Benefit Your Business Using Hybrid Mobile App Development

Are you planning to build a mobile app for your business? Native apps are expensive as they require specialized skills on the part of a developer. On the other hand, relying on a mobile website isn’t enough as users don’t have enough time open a browser to access it. So what’s the solution now?

The answer is a hybrid mobile app. It is like mixing the best of both worlds to create a new world. A hybrid app consists of a blend of the best features of a native and a web app. Before we talk about hybrid app, here’s a brief look at the features of a native app and a web app.

Native App

A native app is built using the programming language of your mobile OS. For Android, it is Java, for iOS it is Objective C and so on; they require specific technical skills. If you want to target both the platforms you may have to hire two different developers.

They are available on app stores from where you can download and install them on your device. You don’t need to open any browser. But the problem is with code re-usability. You cannot use the same code across all platforms which ultimately adds to the cost.

However, such apps offer the fastest and most user-friendly experience and can even access device functionalities such as camera, accelerometer, compass, etc.

Web App

Web applications or mobile websites are built using web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, etc. You can open them only within a browser such as Chrome, Safari and others. They are easy to develop and have cross-platform accessibility which makes them inexpensive.

On the flip side, you must have an internet connection to access them. They are comparatively slower and have different designs for different platforms. Moreover, they cannot tap on to your device functionalities unlike a native one.

Hybrid Mobile App

Now this variety comes as a fusion of the above two. In simple words, it is an app with a web-view but enclosed within a native app. They are simple like web apps and use html5, CSS3 and JavaScript which makes them cross-platform friendly. Here’s how a hybrid app can help your newly-started business:

Low Cost And Easy Maintenance

Your can gain more from a low investment with a hybrid app. The cost is similar to web apps though developers may have to attain some extra skills for hybrid. Moreover, having a single code across all platforms makes the maintenance easier and inexpensive.


It is a total value-for-money product that gives your business an edge over rivals. You can access a huge range of audience even when they are offline and offer them a fabulous user-experience. This is great in terms of customer satisfaction and monetization.

Fast Deployment Across Varied Platforms

Deployment is simple and fast. Developers can build it for one and then deploy it for multiple platforms. You can find them in your app store and easily install on your device just like a native app.


Mobile applications have become a must. But why choose an expensive way when you have a cost-effective option? Hybrid apps still have some performance related challenges which is not to be ignored. However, considering its numerous pros developers are actively working to fix its cons.

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