Pros and Cons of outsourcing software development to India

Looking around and seeing most of your competitors outsourcing software development to India, may have encouraged you to do the same. But, before making that decision, you must want to know why so many companies are outsourcing software development to India and if you should do it too. 

Before taking any important decision, a simple task everyone advised you to do is make a list of pros and cons, as it helps you think more clearly. That is why we have compiled a list of pros and cons of outsourcing software development to India to help you with this confusing and exhausting process.

Pros of outsourcing software development to India 


Cost is a primary reason why many companies outsource their software development needs to India. India offers a variety of prices for software development. 

Every business loves cost-effectiveness, well who doesn’t. India has the availability of cheap labour and resources, which makes it affordable for outsourcing business requirements. 


Time is a precious commodity for everyone because we all got very little of it. Outsourcing to India is a much more time-saving option than in house software development. You do not have to go through the hiring and training process like you would have to do in case of in-house software development. 

A software development company in India can easily avail a large number of temporary employees. Therefore, you can easily get your software solution on time even quicker. 

Outsourcing Software Development to India

Wide range of talent

A majority of the Indian population is young and working. Each year millions of talented graduates are added in the workplace. A majority of them are STEM graduates, which makes India a large pool of talent. 

By outsourcing software development to India, you get to choose from a large number of talented and skilled developers. These developers are capable of handling a variety of technology-related work. 


Communication is an important factor that needs to be considered while outsourcing software development. Although, while outsourcing software development to India, you don’t need to worry about the communication factor. 

India has the second-largest English speaking population in the world. It makes communication much easier with software development companies in India.


While outsourcing, many companies worry about the quality of work.  We always imply that for affordability, we have to compromise with quality.

By outsourcing software development to India, you get the same quality of work at an affordable price. You do not have to compromise with either quality or affordability by outsourcing software development to India.     

Cons of outsourcing software development to India

Language barrier 

Although India has a variety of languages, when it comes to outsourcing, work can be sourced only by countries with English speaking majority. 

Many countries do not use English as an official language, and outsourcing with these countries is quite difficult for India. Although this does not affect some major countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, it certainly limits the sources for India.

Cultural difference

Apart from language, culture is also a huge barrier for companies who want to outsource to India. India has a contrasting and different culture than other countries. Although, the culture is what makes it unique and popular among other countries. It certainly creates a barrier for companies who want to outsource software development to India. 

Due to the huge difference in culture, messages often get misinterpreted during the process. Many companies face a sudden culture shock while working with an offshore software development company in India, due to the difference in accents, common conceptions, and mutual understanding. It leads to confusion and frustration between both the clients and the company. 

Less control

While outsourcing to any country, you will have less control over the development process. Software development is a complicated matter, as it requires continuous efforts and attention. 

It will sometimes lead to irregular communication as your hired company will be more focused on the project. This way, you will have less control over the offshore development team, as you won’t be available physically.  

Time-zone difference

While working with a different country in a different continent, time zone difference is an obvious reality and a major problem that you will face. 

The difference in time zone can sometimes benefit you, and sometimes it can not. It can lead to difficulty in communication and delay in work.  


While making a pros and cons list of anything, you will realise that everything has good and bad effects. That is why it is on you to decide what pros are more beneficial for you than the damage by a con. If you go with the above points, it will be easier for you to decide whether outsourcing software development to India is a good idea or not. 

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