How to improve your SEO Rankings?

Millions of internet users are looking for your products and services, your SEO Rankings determine how many of them actually find you.

Having a strong online presence helps people put their trust into your brand. Especially if you are ranking on the top google results and have just the right solutions for the user, your chances of making it big, increase even more.

But is all this easy?

Well, ranking high on search results is no cakewalk. With every small and big business trying to make an online presence, Internet is getting increasingly crowded – Naturally making the efforts to rank high even more challenging. Now before you think this through, we are here to give you a better insight on improving your SEO Rankings. Here, we have listed 5 ways by which you can rank on the top numbers on SERPs with easy efforts –

1. Publish Relevant Content

Your content’s quality acts as a driving force in improving your search engines rankings. It needs to be written considering the user mindset, their needs with the intent to provide solutions they are looking for. A well-written and nicely structured high quality article, blog or a press release, can help you to rank in the top search pages as indicated earlier; But not just this, if your content is engaging enough then chances are much higher that readers will actually stay on your site to read your post – Hence resulting in lower bounce rates and helping you with the SEO rankings. 

What else: Make sure to use Bold, Italics, Heading Tags, wherever necessary for making your post look presentable and readable for the user.

2. Refresh Your Content Regularly

You’ve presumably seen that we feel pretty unequivocally about content, right? Well that’s because Search Engines do too.  Frequently published content is seen as extraordinary bonus to a site’s performance. Keeping up with the market’s trends, user-queries and top keywords based topics, makes it much easier for you to improve your SEO rankings. If people trust your blog and get to read about new relevant topics, they will be much more inclined to return to your website to read your next post, or buy your product. So, staying abreast with the market trends is eventually going to be helpful. 

3. Metadata to improve your SEO Rankings 

When planning your site, each page contains a space between the <head> tags to embed metadata, or data about the content of your page. The value of metadata lies in its ability to more efficiently classify and organize information, as well as to yield deeper insight into the actions taking place across your business. Hence, providing more intelligence and higher quality information to fuel big data initiatives, automation, compliance, data sharing, collaboration and more.


meta data importance

4. Have a strong link-building strategy

Focus on your link-building strategy which should definitely be part of your holistic SEO strategy. But more importantly, create strong links to bring quality traffic to your website; Choose sites that could possibly link to the article you have written and make sure that they really fit the specific topic of your blog post or article. These websites will probably be very willing to link, as your blog post really fits their content and is of great quality. More importantly, visitors that will come to your website following that link will really be interested in the topic of your article (making chances of conversion and recurring visits much higher).

5. Utilize alt tags

Make sure to add Alt Tags to your images and video media as they allow the web crawlers to find your page. They boost search engine rankings and can help a website’s images display in Google search results. Although make sure that you don’t spam your keyword into every alt tag. You need good, high quality, related images for your posts, where it makes sense to have the focus keyword in the alt text.

What else: A good rule of thumb is to keep ALT text between five and 15 words

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