance, stability, security of any applications that are running on your computer. Due to this, the updates become important for operating systems. These updates provide benefits of adding new features, removing outdated ones, fixing bugs, updating drivers, and more. Thus, if a company has developing inefficiencies issues, then it is recommended to reach out to the developer.

Here’s Why Outsourcing Software Development is Profitable in 2022

As the economy is driving towards development, many companies are seeking to gain competitive advantages by enhancing productivity, cost-cutting, and client benefit. Most organizations generally prefer offshore development or outsourcing gateway to achieve success. Whereas, custom software development not only fulfills the programming needs but also makes business operations efficient. In addition, it helps to drive up productivity, improve market competitiveness, and clients’ experience.

Though, in this growing innovative world, it might be challenging for an organization to design an entire range of technical software. Therefore, it becomes essential to outsource software development to keep intact the business process. For companies that are looking for pickup speed to market, fix programming bottleneck issues, labor cost-cutting, then software development outsourcing would be the best solution. Here are some convincing reasons why outsourcing software development could be a great idea.

Improves Risk Management

Software outsourcing is mostly a volatile and effective risk management investment. To get the best results, organizations should consider outsourcing for long-term viability. When the operations and components are spilt amongst different vendors, it helps to mitigate risks. It is crucial to look over outsourcing transparency when it comes to successful software outsourcing. Companies need to get in contact with vendors’ existing clients, judge previous experience and then choose the best with regards to the project.

Better Security

As most of the in-house team doesn’t specialize in the IT field, there are many ways in which software’s security might be exploited. As a result, it will put sensitive information about the organization at risk. However, outsourcing software development would provide better security in terms of IT safety breaches. Usually, the software team will take care of the code and processes, while developing applications.

Cost Easing

Outsourcing allows cutting the cost while reducing the workload of the employees. With this, the organization would not have to make an upfront investment which then makes outsourced development more profitable and attractive. Generally, employee cost includes hardware & software maintenance, office space allocation, software testing, monitoring, and coaching employees, employee management, etc. These costs should be considered while comparing software development outsourcing with house employees.

Reduces Time to Market

Software development outsourcing allows organizations to create a team of skilled people within 24 hrs. As these people will be working round the clock in the development of the product, it results in saving more time. This would enable a company to market its product quicker than the rest of the competitors. Furthermore, it helps to get rid of hiring, recruiting, training, for short-term-based projects.

Focused Goals

While involving outsourcing software development, it would regulate the business operations. Due to this, it would provide an essential strategy for the competitive technology race. Offshore development is another great way to enhance work accuracy which can be achieved by completing work before the deadline. Thus, the necessary software would provide accurate results to the organization in less time.


Considering the above points in mind, software development outsourcing provides great benefits to companies. There are many best software solutions companies in India, that have talented and skilled teams to help new software ventures. It is a great option to obtain digital transformation and growth while reducing risks and increasing profits at the same time. In addition, it helps the businesses to obtain competitive advantages, without losing efficiency and focus.

7 Best CRM software used in India

Sustaining relationships with people that show interest in your business, as well as people who are your existing customers, is a great way to grow your business. It is necessary to have good, reliable CRM software systems to maintain your clients. There are many CRM software systems in India that are doing phenomenal for the business. Today, let’s discuss the best CRM software used in India.

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM is a free CRM solution that helps you organize, track, and leads customers. It helps your complete tasks such as record all customer interactions and makes a pipeline. HubSpot CRM allows you to access every contact and their personal information in one location. You can simply add contacts and store them in one place. It is a great CRM solution for startups and enterprises.


Drip is one of the best email marketing providers and CRM Software Systems in India. It is an extremely powerful tool and has amazing functions for email and other marketing. Its unique features allow you to automate customer workflows under trigger-specific actions. It also has a sleek and modern user interface.

Constant Contact

If you are a startup looking for a great CRM solution, constant contact is the perfect choice for your organization. Constant contact can work as email marketing and provides substantial support. It also has a sturdy customer support team that can help you solve your queries in no time.


Zoho is another popular content management system used mainly by small start-ups in India. Its primary goal is to assist small businesses in managing sales, market their brand, organize leads and contacts, offer customer support, and more. Zoho can capture leads through social media. It comes with a variety of features around sales and marketing and includes things like online productivity tools and SaaS applications.


There are many arguments regarding this, but Salesforce is regarded as the biggest and best CRM software for small businesses. It can cater to businesses of different sizes and has excelled in contact management. If you want to increase your productivity and fill your pipeline with high-quality leads, Salesforce is the perfect choice for your business.


Pipedrive is a sales management tool that allows small businesses to manage the sales process after collecting leads. It is created to boost sales, and it is easy to operate with the low learning time required. It can automate responsibilities so you don’t have to waste time on low tasks and can focus on streamlining sales and marketing.


Fresh sales are quite popular amongst small business owners as they are the most efficient and robust CRM software to work with. It can help you buy the best leads based on buying signals and behavior and converse with those leads to drive them to buy. It can manage the overall sales pipeline by tracking the progress of your deals, assigning tasks, and sending automated emails.


There are many software solutions companies in India that are using these CRM systems. These CRM systems in India have garnered enough fame and trust from small businesses.

The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing software development services

There are many software development services provided in India by established companies. It is essential to compartmentalize your work as an organization to grow and earn profits.  It is important to find out the pros and cons of outsourcing before making a decision. Today, we will discuss the pros and cons of outsourcing software development.

The pros of outsourcing


An organization needs to make a smart investment to ensure a smooth workflow and earn profits. Outsourcing your software development allows you to save money and work on your software development with the guidance of experts.


There is no way one company can cover all aspects of software development. It is best to hire a software development organization to work on your projects. The organization is skilled in creating software solutions and keeps track of the competitors.

Skill and Experience

An outsourced company has the skills and experience of decades when it comes to developing or creating software. It is best to have the proper guidance and skilled force to create or develop custom software. Outsourcing can help you create software at a faster rate than creating it in-house.

Quality and Reliability

A software development company is skilled and experience. Hence, they ensure the quality and assurance of the developed software before delivering it to the client. A software development company is known for its reliability and timely delivery.

The cons of outsourcing

Error in Communication

When you outsource your software development, it is essential to consider time zone and linguistic differences. If there is a huge rift in these differences, it can completely ruin your work and communication. The outsourcing company needs to understand the clients’ needs more than their own needs to work on the software.

Business Philosophy

Every business has a certain code of ethics and philosophy that makes them successful. It is important to outsource your custom software development needs to a company that shares similar values and beliefs.

Data Theft

There are different types of hackers and cons who are lurking in the shadows to steal your life’s hard work. It is better to triple-check the outsourcing company before you outsource your software development needs. Data theft is a huge crime and you do not want your software details to be leaked and damage your company’s reputation.

Additional Cost

There are times when software development companies propose a specific amount to develop the software and, after developing the software, the additional cost is added to the list. It is better to avoid such companies as they increase the cost of your work minus the quality of the work.


Developing software is a crucial step for any organization. It is essential to plan your moves, as every action can impact the future of your company. Software development services can help your organization to grow or falter. So do your research and be sure before hiring or outsourcing software development services.

Advantages of hiring a software development company

Technology is at the heart of modern commerce and industry. There is no advancement in human life without technology. Technology plays an essential role in the development of companies and humans alike. The software used by companies acts as the roots of the organization and helps it to grow and become sturdy and profitable like an oak. A company depends a lot on its software and technology to stay and keep up with the fast-paced nature of businesses.

To develop and run a successful business, good software and maintenance are required, and they create custom software for the smooth running of the business. Today, we will discuss the advantages of hiring a software development company rather than creating custom software in your own company.


There are many dedicated companies that offer software development services to businesses on a large- or small-scale basis. The creation of software is not a simple process, and it requires an ample amount of time and experience. It takes a huge amount to create your own department to create and test the software. It is best to hire a software development company as it can save time and provide the best software development services at less cost.

Advanced Technology

As technology grows faster and stronger, customers need to adapt it quickly to increase the efficiency and profitability of the organization. It is better to hire software development services from a software development company as they are aware of the market trend and are updated with the latest technology. Software development companies are indulged in creating or working on software. Hence, they are always at the forefront when there is an advancement in technology.

Saves Time

There are many software solutions companies in India and overseas. It is best to hire software development services from a software development company to save time. Organizations are usually working on multiple projects of the firm or for a client. It is best not to create a software development sector, as it will take up time to set and monitor. Without experience employees in the software department, the company would be losing their funds and precious time. Therefore, hiring a software development company saves time.

Less Error

When you are hiring software development services from a software development company, you get to work with employees who have years of experience and knowledge of the software. It ensures your project is in skilled hands, and you can focus on running the organization rather than focusing on one department. The skilled employees are efficient and make sure there is no room for errors in creating, developing, or updating software. Therefore, it is best to hire services from a software development company.


There are numerous software solutions companies in India, and every company is focused on creating the best software for their clients. It is propitious to hire software development services from a software development company to increase the efficiency and interface of the software used by the organization.

6 benefits of outsourcing custom software development projects

What is Custom Software Outsourcing?

Custom software outsourcing is a type of service provided to clients from a unique organization or a third party to deliver assistance using various software outsourcing business models. It means outsourcing your custom software creation to another organization at a cheaper rate and delivered on time.

Why do we outsource custom software development?

Skilled Workforce

Custom software development outsourcing allows the organization to gain access to extremely skilled software professionals. Outsourcing means you are free to choose the best custom software development company in India or outside of India to fulfill your company’s needs at a cheaper cost. With the help of outsourcing, you can find the right skilled workforce for your software development.


It can be challenging for many companies to manage both internal business operations and software development. Outsourcing your requirements to a custom software development company in India or outside of India can be an excellent way for organizations to prioritize their primary business without incurring any loss.

Cost Reduction

It is best to outsource your custom software development requirements to other organizations, which can lead to a significant cost reduction in your operations. The outsourced company can be in India or outside of India, but they are significantly cheaper and cost-effective than doing it in-house. An organization saving money in outsourcing is better than developing it with its own production cost.

Staying updated

Time is money and most of the companies are competing daily. There are over 90% of companies prefer outsourcing custom software development and other operations of the business. In-house software development can take its own time along with the daily operations of the business, which can lead to delays of work. An outsourcing software company is driven to adapt to the market and deliver the deliverables on time with the help of highly experienced developers.

Minimize Business Risk

When your company takes in-house custom software development along with the various business projects, there is a high possibility of occurring risks. When you outsource, the outsourcing team takes complete care of your project and delivers it to modern standards and on the clock. The outsourcing companies cater to your custom software development requirements, which leads to less risk on your own company.


There has been a spike in cyber-crime and cyber-attacks on organizations over the past decade. Organizations around the world are struggling to have the best security onboard for their information and data protection. It can lead to a loss of millions of dollars and companies do not want such a top-end risk. Outsourcing your custom software development work can protect you from such risk.


There are various types of organizations in the world. Every organization has its own needs and demands and builds its business on those set needs and demands. It is not easy to have your own custom software development in your own organization. It is better to outsource such an extreme task rather than taking the risk of creating it in-house and paying a heft production cost.

The need to use react.js for web development

What is React.js?

In 2021, many multinationals and big corporations are familiar with react.js and its uses, but React.js didn’t have a smooth journey. React was originally created by Facebook for their own private use. Later Facebook made react open-sourced and Facebook and Instagram both started using it. It gained a lot of popularity because of the open-end feature as more people experimented with it; they started embracing the component-centric approach for separating concerns.

There are multiple options out in the market and Java scripting is still the heart robe of web development. Therefore, today we will discuss why we need to use react.js for web development.

High Performance

The biggest advantage React has over Java is its performance. During the development of react, the developers notice the JavaScript is effective and fast but takes its own time in updating the DOM which overall makes it slower. React ensures to minimize the DOM changes and figured out the most effective and efficient way to update DOM without losing the performance.

React is able to handle the updating of DOM in the best way possible and has multiple benefits like avoiding layout trashing, which is when the browser has to re-calculate the position when the DOM element changes. The library size of react is extremely tiny compared to the competitors in the market. React is more user-friendly than other software.


React is a remarkably easy software to learn and very flexible compared to the competitors. It is quite beneficial for companies to hire react developers or outsource react software development rather than working on any other web development software. When you learn react, you can easily work to create a variety of platforms to build a quality user interface.

The sole purpose of react was to create components for web applications and react acts as a library rather than a framework which makes react a remarkable tool. The growing popularity of react has helped in the evolution of react and is now used in various companies.

Developer Experience

The team of developers will totally adore react as it is easy and fun to use. HTML powers the traditional frameworks, such as angular and Vue, and to use these frameworks, you need to be fluent in using HTML as well. The major problem with this is you need to learn new HTML attributes or always refer to them while making any changes. React ensures that such errors do not occur while using it and you do not need to learn extra attributes for web development.

Community Support

React has fantastic community support as it powers both Facebook and Instagram. Facebook is the creator of React, and the majority of Facebook has adapted to react in some form. Since 2015, react has gained and steadily maintained its popularity in the web development area. React has broader community support as a web development software and ranks higher in terms of usability and flexibility.

What is CRM for real estate and its advantages?

Choosing the right customer relationship management software is best for business. Whether you are a real estate agent or a broker, you will benefit fairly from a good real estate CRM or customer relationship management software. A good customer relationship management software allows you to manage, attract, gain and keep clients.

What is CRM?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is the set of practices, strategies and technologies used by companies to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer life cycle. CRM allows you to improve customer service relationships and assist in customer retention and drive sales growth.

How does CRM help in real estate?

Customer relationship management software is a beneficial tool for organizations that are having trouble handling their customers by keeping track of the customers and managing customer services. CRM for real estate or customer relationship management software allows the agents to efficiently and productively manage their businesses with minimal wasted time while improving the personalization of their communications. CRM software allows seamless management of your real estate business from one platform to the other.

What are the advantages of CRM for real estate?

Customer relationship management software understands the business and how to work along with their customers. Many businesses have opted for CRM solutions as it is difficult to manage thousands of customers by a single person. CRM also works similarly with real estate. Here are some advantages of CRM for real estate:

Easy Accessibility

CRM is easily accessible, and you can check your real estate CRM on your mobile and desktop. It is easy and available 24 hours a day, which allows you to communicate with the clients and work on property research at the same time.

One-stop for All

The real estate CRM system is your one-stop for all. It helps you track a sizeable amount of data for your business and advertising while keeping everything in order and easy to use. With the help of CRM, estate agents can stay on top of all their activities and communicate with prospective clients in a go.

Manage Marketing

There are many CRM software packages and services that allow you to generate leads through an email campaign or social media campaign. It also allows you to track your campaigns and data, which allows you to compute it accordingly and create campaigns suitable for your business. CRM solutions help you multitask and make it easier for you to handle your business.


There are many sites such as Trulia, Zillow and that allow you to locate potential properties for viewing and purchasing. Although, if you adopt a CRM system, you can seamlessly integrate these websites into your system and allow you to work on finding property much faster. You can instantly view all the potential; property and can be at the top of the real estate food chai in your local or regional area and can make deals with potential clients. It is difficult to find a house and with this system, you can easily find a new home for your customers.