Some Important Tips to Manage the PPC Agency You Hired

Hiring a suitable Pay-Per-Click agency is a tough task; But after hiring comes the part of managing. At times, many companies fail to keep tabs with the work that their PPC agencies are doing for them, hence leading to slow business growth. So, here we have  a few tips for you to manage your PPC agency successfully and ensure your business a  boastful growth:-

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Always evaluate their PPC strategy – Every PPC agency you will meet is either goal driven or data driven but as a business owner, it is your duty to specify the results you want from them. You have to bluntly clarify what your goals for advertising are. If your PPC agency is just doing search ads then you are missing a lot from their service; other than just Google Search ads, can they even do Facebook ads, Bing/Yahoo ads, Banners Ads etc. So, make sure their PPC strategy suits your business and proves to be a ROI.

Have full access– It is a must for every business owner to have full access to the PPC based accounts, be it Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads or any other account, the agency is managing for you. For obvious reasons you need to keep tab on the work that they are doing for you & have a right to know exactly what they are doing with your money and also how they are spending it.

Routine reports are the key– It is important to track your monthly reports. If you seek monthly data reports, then clarify in the very beginning and this way you see a summary of what is being done, and what is planned for upcoming months. Make sure that they put everything in the reports, what you are expecting from them. If your goal is Return on Investment, that needs to be on their standard report. So, it is up to you to receive the details routinely, or else you might even loose the purpose of hiring the PPC agency.

Stay in touch with the Handler– Stay in touch with the person who is managing your PPC account. Get to know, how many accounts are they handling other than yours-what are the new strategies that they are coming up with (every now & then)- what should you be expecting from them and most importantly how are they going to cater to your needs. Although, the PPC terms can be difficult to understand, but it is easy to evaluate your ROI from PPC advertising.

Get regular account updates – Stay Updated! It is more or less a regular update for your business to witness growth routinely. You’ll want to check up on your PPC consultants to make sure they are regularly working on the account & knows exactly what is going on with the account, you pay them to manage. Get an insight to the history of their strategies that they have used and aimed for achieving the goals-whether or not, they are using new strategies or aiming at new audience etc. If you will stay updated, then there is higher probability to assure yourself a boon than a bane.

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