7 reasons why your website needs a redesign.

How old is your website and have you ever thought about redesigning it. If never, then you should because every website requires redesigning every three years.

There are so many reasons why your website needs a redesign, and the most simple one would be because technology always gets old in a very short time. That isn’t the only reason your website needs a redesign if you’re facing the following issues, then you should think about it. 

1. It is old and outdated.

Your website needs a redesign if it feels old and outdated. Nowadays, people design websites in a manner that they feel fresh and different from other websites.  If your website lacks the style quotient, then you should think about redesigning it. 

People like to visit websites that have a certain element to it. Every company has a website nowadays. The chances of your website being identical to someone else is very high, especially if your website is old. 

2. It’s not very user-friendly. 

If your site is not user-friendly, then it can irritate your customer. Did you have ever visited a slow site, which has poor user experience? If yes, then I am pretty sure you never want to visit that website again because no one does.

You need to redesign your website if it offers a poor user experience to visitors because this is something non-negotiable.

3. Not very mobile-friendly.

The number of smartphone users is increasing every day. Most of the websites are mobile responsive. If your website isn’t, then you are losing a big chunk of traffic. 

People nowadays browse websites from their phone’s browsers more than from laptops and computers. By redesigning your website, you can make it mobile responsive.  

4. It can not hold visitors anymore.

Is your website’s bounce rate is high, if yes then it is probably because your website lacks the appeal to visitors.

According to some statistics, users are likely to exit a website within 10 seconds of entering, which means that you need a website that appeals to them in many ways such as design, fonts, colors, and content. If your site’s content and design are old, your bounce rate will be higher than usual.

5. It’s affecting your brand.

An old website will have a bad effect on your brand value. We all know that a website is the face of your company, and if that face is old and outdated, then it will lower your brand value. 

6. No search visibility.

If your products are not visible on the Google search result, then you have to change your marketing strategy, which includes hiring an SEO company and redesigning your website. 

7. Low conversion rate.

If you are unable to convert leads into sales, then you must review your website again. You may have hired the best SEO, and web design company and still you aren’t seeing numbers adding up, then you should make the necessary changes you think are required for customer’s better understanding. 

By redesigning your website, you can reach your website’s old glory days. Your customers are the most valuable asset of your company, and by redesigning your website, you can give them a new experience.

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