Major Signs Indicating That Your Website Needs To Get Redesigned

If you have been having doubts regarding your website not working properly, then it is the time to revamp your website and give it a new life. We have a list of major signs that your website might be indicating and asking for a revamp:-

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High Bounce Rate: They indicate that your website is sure shot generating the traffic but isn’t able to make your audience stay and explore the options available on it.  A higher bounce rate clearly shows that the site entrance pages aren’t relevant to its visitors. So, you need to thoroughly analyse and evaluate your website to find the crux of this problem. If your Bounce Rate goes higher than 70%, then your website is in an alarming state and the issue should be resolved immediately.

Your website isn’t an ‘all-device-friendly’ one: Many a times we come across a few websites which work better on computers and laptops, but take too much time to process on mobiles. According to a research, today 5 billion people own a mobile phone and 91% of them keep it close to themselves all day long. So, if they come across your website and are not able to access it because of the ‘unfriendliness’ you are offering, then there is no purpose left to serve them, hence your brand name loses the credibility. So, make sure that your website turns up on every bigger screen to each smaller screen.

Decline in the Traffic: If your website is witnessing constant decline in the traffic, then this is an event illustrating a hazard. Using your analytics tools you can check the number of visitors over a certain period of time. If you find that the number of people who are visiting your site is steadily declining, it’s time for you to revamp it. There can be plenty of reasons for such declination such as, may be your website is losing the authenticity of its content or more be it doesn’t have a user friendly interface anymore etc. Now, it’s time to make sure that your website is SEO friendly & has credibility in catering to its customer’s needs.

Lacking the ‘Easy to interact with’ features: If your website is providing the apt information but just doesn’t have an interactive platform, then customers find it hard to follow up and don’t get their issues resolved. So, nowadays many websites have the option of filling out the details regarding any query of the customer, usually called as the ‘Fill-out form’, which initiates an interactive approach, hence making their websites more user friendly.

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