The Advantages and Disadvantages of Extranet

There are many fields such as educational institutes and medical faculties using extranet for their safety. An extranet can add value to your business by making effective communication among partners, clients, and customers in the easiest way possible. However, the extranet is faced with several advantages as well as disadvantages that should not be ignored. Today, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of an extranet.

The Advantages

An extranet allows business organizations to conduct their transactions in a safe and structured environment. It also collaborates with clients and stakeholders anywhere around the world. Extranet ensures the protection of your data.

An extranet is extremely flexible regardless of the location, time of the users. It allows you to access the business information 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Extranet has been quite useful during the pandemic, as remote jobs were on the rise and employees could not leave their homes.

There are several software solutions companies that recommended businesses to adopt extranet solutions. It is essential to control the access to your data and ensure it is in safe hands. Extranet protects your data from any security breaches because of illegal entry to your system, firewalls, and proxies. These threats are usually unnoticed without the help of an extranet solution.

There are several software solutions companies that have recommended using extranet software solutions for business. There is direct access to information on the extranet portals, which can be efficiently used by the employees at any given time. The scope of errors decreases when a company works on an extranet.

Automation is the future of an organization. When there is more automation, your company can enjoy more time to be productive in other departments and can be more productive. Extranet ensures to preserve critical information and increase productivity.

The Disadvantages

Extranet software solutions are effective and time-saving, but they are not cost-effective. It is expensive to have an extranet due to direct expenses such as hardware, software, and training of employees. You have to maintain your software and repairs are another expense that can occur.

The implementation and maintenance are expensive. It is more expensive if the extranet is developed in-house. You need experienced employees to run the extranet, which also involves purchasing hardware and software.

Extranet contains features, integrations, and customizations which are complicated to the general employee. Hence, many users prefer not to use the extranet without proper training.

An extranet solution is used to protect the privacy and information of the organization. It can happen both internally and externally as well. Sensitive information, such as identification and password, can be leaked and missed in the wrong hands.

Extranet provides a portal to save your information and data for later use by the organization. An extranet is not normally preferred in real-time interactions, such as video conferences and telephony. A communication delay can be a major downfall in businesses, as it is important to follow the traditional norms of face-to-face meetings between customers and business partners.

Advantages of hiring a software development company

Technology is at the heart of modern commerce and industry. There is no advancement in human life without technology. Technology plays an essential role in the development of companies and humans alike. The software used by companies acts as the roots of the organization and helps it to grow and become sturdy and profitable like an oak. A company depends a lot on its software and technology to stay and keep up with the fast-paced nature of businesses.

To develop and run a successful business, good software and maintenance are required, and they create custom software for the smooth running of the business. Today, we will discuss the advantages of hiring a software development company rather than creating custom software in your own company.


There are many dedicated companies that offer software development services to businesses on a large- or small-scale basis. The creation of software is not a simple process, and it requires an ample amount of time and experience. It takes a huge amount to create your own department to create and test the software. It is best to hire a software development company as it can save time and provide the best software development services at less cost.

Advanced Technology

As technology grows faster and stronger, customers need to adapt it quickly to increase the efficiency and profitability of the organization. It is better to hire software development services from a software development company as they are aware of the market trend and are updated with the latest technology. Software development companies are indulged in creating or working on software. Hence, they are always at the forefront when there is an advancement in technology.

Saves Time

There are many software solutions companies in India and overseas. It is best to hire software development services from a software development company to save time. Organizations are usually working on multiple projects of the firm or for a client. It is best not to create a software development sector, as it will take up time to set and monitor. Without experience employees in the software department, the company would be losing their funds and precious time. Therefore, hiring a software development company saves time.

Less Error

When you are hiring software development services from a software development company, you get to work with employees who have years of experience and knowledge of the software. It ensures your project is in skilled hands, and you can focus on running the organization rather than focusing on one department. The skilled employees are efficient and make sure there is no room for errors in creating, developing, or updating software. Therefore, it is best to hire services from a software development company.


There are numerous software solutions companies in India, and every company is focused on creating the best software for their clients. It is propitious to hire software development services from a software development company to increase the efficiency and interface of the software used by the organization.

The need to use react.js for web development

What is React.js?

In 2021, many multinationals and big corporations are familiar with react.js and its uses, but React.js didn’t have a smooth journey. React was originally created by Facebook for their own private use. Later Facebook made react open-sourced and Facebook and Instagram both started using it. It gained a lot of popularity because of the open-end feature as more people experimented with it; they started embracing the component-centric approach for separating concerns.

There are multiple options out in the market and Java scripting is still the heart robe of web development. Therefore, today we will discuss why we need to use react.js for web development.

High Performance

The biggest advantage React has over Java is its performance. During the development of react, the developers notice the JavaScript is effective and fast but takes its own time in updating the DOM which overall makes it slower. React ensures to minimize the DOM changes and figured out the most effective and efficient way to update DOM without losing the performance.

React is able to handle the updating of DOM in the best way possible and has multiple benefits like avoiding layout trashing, which is when the browser has to re-calculate the position when the DOM element changes. The library size of react is extremely tiny compared to the competitors in the market. React is more user-friendly than other software.


React is a remarkably easy software to learn and very flexible compared to the competitors. It is quite beneficial for companies to hire react developers or outsource react software development rather than working on any other web development software. When you learn react, you can easily work to create a variety of platforms to build a quality user interface.

The sole purpose of react was to create components for web applications and react acts as a library rather than a framework which makes react a remarkable tool. The growing popularity of react has helped in the evolution of react and is now used in various companies.

Developer Experience

The team of developers will totally adore react as it is easy and fun to use. HTML powers the traditional frameworks, such as angular and Vue, and to use these frameworks, you need to be fluent in using HTML as well. The major problem with this is you need to learn new HTML attributes or always refer to them while making any changes. React ensures that such errors do not occur while using it and you do not need to learn extra attributes for web development.

Community Support

React has fantastic community support as it powers both Facebook and Instagram. Facebook is the creator of React, and the majority of Facebook has adapted to react in some form. Since 2015, react has gained and steadily maintained its popularity in the web development area. React has broader community support as a web development software and ranks higher in terms of usability and flexibility.