Like many marketers, you too invested in SEO with a hope to gain big returns. But, as time passed, you discovered that all the efforts you had made were of no use since it hardly helped your website gain momentum and achieve higher rankings.

Now you are feeling like all the resource and time you spent on SEO is wasted. Every time you checked your rankings, you found little or no results. Well, there could be 7 most common reasons behind such a downfall –

  • You Have Chosen Wrong Keywords:

Focusing on wrong keywords in pages and posts could be tragic for your web crawler rankings. This is something that could disrupt your SEO technique. Before beginning to do keyword inquire about, you need to have a profound comprehension of your audience and what they’re searching for on the web. You ought to be sufficiently wise to decipher what that individual really needs to get by setting off the specific keyword through Google search.

How To Fix?

For better and exact keywords explore, we would recommend you to run with tools like Ahrefs to figure out which keywords merit focusing on and which aren’t. They will enable you to recognize keywords, check/recheck keywords and assess the competition It’s prescribed to keep the keyword metric checked numerous circumstances to guarantee that you’re investing/bidding for the correct keywords.

  • Your Website Lacks at Content Quality:

There is no uncertainty about it. Ineffectively composed and spammy content murders your site search rankings. A content piece is said to be of poor quality if it doesn’t offer any value to the readers and vague in all its forms. Quality content poses multiple qualities. It’s informative, accurate, insightful, analytical and unbiased.

If your content lacks at above qualities, it’s compromised. Some of the instances of poor content include thin content, spun content and duplicate content etc.

Auto-generated content:

In the event that your site is found having cases of consequently interpreted substance, scratched content from Atom/RSS channels or indexed lists, your site could be rebuffed under Google Panda. All the above substance composes are alluded as Auto-generated content.

Copy Content:

On the off chance that a substance piece shows up on the Internet in more than one place, it’s called copy content. They don’t actually welcome punishment, yet, affect search rankings.

Content with Keyword Stuffing:

Google bans ‘keyword Stuffing’ on the off chance that you haphazardly and more than once put your correct match keywords inside your content to control search algorithms. It harms your substance quality and rankings too. Google has inbuilt calculations and rules to track occurrences of keyword stuffing and rebuff the spammers who endeavor to rank their site through this dark cap technique.

How To Fix?

Keep your substance quality upright and in place. Utilize keywords decently and at a degree with the goal that the page intelligibility ought to be in place. Abstain from using spun or auto-created content pages.

  • You didn’t Work on Basic Hygiene:

Gone are the days when your sites ranked higher since you included right keywords at the perfect place in your site content. Presently the battle is getting fiercer. The keywords, as well as page’s Meta descriptions, tags and title tags will likewise significantly affect site SEO. In spite of every one of your endeavors, if your site rankings plunged, there may be a possibility that you incidentally left your Meta title and depiction un-enhanced.

Meta Title and Description:

Meta Title and Description tells searchers what your substance is about. Indeed, even Google mulls over them to characterize what whatever remains of your substance will clarify. Based on that, Google displays your content to your suitable audience. On the off chance that you leave the site’s Meta depiction and title unattended, you can miss an extraordinary website streamlining opportunity.

Broken Links:

An excessive number of broken links make your site jumbled. Progressively the active connections your site contains more will be the odds of broken connection begins to show up. In the event that a site that you connected to, erases the pages or roll out improvements to it, broken connections show up. On the off chance that Google discovers you in the ownership of excessively numerous broken connections, you’re taken as one who doesn’t keep his site refreshed, which Google doesn’t care for.

Step by step instructions to Fix

Along these lines, you have to routinely review broken connects to either settle them or expel them inside and out. Keeping in mind the end goal to get each of your site pages positioned on Google, you have to enhance the Meta title and portrayal of the pages for the correct keywords.

  • You Didn’t Work on External/Internal Links:

Linking, regardless of whether inbound or outbound impacts your page’s search position. At the point when site ‘A’ links to site ‘B’, it basically passes along interface juice from one site to the next. Progressively the outer pages are connected to a page on your site, more profitable turns into your site according to the web crawlers.

  • Your Website Takes Ages to Load:

Slow loading websites kill user experience, reduces user interest and give them a reason to switch over. Indeed, even Google observes the sites that heaps gradually.

How To Fix?

Tools like GTMetrix encourages you locate your present site speed score. The tool offers a thorough measurements on your page speed metric with different components that are upsetting it. Following are a couple of changes that you can execute to support the site speed.

  • Limit HTTP Requests
  • Reduce server response time
  • Enable compression
  • Enable browser caching
  • Minify Resources
  • Upgrade pictures
  • Upgrade CSS Delivery
  • Organize over the-overlap content
  • Your Website Images have Un-advanced Alt Tags:

Pictures assume a huge part in your SEO endeavors. However, marketers regularly neglect to considerably think about it. On the off chance that your pictures are improved for SEO, clients can discover them when they seek through the pictures tab.

Image optimization is a simple procedure. Simply include alt tags and a record title to each picture on your site, and that’s it. It is smarter to incorporate the focused on keywords in the ‘Alt’ and ‘title’ fields. It will help Google to rank you for the searches your target audience looks around.

  • Your Backlinks Backfired:

Approaching connections could be vital and essential to your SEO procedure if accomplished tolerably with an arrangement set up. In the event that approaching connects to your site can enable your site to rank better and turn into a brand, they can hit it severely as well. While influencing backlinks to remember the accompanying:

  • Abstain from building excessively numerous connections too quick. Go gradual.
  • Abstain from utilizing keywords grapple content links.
  • Try not to guide every one of your user to your landing page. Keep the connections expanded over the site.
  • Try not to enjoy purchasing or trading joins and never take an interest in any connection conspire.

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