Factors That Account For The Popularity Of Angularjs Framework

Javascript is increasingly becoming a preferred client-side programming language for developing large scale web applications. Even more interesting are its various dynamic frameworks that allow developers to reduce the development time and overall cost. This is certainly a good news for every client looking for an application development.

One of the most desired Javascript frameworks is the Angular.js that has various reasons behind its increasing popularity. Alternately referred to as Angular, the framework is an open source one which is maintained by Google and a community of individual developers. Below are some of the factors that account for its popularity.

  1. Being a Google product, Angular.js instantly wins confidence.
  2. It enables effortless development of large scale web applications at the same time keeping everything organized.
  3. It has a specific coding style that makes it easy to understand and less prone to errors. Even developers from other languages find it comprehensible and easy to work with.
  4. One of its key feature is to allow modularizing and extracting components without any complication.
  5. It is much faster given the fact that it modifies the page DOM rather than adding inner HTML code.
  6. Angular allows easier testing which makes it highly appealing to developers.
  7. Even with a minimal knowledge of the framework, a developer can start creating an app which is certainly not possible with other frameworks.
  8. It always offers something new to learn or explore even to those who are familiar with it. This makes it an exciting tool to work with no matter how long you keep working on it.
  9. Its simplicity is its key feature that keeps you on track while coding. If your codes are too complicated, you are on the wrong track.
  10. The framework has quite a few extended features such as dependency injection, view orchestration, routing, animation, etc.

These are some of the major factors that make Angularjs the desired tool for single-page applications. It gives a tough fight to its rival framework Knockoutjs in many aspects. No doubt, the dynamic framework still has some limitations. With multiple ways to carry out a programme, it sometimes makes it difficult for a developer to identify the suitability of the ways for a particular project. Some of the additional technologies that perfectly complement Angular thus allowing it to complete a task include ASP.NET Web API,  ASP.NET SingleR and RequireJS.

All in all, Angularjs is simple yet challenging and exciting. For best results, all you need is an experienced team to execute everything accurately.

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