What is an Intranet solution and Why does my company need one?

In today’s time, information drives most of the organizations. No matter which organizational industry you are in, the vitality of the information relates to your services, products, workflows, standard operating procedures, and way more. The flow of information at workplaces is so heavy that solving inter-communication, collaboration challenges, and employee engagement would require heavy tools. We need a one-way solution that flourishes business benefits within the budget and humble investment.

Modern intranets are dynamic in variety. They provide an open-ended platform to employees to stay connected, socialize, share knowledge, collaborate, access internal resources, and manage project tasks. But why do you need this?

Business processes get simplified

It is undeniable that pen-paper and email-based business processes are rather a tedious task. Working with the overflowing trays of papers is a very elaborate and error-prone procedure. This is where a modern intranet pops in and rationalizes the business processes automating most of them. This presents a collaboration of efficient time and energy while reflecting on higher productivity.

Communication is a two-way street

An intranet facilitates clear internal communication between groups and people, avoiding information-drops and misunderstandings. The co-workers can effortlessly transfer information and create bonds all across the organization. The intranet works as a mediator if there is a gripping participation by the employees. 

It minimizes search time

Intranet is a spider-web of well-organized navigation systems leading to numerous organized sites. If the content is concerned within multiple links, the employees tend to spend substantial time searching for the relevant information. And vigorous navigation is assisted by advanced global search options that surface a content-base as per keywords. This is the way most of the modern applications and search engines work.

A modern intranet on Office 365 allows employees to search through keywords, to find relevant documents, news, blogs, people, articles, and announcements, sites in an organized space. The whole advanced functionality eases the architectural planning of information.

A collaborative environment

Designing a first-grade business in the long run requires you to improve employee engagement and bring more substance to employees’ value. Collaboration is primary to business success. It not only drives employee engagement, but also augments business growth. With a merged platform, it’s rather effortless to share information across different organisational units.

A collaborative culture is particularly favourable when your team is scattered across different time zones and departments. The intranet becomes the most instrumental place for them to collaborate virtually and encourages them to put together task management, social conversations, and information. When the system brings all this together, the employees can invest more on the work that’s of higher importance and become productive.

Knowledge management at an ease

Before, employees used to waste their productive time in searching the relevant information as they had to filter through many cluttered inboxes and unorganised repositories. A knowledge base is a central platform that makes the information readily accessible and searchable. With a modern intranet, one can declutter and simplify the knowledge management process and limit the time users invest in search engine bars.

Flexible accessibility with mobile

With the ever-consuming need for mobility, the organizations need to offer flexible working solutions to the employees. Due to distant locations, or maternal needs, the employees often work on differing schedules. If they can access the relevant information on mobile hand-ready, this becomes an on-the-go solution. Adding to the flexible work schedules, the employees happen to require the dataset on client location, networking events, sales trips, or any other company events. A modern intranet sets you on, with the opportunity to take your office intranet solution on the road. For example, you can get push notifications on your mobile device to get access to information from any part, at any time. When real-time access to information comes in handy, it surely can make differences for productivity levels and employee satisfaction.