Some key elements of modern website design.

Web designers and developers are no longer focusing on creating a fancy and stylish website. Instead, they are focusing on the user experience and functionality of a website. They know there is no point in making an over the top website if it can not function properly. 

Modern website design has many elements, which makes it suitable for the current generation. So, if you want to know those key elements that make a modern website successful, then read further.

  • Minimal design.

Being minimalistic is hard, and making a website with a minimal design is even harder. Minimal design is about making a website design simple and free of any excess content. 

“Less is better”, keep this in mind while creating a website design. Choosing a simple layout is difficult, as you do not want your design to look dull. Therefore, while creating a minimalistic design, try to make it look engaging and interesting as well. 

  • Effective typography.

Typography is another one of the major elements of modern website design. Unique typography will keep your users engaged for a longer time. 

Even if your content is great, it will not matter to the customers, if they can not easily read it. The size and style of the font matter a lot. You need the font on your website to be large and crisp so that users can read them easily, and it should also look good. 

  • Simple and impactful colour palette. 

“Colours represent emotions”, this statement is as true as the sun in the sky. A majority of popular websites use simple and consistent colour pallet. Most websites nowadays use a limited number of colours. But, they follow a scheme to choose the colour palette. 

People often associate colours with particular brands, for example, the Mcdonalds iconic relationship with the colour yellow, and red, blue, and white colour combination of Pepsi’s logo. That is why a website needs to have a simple, limited, and consistent choice of colours. 

  • White spaces.

White spaces are the empty white areas on your website. They don’t look important, but they are a very key element of modern website design.  

Whites spaces are used as a visual break between a website’s content. They provide users a sense of clarity and calmness, keeping their focus on the topic. 

  • Hero images and background videos. 

Hero image and background videos are one of the most popular website design tactics. There are some great websites out there, who use hero images and background videos to create an impeccable website design.  

Hero images are huge images or banners that cover the entire part of a website, normally used as a base for the website’s homepage. Similar to this background or full-page custom videos are also used to create an engaging and informative modern website design. 


If you put time and work into making modern website design, then users will notice it and will appreciate you as well. Always remember a website isn’t just for the internet presence of your business, but it is the modern representation of your company and its values. 

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