Why a mobile app is important for your eCommerce store?

Mobile apps have become more important for any business nowadays than they were ever before. eCommerce store sites are no longer the top choice for the customer to purchase something. 

Technology has evolved, so did the people using it. Smartphone users have increased a lot since the last few years, and they are likely to grow more in the forthcoming future as well. Nowadays, every leading eCommerce store has a mobile app across every platform. 

People now prefer mobile apps more than websites, apart from this, there are so many other reasons why a mobile app is important for your eCommerce store.  

1. Better accessibility.

A very important aspect of having a mobile app for your eCommerce store is its accessibility. Mobile apps are easier to navigate, and they are also more accessible in comparison to websites. 

According to certain surveys, people are likely to purchase from a mobile app again than a website, as it is easier to open an application than logging into a website. Mobile apps help companies to attract customers more than once.

2. Better user experience.

Mobile apps provide a better user experience to customers. Mobile apps have easier options and more personalized menus. You can add a wishlist option to make it easier for people to find the products they liked earlier. 

Mobile apps are more compatible and interesting than a website. You can provide customers with in-app discounts and offers to make them use your app more. Mobile apps also perform faster and smoother than a standard Html domain.

3. Better brand image.

By launching an app, you can build a distinguished brand image.  People who will use your app will memorize a better image of your brand in their minds. Your customers will see your brand logo and app design more often, which will give them a better impression that will stick in their minds. Therefore, they are likely to come back, as they have built trust in your brand.  

4. Loyal customer base.

People who will have your app installed on their phones are likely to open it more than once, and every time they will check their phone, your app will be there. Therefore, every time they want to make a purchase, they will use your app to do that.

If we look into statistics, 80% of people who shop online through mobile apps are likely to come back again to the same app when they need to purchase something.

5. Less shopping cart abandonment. 

They are a lot of people who add products in their cart and later forget about it. With a mobile app, you can notify people and can give them reminders about purchasing the product before the last stock left. 

Mobile apps lower shopping cart abandonment by notifying people about available stock status and added items in the cart.

6. Push notification marketing.

Push notification marketing is a marketing strategy where companies send customers notification from their apps to promote new products, discounts, and offers.

You can use this strategy to increase your sales and profits, as people check their notifications throughout the day. You can convert many people into potential customers with this strategy.

7. Better Affordability. 

A mobile app gives you a better and more affordable way to do many things, such as payments, maintaining inventory, communication, and customer support. 

Mobile apps help you save a lot of operational costs, which you can use in many other things to benefit your business. You can provide discount offers to customers, or you can introduce lucky draws, such things will help you attract more customers. 

The benefits of having a mobile app for your eCommerce store aren’t limited to huge sales numbers and profits. They also give your customers a reliable source to connect with you, which is very important, as we all know, customers are the lifeblood of any company.

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