It comes as no surprise that social media has become a real factor in rankings. Social media is best described as any site that involves user interaction to drive the site – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest are all social media platforms.

Though most SEO companies still consider backlinks as the driving force behind keyword rankings, we believe that there is an ongoing movement to eliminate the spammy tactics often used to build backlinks and instead, focus on real people through social media and public discussions.

No doubts that the ‘Social media is the driving force behind most internet traffic’. It makes sense that the search engines are using social media interactions as a ranking signal. Whatever content is the most talked about and does viral rounds on internet due to its relevance, Google considers it

Google tracks user behavior and can determine if a user’s discussion about a website is good or bad. Therefore, it makes sense that Google will increasingly rely on real users to tell their robots what sites are good and what sites are bad.

How are Reviews the “New” backlinks? – It is our opinion that customer reviews translate into backlinks. Would you believe that Google can even evaluate the strength of a review based on the actions and history of the person that left the review? It’s true. Google can do that! All those good reviews reviews can be crosschecked by google and your website is ranked according to it.

How is a client review considered significant by Google? – A client that has an established account with Google and that is active on social media can have a significant impact on rankings. Our opinion on this, will be that the future holds major changes in how the search engines evaluate and rank websites and customer reviews will be the largest driving force behind keyword rankings.

How fake backlinks can trigger a penalty? – Fake backlinks can trigger a penalty with the search engines. If you’re going to encourage your clients to leave reviews, make sure you aren’t attempting to game Google with fake, paid, or over-the-top reviews. These type of tactics will harm your website in the near future.
Google will continue to use backlinks as the strongest ranking signal and will slowly replace backlinks with customer reviews. We strongly recommend our clients to work on getting more online reviews.

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