Tips to boost your sales of Magento based eCommerce Store

Moving online is a necessity for businesses of any kind today. Being a developing country with extreme talents, India has emerged as a promising destination for IT outsourcing. If you are thinking of having a marketplace online, then Magento eCommerce platform is the perfect choice for you. But if already using Magento and have an eCommerce store, then it is really important to continue boosting its sales. But how?

In this current age of technology, a mobile site isn’t just important—but necessary. As a fact, most of the online shoppers invest their time in internet, through mobile itself. Mobile now accounts for around 65% of eCommerce traffic, which is more than the half of it. So, knowing this fact, it is essential to focus & invest our strategies and time to making our eCommerce site mobile friendly, hence resulting in boosting sales.

So, we have a few tips on how to boost your Mobile Magento E-Commerce Sales:

Invest in great User Experience: Having an easy to use Magento ecommerce store is important for both desktop and mobile sites. This affects how your site ranks in mobile search and eventually pleases your customers too.

The audience loses interest if they do not have a good user experience on your website, hence a loss in ranking will lead to decreased traffic and sales overall. Making sure your Magento store is mobile-friendly is simplified with the use of extensions. Mobile users are all about speed. Make sure your page speed and checkout process are quick and seamless with required extensions to improve site performance. Also, to enhance your site’s navigational properties, optimize the customer experience with site search. 

Focus on Increasing Your Mobile Audience: Marketing specifically to mobile users can be helpful in your goal to increase sales. As you would for a desktop site, you should have a specific strategy geared toward your mobile shoppers. Create specific landing pages and campaigns that target and encourage mobile users to visit your eCommerce store. For noobs, you must know that this can be strengthened by paid search and display advertising, hence strengthening your brand’s presence on the internet.

Understand the market trends: When the stores are closed, customers continue to search for products on their mobile devices. MOBILE PRODUCT SEARCHES HAVE INCREASED MAJORLY OVER THE YEARS AND HAVE RESULTED IN HUMONGOUS EXPANSION OF eCOMMERCE STORES. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Mobile devices have become powerful for holiday shopping—you can watch product demos, compare brands, and view photos on the go. But while shoppers are browsing eCommerce site during this busy time, make sure you’re at peak performance from a technical perspective. Additionally, make sure that both your ads and the site include all relevant product information for the shopper-so that they already have an insight to what your services are.

Make your way through the mediums: Mobile is weighted heavily toward visuals over text, so factor that into your product descriptions, photos, and home page. Use all the social media (mediums) to increase your brand presence and generate traffic to your website, hence boosting your eCommerce sales.  Social Media Engagement: Start conversations and foster communities through Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter—social mediums where apps are used more proficiently than the websites—and increase your new customer base with brand awareness. Social Media Advertising:Once your social communities are buzzing, contribute to your sales volume by publicizing specials, coupons, new products and more across the cost-friendly advertising platforms on these mediums. 

Hope these tips help you to boost your eCommerce store’s sales and also if you are looking for Magento eCommerce website development, then feel free to contact us at or call us at +91 99100 70501.

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