Custom CRM Development Services

The customer is the center of all business activities. The products and services of a company are aimed at them, all marketing efforts are directed at them and sales figures are determined by them. Furthermore, satisfied customers lead to increased chances of repeat sales and up-sales. All in all, a good customer ends up giving to the company an amount higher than the amount invested into efforts towards them, leading to higher revenue and more profits. Needless to say, then, firms’ relationships with their customers assume primes importance in the lieu of the firms’ goals.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management is perhaps the most important task carried out by a firm, perhaps because it’s a continuous process and involves a steady plan of action. CRM encompasses:

  1. Recording information about past, current and prospective customers, i.e., their history, purchasing habits, preferences, budgets, etc.
  2. Storing and visualizing the data for future use
  3. Creating/garnering insights on the basis of the data
  4. Planning further courses of action with reference to the insights

CRM seeks to improve and optimize marketing efforts towards customers, ensuring that resources are utilized in a manner appropriate towards the firm’s goals. The importance of CRM has increased with the passage of time, more so as the global markets expand and businesses cater to customers all over the world.

The computer revolution of the late 20th century enabled firms to turn their CRM duties to programs like Excel to make recording data easier and with an increase in development of the technological sector, software programs for CRM became prominent, allied with mobile applications following the smartphone revolution in recent years. Investment in CRM software and system has increased manifold in recent times with the sector becoming the biggest department in terms of investment, leaving behind database management systems. A CRM system is considered imperative to the success of a firm.

Custom CRM Services

Companies like Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft and SAP AG provide generic CRM software for businesses all over the world. However, even though they provide a myriad of benefits and advantages to a business, many small-level firms are rendered unable to purchase these software owing to their high costs. Moreover, these systems often come loaded with heavy installation charges as well.

In lieu of this problem, custom CRM services have attained greater significance. As the name suggests, these programs cater to the individual, specific needs, functions and aims of a business and is built to operate in a way conducive to the firm’s operations. Companies across the world provide these services to other firms in order to meet their CRM needs.

Closer home, MAG Studios provides excellent custom-made CRM services. Its talented team of developers, programmers and coders ensure that every client’s individuality is reflected in their CRM system. MAG’s custom CRM software provides a number of advantages provided by custom CRM systems:

  1. It comes a much lower cost as compared to general CRM systems. This is of great benefit to small firms as it enables them to be able to purchase a CRM without inflicting heavy financial implications on themselves.
  2. It offers the benefit of individuality as it renders to customers the power to build and alter their CRM system in accordance with their aims, revenue, customers and staff.
  3. Since it is tailored exactly to one’s preferences, the installation of a custom CRM system is an easier process in comparison with the general CRM systems.
  4. Managers can reap the benefits of a custom-made CRM software as this software can be built to provide insights in a manner that is conducive to a particular manager’s way of working. 
  5. The customization and personal touch of a custom CRM system increases the efficiency of a firm by ensuring the optimal allocation of resources to different activities.

Besides these advantages, the custom CRM services provided by MAG Studios are endowed with further benefits:

  1. The CRM system created by MAG comes with an easy-to-use and understand interface, ensuring that customers who do not have a good understanding of technology can still use the CRM system to the best results.
  2. The team of MAG Studios maintains contact with the client even after the completion of a project. They are available for further services, suggestions and for the correction of any chinks that might come up in the software.


With opportunities of business moving further off the real world and increasingly into the internet, a CRM system becomes imperative to any company’s existence. However, it is just as imperative that a large amount of money isn’t splurged on the system. In lieu of this, MAG Studios, with their efficient and cost-effective services, their deep knowledge of the field and their round-the-clock availability, is the one-stop solution to your CRM problems.

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