Website Design

5 steps to attract customers through innovative web design

It has been rightly said that you don’t get a second chance to make the first impression. This idea is particularly true when it comes

A guide to online marketing: Features and benefits

Do you remember the last time you physically went to a shop to buy something or avail some service? Don’t you find it convenient that
iOS Application Development

How outsourcing iOS app development can benefit your company

The global smartphone market witnessed a revolution when Apple’s iPhone was launched.  IOS, the mobile operating system used in all Apple hardware, became the second

Steps to regain market presence with MAG

A good brand image takes years to build. With a suitable strategy and proper execution, any business can create an unforgettable market presence that aligns

Small businesses can take the world by storm with custom software solutions

The evolution of technology has brought about many changes in the software development industry. The market has become more and more competitive with developing business

Mobile applications : What do customers really want?

Mobile applications have made a huge impact on the lives of millions of people. Can you imagine going one day without Facebook, Instagram or Netflix? You can easily order
Mobile Application Development

Types of mobile application – web, native or hybrid

When we wake up in the morning, the first thing most of us do is check our phones. Scrolling through social media, reading the news or

Stages of development of an efficient mobile application

Around the year 2002, not many people would have thought that in a few years, they could have their whole life managed and organized with
Software Development​ Company in India

Custom software solutions to make your business stand out

Today, the world has become more competitive than it has ever been. People are adopting different techniques to make their business stand out in the

Upgrade your business models with MAG Studios

Over the years, firms have adopted various types of business strategies for growth and development of their business. But today, the kind of business model
Best Content Management System

Benefits of CMS for budding freelancers

When you are a freelancer, the operations of the entire business lies on your shoulders. Right from creating relevant content to marketing and advertising it, starting out alone can

Ways in which CMS can make customers self-sufficient

There were times when we wanted to transform our ideas into concrete reality. But our lack of specialized technical knowledge proved to be the stumbling

The Evolution of CRM during the 21st century

In olden times, traditional businesses held their trading practices in an inherently old-fashioned manner which involved the use of pen and paper to keep track
CRM Development Company

How CRM can take customer satisfaction to the next level

Relationships are the driving force of any business. Knowing your target audience and understanding their needs is an essential factor in the growth of any

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