Tips to get an in-budget iOS app developed

Wire-Framing Wire-Framing is nothing but just drawing down the basic look of your app. You need not go into the fancy detailing but just a

A single Snapchat update and lot of raised concerns!

When Snapchat came up with the new update that allows certain users to track down your exact location – a lot of concern about children’s

“After WannaCry, it’s Petya – The Continuous affair of Ransomware Attacks”

Many organizations in the west have been crippled by the ‘Petya’ ransomware attack – from leading firms to local businesses, all seems to be at

Seven Elements of a good Website Design

There are millions of websites on the internet, but only a few stand out and leave a good impression on the user’s mind. What is

“Why does your business require professional Web Design Services?”

Web design is the crux of any digital web experience. Any business that needs to grow, both online and offline, requires a digital platform –

Nokia takes over Withings: Hit pay dirt with ‘Withings’ reputation

With the advent of Nokia’s newly launched phones, the brand just revamped its image in the marketplace too. Nokia just became the talk of the

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