7 Best Digital Marketing Techniques

The landscape of marketing has drastically changed over the three decades. There are newer ways of marketing your eCommerce and business which leads to high traffic and more customers. There has been a boom in start-ups being created every day and bringing in more growth and business in the field.

Although we are familiar with the good old way of marketing, there is a lot more to learn about our new ways of digital marketing or any eCommerce marketing techniques. Today, we will talk about a handful of digital marketing or eCommerce marketing techniques to enhance the growth of your business.

Email Marketing

In general, email was primarily used by universities and corporations to communicate on a professional level. It’s been a few decades with the existence of emails, but they are not going out of trend. Email marketing is a highly efficient tool for any business to use, but it is difficult to harness this tool.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the most powerful tool in marketing today. There is no active organization that does not use or run its business with the help of social media marketing. Social media marketing contributes to growing your brand and produces top-notch content for your brand and clients.

Influencer Marketing

These days, everyone has a social profile on various social media platforms, and they follow their own set of artists and influencers. Influencer marketing works in this format, and it’s inexpensive compared to the traditional marketing techniques for new companies and start-ups. You need to get your products or services endorsed by highly influential people on various social media platforms.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When you create a website to sell your products or services, it is important to have higher Google rankings for your website. It allows your company’s website to be easily accessible and visible to your potential customer. SEO (SEO Company in India) allows your website to reach its potential ranking and positions your website into a profitable venture.

Re-targeting Ads

You created your business, promoted it, but there is no feedback or customers. What do you do next? You re-target your ads. You can re-target your ads to those potential customers who showed interest by visiting your website or social media handles. You can create your next set of ads to specifically target those audiences or places.

Viral Marketing

What’s the one thing common in videos like Gangnam style, Pen Pineapple or memes? They get viral. Viral marketing is a newer and offbeat concept that makes a particular thing viral and trending all over the internet. It allows you to create a brand from the scratch and bring in a new way of marketing for your desired product or services.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is very similar to influencer marketing, but it works a bit differently. You get to recruit affiliates for your brand to draw in leads. You can hire salespeople who work on a commission basis, and you can decide on the commission. Google Analytics allows you to create customised links to track your sales made through affiliate marketing.

6 Useful SEO Techniques to Drive your Traffic

The hardest part about SEO, even for the top SEO companies is its fluidity. Google updates its algorithm at least once per day. It’s preposterous to keep track of all the changes. Do not waste your time on this. Instead, try learning the best SEO techniques which will automatically allow traffic to your website. Here are a few steps to keep in mind:

Focus on Featured Snippets

Featured snippets should become a part of your strategy. You cannot select the content shown in a featured snippet, but you can optimize your content, so it’s more likely to appear in a featured snippet with the help of long-tail keywords, proper format, and use of questions.

Learn the EAT Principle

The EAT principle can help you master long-term SEO success and help you tackle Google’s constantly changing algorithm. EAT stands for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. It’s important to measure your brand’s reputation on the web. Google ranks more established, brand authentic sites higher on the page than the unknown ones. Therefore, you must learn the EAT principle.

Create Fresh Content

It goes without saying, but your content speaks volumes and sometimes marketers get caught in the details of the SEO and neglect to focus on creating new quality content for searchers. When you create fresh content, you get to optimize with vest SEO practices. Fresh content is more valuable to the users than outdated content. The more you publish fresh content, the higher you will rank.

Update Old Content

The best SEO techniques not just involve creating fresh content but also updating the old and outdated content which you have created. It takes an ample amount of time to create content; it is best to update it at any chance. When you publish new content, your old content can become obsolete and irrelevant. The easiest way to go back and refresh your content would be to add extra or internal links to your fresh and newer content.

Focus on User Experience

When you are creating a website for your business, it is essential to make the website user-friendly. As to boost your website, you are most likely focused on better SEO and ranking. The true way to boost your website could also be about improving your website. Mobile-friendliness, navigation, speed of the page, interactivity, and the quality of the content matters in increasing the user experience, which leads to higher traffic.

Use of Images

The world is colorful, and people like to see pictures on their social platforms. When you are reading a blog, it’s better to add a few images to make the blog attractive and effective to the readers. No user wants a dull page or article and this leads them to not return to your page, which leads to a downfall in your web traffic.


The world of SEO is constantly changing, but staying updated with the current trends and following these steps can help you rank a few steps higher and lead you closer to your goal.


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