The future of SEO.

There are a lot of speculations in the industry about the future of SEO, and with each Google update, they get more intense. 

Nowadays, many companies are putting their money on SEO, as they all can see its potential in the upcoming future. People are more curious about it than ever before. So, what the future holds for SEO, read further to find out. 

  • Brace yourself for Voice Searches.

In 2012, Google launched a voice search. It still isn’t that relevant. But, many experts believe voice search will bring a big change in SEO in the upcoming future. 

International and bilingual companies need to understand how they can use voice search for better rankings. Many experts think that by 2020, 50% of searches are going to be voice searches.  

  • Content will hold more importance. 

With 2018 algorithm updates, Google has shown that websites with consistent and in-depth content will be favored more. Websites that aren’t focusing much on their content are likely to suffer in terms of ranking.

This behavior will likely be continued in the future as well.   

  • Need for Speed.

In today’s world, speed holds a very important factor for humans. People nowadays are in a hurry, and this will likely affect SEO as well. Websites that are speed optimized are likely to rank more. The mobile-friendliness of a website is also going to become an important factor in terms of rankings. 

Google has always been user-oriented, and in the future, it is going to remain the same. 

  • Links will always matter. 

Links have always been an integral part of SEO, and it is likely to remain the same. Websites with good quality links will always perform better than websites with hundreds of sub-par links. 

  • Impact of AI.

AI(artificial intelligence) is disrupting every sector, and it will continue to do the same in the future. AI will have a huge effect on how google searches depend on keywords. 

Your Google searches will be personalized and automated with the help of AI.

  • Go beyond Google.

Search engine optimization( SEO) has always been about google. Many in the industry often joke about it saying SEO should be called Google search optimization. But, this will change in the upcoming years, as Amazon is dominating the eCommerce sector.

It may take time because beating a giant like Google seems impossible for even companies like Amazon and Apple. But, SEO for these companies is going to be important, as search engine optimization is not only about Google. 

The world of the internet is changing every day. Therefore, SEO is also going to change a lot, as technology is getting more advanced with time. People aren’t giving up on SEO, but to keep themselves ahead of this game. They need to change their tactics with time. 

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