Top 5 tips to follow for improving ‘App Store Optimization’

Application Store Optimization – a term which is being heard the same amount of as SEO – what amount do you comprehend it? In layman’s terms, the procedure empowers an application to accomplish a higher rank and better perceivability on a mobile application store. Along these lines, similarly as the very term recommends, ASO does to the application store indexed lists what SEO does to the Search engines. The greater inquiry you ought to ask yourself is in what capacity can the application store be best upgraded?

1. Considering the Competition

A decent ASO methodology includes two sections – knowing the client and understanding the opposition. To accomplish this, here are a couple of points which ought to be borne at the top of the priority list –

-Portrayal of the application.
-Dialect utilized by their clients.
-Keywords utilized by the competitors.
-Explanations behind downloading and utilizing the application.
-Knowing which catchphrases are to be focused on – the undeniable watchwords or the less trafficked, will make the activity of advancement less demanding.

2. Realizing what Customers Search

A fruitful ASO methodology will start by speculation from the perspective of the end client.

-What are they prone to search for?

-What are the advantages of downloading your application?

-Will they share the application with loved ones?

Every one of these inquiries will better an application’s essence on the application store. Lead a customer research to recognize the inquiries utilized by purchasers to look through your application or related ones. This aides in deciding if similar keywords are to be focused on or separate keywords are to be utilized.

3. Choosing the App Name

For the best improvement comes about, thinking of an interesting name for the application isn’t sufficient. On the off chance that the correct keyword is utilized as a part of the title, at that point the odds of the application being positioned higher get brighter by almost 11%.

Note – Up to 255 characters are permitted in the titles of the application store. In any case, this does not imply that each word that can be thought of, is to be placed in the title.

The picked title ought to have the required keywords and should leave a positive impact on the client also. Longer titles are additionally truncated after the 23rd character, which incorporates void areas on the App Store, and the 30th character on the Play store. Accordingly, to guarantee that that the application is effectively identifiable, the title must be kept short, fascinating and well-suited.

4. Composing the Right Description

The depiction of the application ought to be client centered. A portion of alternate points to recall are –

*The depiction ought to have a suggestion to take action.

*The dialect utilized ought to be straightforward. It ought to obviously express the advantages of downloading the application in the initial three lines.

*With each refresh, the portrayal too should change alongside the screen captures.

5. Utilizing a Unique Icon

For your application to emerge against the millions accessible, the visual interest matters since that is the early introduction which your group of onlookers has. In any case, it is basic to recollect that both the App and the Play Store have their own preset gauges with regards to the shading plan, perfect size, and geometry of the symbols which can coordinate outline components of whatever is left of the OS. A couple of such contemplations are as per the following –


-Least size of symbols must be 1024X1024 pixels.

-Contingent upon the utilization of the symbol, it is as needs be downsized by Apple OS.

-These incorporate application symbols (180X180), route symbols (66X66), and tab bar symbols (75X75).

-The application symbol should subsequently be planned in a such a way, to the point that it looks great even in the wake of being downsized.


-Google Play needs a symbol size of 512X512 pixels.

-Despite the fact that it isn’t basic, Google recommends that the application symbols be planned as per their rules.

-The rules list everything extending from the life systems, to the lighting and shading of the symbol.

Independent of whether the symbol is being intended for iOS or Android, the outline ought to instantly pass on what the application does. It ought not be jumbled with pointless words and logos.

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