Top 5 software development trends in 2019.

When it comes to technology, we all know how dynamic it is, and it should be. Technology evolves every day, nothing age faster than technology. A mobile phone you may have bought last year would hold no value today, as a new phone with better features comes in the market every day.

To keep yourself updated and ahead from the others in terms of software development, you need to keep up with the latest trends. That is why we have put down the top 5 software development trends in 2019 you should keep your eye on. 

1. AI will be bigger than ever. 

Till now, you may interact with AI(artificial intelligence) only through Siri by Apple and Google assistant. But, in the upcoming years, this is likely to change a lot, as AI will hold a bigger and more important role in software development.  

AI will be very important for businesses, as it will work as an employee for many companies. AI will likely improve customer experience, along with machine learning.

2. Rise of cloud services.

Cloud services have been active for a long time now, and with each year it is growing to be bigger and better. 

Cloud service refers to a digital space, where users can store data, without using their phone or computer storage. In the upcoming year, cloud service is likely to take a front seat and will be more useful than before. 

3. Impact of blockchain technology. 

Blockchain is the technology that made cryptocurrency possible a few years. But, at that time, people were more focused on its financial gains, rather than focusing on what it means for the future of technology.

In the upcoming years, blockchain will have a huge impact on every software development company. More companies will likely use blockchain technology, as it provides an easier and safer option for recording economic transactions. 

4. Law code development will progress. 

Law code development simplifies the process of software development. With law code development, both technical and non-technical professionals can build applications and software. 

Law code development will affect every software development company in India and everywhere else in the world. It will simplify the development process for each individual. 

5. Brace yourself for 5G.

By the end of 2019, more companies are likely to launch 5G enabled smartphones, and it is likely to have a huge impact on every software development company in India, and across the globe.

It will also have a huge effect on IOT(internet of things), VR(virtual reality), and AR(augmented reality).

To keep yourself ahead in the software development industry, you need to update and implement changes according to the latest trends. As we have said earlier technology evolves every day. Therefore, you also need to adapt these changes with time. 

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