Top 3 Things to keep in mind while developing an iPhone app

As an iPhone App Developer, you need to take note of the fact that your app could be as sturdy as it looks but often times loses its credibility when crashes in front of the user. The core is that due to constant crashes, its value is lost regardless of the quality of the content inside. This is something, which should be taken care of at the very initial stage: This is why all worthy iPhone App Developers take extra care to get rid of any problems that might occur during the app development process. An app that has absolutely no problem whatsoever is referred to as a bug-free app. Well, it’s hard to make sure of that, but required precautions can always be taken-

How to maximize bug reduction?

It is essential to ‘Test’. Test everything.Why is it important? Because by heavily testing your app in the initial stage, you can easily identify the vulnerabilities in the software’s security. This is much easier to accomplish in the beginning stages of the project because it helps you fragment the workload of testing it in its entirety. Als, because security is one of the most concerning aspects of app development due to the fact that most of the bugs that appear are direct results of breaches and issues that occur in this sector. So naturally, developers are extra careful when dealing with app security, because removing the chances of the app being prone to bugs in this department can drastically improve the overall product’s stability.

Code Revision is a definite priority

Code revisions can save you a lot of hassle as well. A very good way of ensuring the efficiency and quality of your own code is by inspecting that of someone else. Whether it’s a solo developer, your project partner or app development team altogether, you can review other code so that you will much easier identify the problems that snuck by you. As is the case for many things, a fresh perspective could be all you need to solve a nuisance.

Yes to ‘Beta Testing’

Now, you have the opportunity to get your application into the hands of users prior to releasing it to the general public. Gather a few people who could install, test your application, and send feedback to you during this beta testing period. There is a higher probability that your beta testers can discover issues with your application that you may have not noticed; One of them is bound to notice something you or the other beta testers weren’t able to. Using the feedback you get from these users, you can fix problems before it is released to the general public. Also, just for a reference, there is no limit to how much beta testing you can be subjected to; meaning that you can close in on important bugs and issues by using multiple builds and revisions.

So, the more issues you fix that solve real users’ problems, the higher the quality of your application when you release it to the general public.

Final thoughts-  There is no such thing as “bug-free” in the sense that you’re thinking of, but you can get pretty close to that status by taking a couple of precautions during the app’s creating process. So, if you are looking for an iPhone App Developer, who can get you pretty close to ‘that’ status, feel free to visit OR call us at +91 99100 70501



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