How a CRM can Increase your Productivity?

Are you planning to double your business productivity with CRM and gain valuable leads? Well, a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) can help you to store customer data for instance purchase records, user behavior, notes on sales interaction, etc. It works as a tool that would optimize your sales and marketing process and improve the customer services of your organization. Most experts believe that entrepreneurs should consider CRM software system tools, that would ease down and organize the process to make their team more effective.

As Bryan Philips said, a CRM software system is a group of tools, techniques, and technology that are used to help sales and marketing associates understand their customers better.

Generally, CRM software works by tracking actions of current or potential customers through your social media, business’s website, or email marketing campaigns. Furthermore, it leads the customer through the sales or buying funnel by sending appealing emails or alerting sales representatives of customers’ interest.

Be it small or large scale, CRM software is a great way to make the most of your business. Therefore, here are some reasonable benefits a CRM could provide.

Higher Efficiency and Productivity

CRM software system comes with marketing automation technology that boosts menial tasks such as drip campaigns, making it easier for your employees. Due to this, the employees would focus more on the work that requires human capability like creating content. The tool also ensures that the tasks are well managed and nothing is slipping through the cracks, for instance, sending the right emails to the right person. In addition to this, CRM also features a dashboard that showcases how business processes are working, while suggesting areas to improve your workflow.

Improves Customer Service

CRM was created with the intention to improve business-customer relationships, but with constant innovations, now it can perform many roles. Usually, a CRM manages all your contacts, and important customer details, other functions include – messages across channels, demographics, purchase records, etc. Thereby, it makes it readily available and accessible to anyone in your company who needs it. This tool ensures that your employees have got all the intel that they need to know about their customers at their fingertips.

Organizes Customer Segmentation

Handling hundreds of contacts would sound challenging for any entrepreneur. However, CRM carries the capacity to automatically segment your contact lists based on your preferred criteria. It enables you to easily find targeted customers whom you want to contact at any given time. Though, you can categorize your contacts by locations, gender, age, buyer stage, and more.

Increases Sales

A CRM tool not only streamlines your sales process but also analyzes all your business’s sales data in one centralized place. Likewise, it also builds a sales pipeline and automates key tasks of your organization, which in fact increases your sales and productivity. CRM helps you execute a step-by-step sales process that your employees can depend upon and easily tweak if any issues arise.

Manages Communications with Prospective Leads

Lead nurturing is indeed a complicated and tiring process, which includes many steps and opportunities to communicate. While tracking every interaction from emails to phone calls, it alerts the employees about the right time of when they should reach out to the prospect. As Michael Miller, CEO of VPN Online explained the advantage of CRM is that it allows you to see the customer’s journey holistically. Thus, making it easier for you to access and quickly figure out the next move to make for your business.


In conclusion, CRM helps the employees gather insights and data to provide excellent customer-centric experiences. With this, data organized and presented by CRM software expose a vivid understanding of customers. This as a consequence, promotes better messaging and outreach, while helping you offer better and efficient customer service, leading to a better business.

7 Best CRM software used in India

Sustaining relationships with people that show interest in your business, as well as people who are your existing customers, is a great way to grow your business. It is necessary to have good, reliable CRM software systems to maintain your clients. There are many CRM software systems in India that are doing phenomenal for the business. Today, let’s discuss the best CRM software used in India.

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM is a free CRM solution that helps you organize, track, and leads customers. It helps your complete tasks such as record all customer interactions and makes a pipeline. HubSpot CRM allows you to access every contact and their personal information in one location. You can simply add contacts and store them in one place. It is a great CRM solution for startups and enterprises.


Drip is one of the best email marketing providers and CRM Software Systems in India. It is an extremely powerful tool and has amazing functions for email and other marketing. Its unique features allow you to automate customer workflows under trigger-specific actions. It also has a sleek and modern user interface.

Constant Contact

If you are a startup looking for a great CRM solution, constant contact is the perfect choice for your organization. Constant contact can work as email marketing and provides substantial support. It also has a sturdy customer support team that can help you solve your queries in no time.


Zoho is another popular content management system used mainly by small start-ups in India. Its primary goal is to assist small businesses in managing sales, market their brand, organize leads and contacts, offer customer support, and more. Zoho can capture leads through social media. It comes with a variety of features around sales and marketing and includes things like online productivity tools and SaaS applications.


There are many arguments regarding this, but Salesforce is regarded as the biggest and best CRM software for small businesses. It can cater to businesses of different sizes and has excelled in contact management. If you want to increase your productivity and fill your pipeline with high-quality leads, Salesforce is the perfect choice for your business.


Pipedrive is a sales management tool that allows small businesses to manage the sales process after collecting leads. It is created to boost sales, and it is easy to operate with the low learning time required. It can automate responsibilities so you don’t have to waste time on low tasks and can focus on streamlining sales and marketing.


Fresh sales are quite popular amongst small business owners as they are the most efficient and robust CRM software to work with. It can help you buy the best leads based on buying signals and behavior and converse with those leads to drive them to buy. It can manage the overall sales pipeline by tracking the progress of your deals, assigning tasks, and sending automated emails.


There are many software solutions companies in India that are using these CRM systems. These CRM systems in India have garnered enough fame and trust from small businesses.

What is CRM for real estate and its advantages?

Choosing the right customer relationship management software is best for business. Whether you are a real estate agent or a broker, you will benefit fairly from a good real estate CRM or customer relationship management software. A good customer relationship management software allows you to manage, attract, gain and keep clients.

What is CRM?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is the set of practices, strategies and technologies used by companies to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer life cycle. CRM allows you to improve customer service relationships and assist in customer retention and drive sales growth.

How does CRM help in real estate?

Customer relationship management software is a beneficial tool for organizations that are having trouble handling their customers by keeping track of the customers and managing customer services. CRM for real estate or customer relationship management software allows the agents to efficiently and productively manage their businesses with minimal wasted time while improving the personalization of their communications. CRM software allows seamless management of your real estate business from one platform to the other.

What are the advantages of CRM for real estate?

Customer relationship management software understands the business and how to work along with their customers. Many businesses have opted for CRM solutions as it is difficult to manage thousands of customers by a single person. CRM also works similarly with real estate. Here are some advantages of CRM for real estate:

Easy Accessibility

CRM is easily accessible, and you can check your real estate CRM on your mobile and desktop. It is easy and available 24 hours a day, which allows you to communicate with the clients and work on property research at the same time.

One-stop for All

The real estate CRM system is your one-stop for all. It helps you track a sizeable amount of data for your business and advertising while keeping everything in order and easy to use. With the help of CRM, estate agents can stay on top of all their activities and communicate with prospective clients in a go.

Manage Marketing

There are many CRM software packages and services that allow you to generate leads through an email campaign or social media campaign. It also allows you to track your campaigns and data, which allows you to compute it accordingly and create campaigns suitable for your business. CRM solutions help you multitask and make it easier for you to handle your business.


There are many sites such as Trulia, Zillow and that allow you to locate potential properties for viewing and purchasing. Although, if you adopt a CRM system, you can seamlessly integrate these websites into your system and allow you to work on finding property much faster. You can instantly view all the potential; property and can be at the top of the real estate food chai in your local or regional area and can make deals with potential clients. It is difficult to find a house and with this system, you can easily find a new home for your customers.

How to Choose the Best CRM Software for Your Business?

The most crucial step in any software company is choosing a software solution. It is important you get the information and resources you need to make an intelligent assessment. Building and maintaining relationships with potential customers and current customers is how a business can run successfully. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software helps you and the rest of your team stay on top of how you’re communicating with each customer and lead. Without CRM software, there is no way of keeping a track of your customers, purchases, and leads to follow through.

Customer satisfaction relies on how you treat your customers. A happy customer brings more money into the business and keeps your business in flow and running. Since business has heavily relied on its customers, it makes sense to have a system to track your interactions to ensure that you provide personalized messaging. CRM software helps you strengthen your relationships with customers, identify new products, and generate new leads.

How can one choose the best CRM software for your business?

In the socially advanced world, there’s no shortage of CRM options available. There are plenty of CRM options available in the market. Every business is unique and to find a CRM for your business, you need to make plenty of research to find a CRM suitable for your business. CRM depends upon various factors, such as industry, business size, product, services, etc.

Finding a perfect match for your business is tough. A CRM solution is an essential tool for your business. It requires a lot of patience and dedication to pick a solution that caters to all your business needs. You have to put extra time and effort into finding the CRM solution. Every business’s common mistake is not putting enough time and thought before selecting a good and reliable CRM software. To find the suitable CRM software for your business, we have underlined some key features and advantages your CRM should possess:

Ease of Use

The company CRM software is your home base for sales and to book deals and manage their pipelines. If the tools adopted by your company complicate and cause confusion, you should be looking out for alternative options. A CRM software should bring efficiency and productivity into your business, otherwise, you can suffer a heavy loss in efficiency and data.

Your CRM also depends on the size and complexity of your business. Your CRM should be easy to be operated and used by the members of your team. Not every member in the organization should be working on CRM but those members who are working on CRM should be able to work fluently and understand the process in no time.


During the pandemic, mobile data access has been critical in maintaining open communication with customers and prospects. Mobility is an important factor for small business owners and their teams. With mobile CRM, your sales person can document deal statuses while running from one meeting to the next and can also work remotely.

In recent years, many of noticed the advantages of mobile CRMs over other apps. It is easy to use, compatible and charges lesser than an average CRM. We have optimized the user experience for mobile and is quite beneficial for on the go and work from home purposes.


Every business has different sizes and plans that lead to different possibilities. Before you make any business decision, you need to be sure if your CRM software is up to the part. You need to weigh your current business against your long-term business expectations and goals before you choose a CRM solution. A CRM software is essential and cannot be changed every quarter. You need to think about the scalability and scope of your business before purchasing a CRM.


Integrations are a critical component of any enterprise CRM software. Your team requires several different systems and features to run your CRM effectively. Your CRM needs to integrate with your marketing automation platform. You need to find a CRM software that includes each and every feature required for your team and is compatible with multiple systems.

Workflows and Approvals

A CRM software needs to help you reduce your work rather than confusing the work and employees. You need a CRM software that streamlines your workflows and makes lead and sales management much easier and effective. This CRM platform should be intuitive and solid to carry the business without any break from your clients and lead.


A CRM is a relational database. The flexibility and scalability of a CRM is an important factor which needs to be embedded into the software. You need to be critical in finding the right CRM software for your business. There are different CRM software solutions available for different industries and uses. You may need custom objects, filters, fields and reporting capabilities, depending on who you are and how you operate.


No matter the size of your company, it’s always a good idea to map out your needs and requirements when you are planning your company and in accordance with your budget. In the initial stages, your business does not require top-end gadgets and expensive CRM systems but it doesn’t mean you might not need it in the future.

CRM can do wonders for your business, but be cautious. The most important thing over the points given is what you or your business requirement is. The need for a CRM software should be simple, effective and productive for your business. With various CRM solutions on the market, one cannot find a particular CRM solution that considers itself the best in every aspect. So choose a CRM that suits and caters to your needs.

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How CRM can take customer satisfaction to the next level

Relationships are the driving force of any business. Knowing your target audience and understanding their needs is an essential factor in the growth of any firm. The more you are acquainted with your clients, the better you’ll be able to fulfill their requirements. While maintaining strong customer relationships is vital, it is a seemingly difficult task to keep track of all the communication happening with thousands of clients through multiple channels. This is where CRM comes in to take the load off from your company’s workforce and provide a fully automated and comprehensive solution to maintain healthy and long-lasting customer relationships.

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A Project Management CRM | Track Your Leads & Projects

Experts have always been of the opinion that business is an exact science, dealing in methods and experiments and analysis of its customers. Others have also decreed, and rightly so, that business is a staple of commerce, contributing to the economy in a myriad of ways. Furthermore, there are yet some who believe that business is an art, it involves working on a technique to perfection and being ready to alter proceedings as the circumstances dictate. It is the art part of business that requires the most attention, ensuring a constant need to check up on customers’ preferences and to lead projects into completion. It is here where the significance of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Project Management is highlighted.

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Custom CRM Development Services

The customer is the center of all business activities. The products and services of a company are aimed at them, all marketing efforts are directed at them and sales figures are determined by them. Furthermore, satisfied customers lead to increased chances of repeat sales and up-sales. All in all, a good customer ends up giving to the company an amount higher than the amount invested into efforts towards them, leading to higher revenue and more profits. Needless to say, then, firms’ relationships with their customers assume primes importance in the lieu of the firms’ goals.

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