How to verify your website through Search Console?

Verification of your website through Search Console is basically listing a site (as a property) which you claim as your own. Search Console Verification affirms verification in light of the fact that once you are confirmed for a site, then you have an access to its private Google Search data, and can affect how Google Search crawls it.

What is a property?

A property in Search Console represents a site or app that you own. You can request actions on your property such as requesting a recrawl, or view Google Search data for your property, such as Google Search statistics or crawling errors. Verification associates a particular user with a particular property (site). Each Search Console property requires no less than one verified user, however it can have more than one.

Note that you can include any site or application as a property to Search Console, however until the point that you verify its ownership, you can’t utilize it in Search Console. For instance, you could add as a property to your Search Console account, yet you couldn’t verify it  until the point the site’s developer helped you with the verification (or the Search Console property owner added you as a user to the Search Console property).

How to verify your website through Webmasters/Search Console Verification? –

Either include another site or click Manage Property > Verify this property on the Search Console homepage alongside the current property that you need to confirm. Pick one of the confirmation strategies mentioned below and adhere to the directions. Not all verification strategies are accessible for all properties; the verification page will list which strategies are accessible and recommended for your site.

Numerous individuals can add and confirm a site on their own, utilizing the equivalent or distinctive strategies. On the off chance that you utilize a similar strategy, simply make sure that you don’t overwrite any verification tokens of any other owners.

Till when does the verification stay valid for the user?

Google occasionally verifies if your confirmation is valid in a way suitable to your verification technique (for instance, by checking the presence of a HTML tag on your site). In the event that verification cannot be confirmed, the authorizations on that property will terminate after a specific time period.

If all verified owners expire for a property, all delegated owners (owners added by a verified owner), users, and associates for the property will lose access to the Search Console property.

  • Data is collected for a property from the time that you first ad it as a Search Console property. Any gaps in verification do not cause any gap in data collection.
  • Viewing verification history

You can view the verification history for all users of the property. Each user’s verification history is shown for 18 months since the last unsuccessful attempt.

  • Changing your verification method

If you need to change your verification method you can change it by following these steps:

  • On the Search Console home page, click the property(website) that you want to add as your own. Once done with that- Now next up is to click the gear icon and then select ‘users’ and ‘propety owners’.
  • Click manage property owners, and then click verify using a different method.
  • verify your property again using the new method- HTML File upload/Meta Tag(addition to the homepage)

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