Drupal VS WordPress: Differences

Drupal or WordPress? Which one to go with?

Well here are the differences that will help you settle on your choice –


  • Drupal is more mind boggling than WordPress, so on account of this Drupal has some propelled functionality.
  • Drupal gives different multiple content types or page templates. Drupal’s has further developed user permissions when contrasted with WordPress. Various site partners are supportable through Drupal having site admins, content editors, individualized access to private content, and more.
  • A great deal of customization has been done in Drupal 8 for reinforcing its functionalities.

Adaptability/ Flexibility

  • There are extensive variety of free and paid themes and plugins accessible in the WordPress that helps you to begin building WordPress site. While Drupal accompanies just starter themes and all are intended for custom development.
  • Plugins accessible, for example, SEO to internet based life and more are accessible for WordPress so it is more sought after when compared with Drupal. Plugins accessible in Drupal are considered modules that are free and huge numbers of them having comparative functionalities. Modules accessible in the WordPress are anything but difficult to oversee i.e. installing and updating which is troublesome in the Drupal.

Ease of USE

  • Drupal is more equipped for growing further developed locales so it requires more technical experience when compared with WordPress.
  • WordPress is straightforward with constrained learning so site advancement with the quantity of customization alternatives accessible in it.
  • WordPress has WYSIWYG editor and drag and drop function, so creating WordPress site will be less demanding and quick.


  • The significant difference amongst Drupal and WordPress is security. As we know that whole open source community has fear of security share and Drupal gives enterprise level security profundity security report. So most govt. organizations use Drupal to ensure the security factor.
  • Normally, WordPress is usually available to hackers and cyber attacks. Hosting Platforms and user friendly plugins makes it less targetable and WPEngine too.


  • Downloading and installing for both Drupal and WordPress will be free yet there will be an extra cost related to them.
  • Drupal may need support from external resources so Developers required for Drupal will be more costly than WordPress.

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