Top Three Tips on How to Use Social Media Optimization as an Effective Tool for Your Business.

Social Media Optimization, a dynamic tool, expanding at such a fast pace, isn’t easy to keep up with its ever changing strategies. Now, the mass is majorly shifting from the traditional marketing strategies to Social Media Optimization (SMO); As the stats prove it as a much better & cheaper option to boost any type of business.  It is now a priority for every business to upgrade themselves to the new strategies & practices of SMO, if they don’t want to get cornered. So, we have a few tips for you, which would help you to effectively use Social Media Optimization to boost your business:-

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Why you should use Magento for eCommerce Website Development?

eCommerce exposes your business to millions and millions of potential customers, who are waiting to buy your products and services online and Magento is one of the most widely used and cost effective eCommerce platform, which can help you multiply your revenues exponentially.  This infographic, put together by us at MAG Studios explains the advantages of using Magento and the ease with which you can setup your eCommerce store.


magento eComerce website development by magstudios

How Well Can SEO Alter Our Website’s Digital Marketing Life?

If you know what SEO is, then you may know its mystery too. Well, some digital mysteries don’t have an ending or any dynamic conclusions. The mysterious questions lingering on our minds all the time is ‘WHAT ARE SEARCH ENGINES LOOKING FOR?’ or ‘ HOW CAN ONE BUILD A WEBSITE WHICH IS EASILY ACCESSIBLE AND TRACEABLE FOR SEARCH ENGINES AND AUDIENCE?’  or ‘HOW CAN SEO MAKE ANY WEBSITE’S PRESENCE TRACEABLE?’.

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Top 3 Things To Keep In Mind While Developing An iPhone App

As an iPhone App Developer, you need to take note of the fact that your app could be as robust as it looks but often times loses its credibility when crashes in front of the user. The core is that due to constant crashes, its value is lost regardless of the quality of the content inside. This is something, which should be taken care of at the very initial stage. This is why all worthy iPhone App Developers take extra care to get rid of any problems that might occur during the app development process. An app that has absolutely no problem whatsoever is referred to as a bug-free app. Well, it’s hard to make sure of that, but required precautions can always be taken:

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Know-How To Get An In-Budget Development Of iOS Applications

No doubts, that the iOS app development is so much in demand in the market, as the mass is majorly preferring iOS over Android; But the cost of developing an iOS application is the biggest concern for any business owner. Well, surely the iOS app development process requires one hefty cheque from your pocket but because now lots of iPhone app developers are available, it is quite a simple task to cut down the cost, if you know how to negotiate. So, if you are a noob in this game, keep in mind the simple tactics which might come handy for your next app development meeting:

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The Gross Developments in the Indian Smartphone Market

Technology, being the major development in our life is driving our lives at a fast pace. With the advent of new technology, now people have the urge to stay upgraded on every technological aspect; Which is why smartphones have taken over the responsibility to keep us updated every moment. And if talking in the context of the Asian countries, India is overtaking the global smartphone market by storm. Major reasons for such great developments are ‘The Whopping Smartphone market’ : India has the fastest growing smartphone market in the world and the stats prove that around 27.5 million devices have been sold in the second quarter of 2016. So, the probability according to Ericsson Mobility Report is that the mobile subscriptions are expected to hit 1.4 billion by 2021. Also, these reports states that India is on the constant move to incur gross profits from this sector by the end of 2020.

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Before Hiring an iOS App Development Company, Always Keep These Points in Mind

iOS app development service

Developing an iOS application to boost your business is not an easy task. It is important to appropriately select the developer or else your business might get stuck in a clutter. There are a number of factors which should be taken into account while hiring the developer. You need to have a clear approach, so we have the facts which you need transparency in:

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